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Lessons from the past – the same road, the same reason

This morning i awoke with a heavy ache in the chest. I could not fathom why. I was not really ill. Perhaps i ought to see a doctor for it but my schedule does not permit me taking time out easily to address minor aches and pains these days.

I wondered if its because i did too much walking recently. I realise that these days, i like the dead of the night. In fact i long for it. Time to be alone. Time to myself. To search and to find myself. These days, i can no longer run anymore. Age has caught up. Knees hurt. To counter this, i resort to taking long walks instead. in the dead of the night. Alone. My long lonely walks was serving a dual purpose on getting me some much needed exercise as well as time to reflect.

In my recent reflections, I end up questioning the things i have done. For myself, for others. All in the name of idealism. Sometimes no one sees the burden actually shouldered by the person coming in to solve the problem when the problem was not created by the problem solver in the first place.

When the problem has been solved and consequences follow, the problem solver is interestingly left standing alone. I did not see this so clearly until of late when the prospect of progress is placed on the table. I saw the scramble. I saw the orientation of agendas. I begin to see and recognise where loyalties truly lie.

At this juncture, i have to pay tribute to an acquaintance of mine. I recall a particular trying and painful episode in September 2005. This friend knowing which path i was on had chosen to warn me – out of pure concern – that the path that I was taking would be hard, extremely hard. She warned me of the hard truth of the quest for power in politics, of glory and fame and the lust for it. She told me that there were no real friends. There was something that each person involved would want for themselves and this itself would be the key spanner that screws things up when the test comes. Out of pure innocence and naivety, i brushed her concerns aside.

She told me that everyone involved in politics has an agenda and for my own good i better not be too idealistic. I am likely to be alone in my quest. A smart person would ask “What’s in it for me”. Its a pity i did not heed her advice then. And I took 6 long years to learn this. 🙂

The New Paper recently interviewed me telling me that SF scored the lowest in the survey on credibility as well as recognisability. One of my answers to the reporter is that the Socialist Front is being left out of some events like forums organised by NUSS and talkshows by CNA’s Talking Point bearing in mind we are Singapore’s youngest political party, is it surprising? 🙂

It was then that I realised that the Socialist Front of Singapore is treading this path alone 🙂 so is Chia Ti Lik Secretary-General of the Socialist Front. 🙂

There is a serious need to reassess, need to recalculate. Need to change operational philosophy and doctrine. There is just simply so much to do. And surprise surprise… I am doing it alone.

This is not something bad. It just thoroughly removes the naive idealism. Once and for all. 🙂


March 26, 2011 - Posted by | Life, Politics

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