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Socialist Front’s Statement at 15th April 2011 Press Conference – On the Front’s Withdrawal from General Election 2011

The following is my statement to the press as Secretary-General, Socialist Front on the Front’s withdrawal from participation in GE 2011. This delayed posting is the result of fatigue and distractions the author encountered subsequent to the Press Conference and which will be the subject matter of an upcoming post. In any event, the Press Statement went as follows:

Socialist Front Press Conference
Press Statement for 15th April 2011

We are Singapore’s newest and smallest political party.

We were formed on 1st September 2010. 7 months after our formation, we are thrust into the fever preceding Singapore’s 12th General Election. In this election, 3 aspects stand out:

1. Changes in boundaries, wards absorbed and new wards carved out.
2. 12 SMC seats out of 87 seats total
3. 9 NCMP seats for top unelected losers from opposition

These aspects must be considered against the PAP’s overwhelming dominance in parliament. The NCMP scheme cuts both ways, the PAP will use it to undermine the need to vote for the opposition as the scheme ensures opposition presence in parliament.

The NCMP scheme also deviates from the principles of parliamentary democracy and is thus a hurdle for Singapore’s political development.

The Socialist Front believes that success for the opposition, which is real political development in Singapore’s interest can be achieved by:-

1. collectively rejecting the NCMP scheme.
2. co-operating to avoid multi-cornered fights.
3. focusing resources behind their best candidates.
4. campaigning on a common message on a united front.

Our party like all political parties desire electoral success but the nation’s political development is an overriding objective and Singapore’s interests must come first before our party and individual interests.

There looms many multi-cornered fights which are likely to advantage the incumbent.

In a hotly debated and carefully considered decision, the Front has taken a position for this General Election. This position can be summarized into 5 points:-

1. Singapore’s political development takes precedence over our party & individual interests.

2. National politics should not be degraded into an arena for personal ambition or turned into a contest of personal egos.

3. The Front does not intend to split the opposition vote by way of multi-cornered fights.

4. The Front does not intend to endorse the NCMP scheme.

5. The opposition is likely to field many presentable and well-qualified candidates, Singapore will not be worse off with our absence. Our non-participation will serve to benefit our fellow opposition.

Our chairman Mr. Ng Teck Siong is our party’s only confirmed candidate. He is keen to contest Mountbatten SMC. The party has given him our blessings and the option to do so, so long as he does not enter into a 3-cornered fight in Mountbatten.

We believe that our position removes fog from the opposition camp and we sincerely wish our fellow opposition all the best in the coming days.

Chia Ti Lik
Socialist Front, Singapore

There are 4 videos of the event which is up on Straits Times’ RazorTV Election Website.


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Byul [Star] – A song that touches the heart :)

It is no secret that Kim TaeYeon adorns my desktop, the SNSD Daum Screensaver appears every now and then when my mind goes empty. I have so many SNSD songs in my phone that no other application takes up more space than the music program. One of the songs so often played is the MP3 of Taeyeon’s rendition of Byul.

Byul was originally sung by Korean actress Kim Ah Joong in the movie “200-pound Beauty”. A performance good enough for me to remember that it was a very nice song. Not knowing a single word of Korean in its lyrics did not stop me from feeling the energy and emotion of the performance.

Having gotten to like SNSD, SNSD’s videos are all over youtube by the way, it was a pleasant surprise that my favourite TaeYeon had also sung a version of Byul live on Korean Radio. I have always admired TY’s rendition of Byul [Star] without really understanding a word of it.

Surfing around in youtube, I chanced upon an english subtitled version of Byul three nights ago. I could not help myself but reduce the lyrics into writing. The music is touching, the lyrics are touching, and TY’s performance makes me breathless. 🙂 it brought a tear to my eye. 🙂

I don’t know if this will work but this is the link:

Here is how the lyrics go:

Lyrics – Byul (Star)

The wind is shaking the windows

And over my small room

The stars fill up the sky

Shining brightly too many to count

The stars reassure the tired me

They wipe away the many tears

That are deep inside me

“Don’t be hurt too much!” they hug me tight, pamper me and comfort me

Telling me to go to sleep

Though I’m exhausted to the point where I can’t walk

Though my tears blur my vision

I’ll still smile in front of my love that I’m not able to get

Even though our happy times were short

I’ll treasure it deep inside my heart

Like those countless number of stars


My dream is coming

Though it is unusual that my one star is bright

It is very bright

Even blinding

It comes down to my shoulder

“Stop being so sad” it holds my hand, as it touches me, and gives me a warm hug

Though I’m exhausted to the point where I can’t walk

Though my tears blur my vision

I’ll still smile in front of my love that I’m not able to get

Even though our happy times were short

I’ll treasure it deep inside my heart

Like those countless number of stars

Only for today

I won’t cry though my eyes fill with tears

I want to laugh like those stars

I want to cherish all my happy moments

Deep inside my heart

Like those countless number of stars


I used to like the tune of this song alot and I loved TaeYeon’s performance. Now that I know the meaning behind the lyrics. It makes me enjoy TaeYeon’s rendition even more. 🙂

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