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The perpetual human dilemma of having dual roles, double standards and cluttered motives… :)

The reason for my long absence is that I have been fighting tooth and nail to keep up with the work that has been piling up on my table. As I write this I can’t help but be reminded about this  joke about the successful lawyer who owns expensive watches but has little time as compared to the simple man owns no watches but has lots of time.

Now why is it that I have neither expensive watches nor the time???? 🙂

On a separate front, I have also been fighting and losing repeated Battles of the Bulge. My heavy workload mandated I get my morale and energy fixes. Therefore I brought war against the chix, devoured them time and time again. Herbal Chix, Fried Chix, BBQ Chix. After each battle, interestingly, the waistline gets a little thicker and the pants tighter.

At this point, I can’t help being reminded of another joke where someone approaches a grave and finds engraved on the tombstone “Here lies a lawyer and a good man.” The joke goes on to have the man question how did they ever put two people into one grave. The connotation often understood is that a lawyer cannot be a good man.

This I would beg to differ, though I think the question is valid, the actual reasons are different.

My explanation – Most lawyers are fat or sooner or later will get fat. With one dead and fat lawyer inside a grave it is simply just impossible to fit in another man. 🙂

There is of course a whole other set of  jokes about the people who will never make it to heaven: The politicians and the lawyers. Now what happens when you are both a lawyer and a politician…. ???? Where does that leave me?

Even though I am a lawyer, a budding politician and a moderately fat man, I have for all intents and purposes, always tried to be a good man.  Though sometimes I fail…. intentionally…  I almost always mean no harm… the tongue-in-cheek twist though, I must admit, has almost always been intentional. 🙂

A childhood friend’s dad recently passed on. I was saddened by the passing as it brought the fact of human fraility and mortality home once again. However, life just has to go on. Much time has flown by and I am already 36. Has anyone kept track of how much time each of us might have left on this earth?

Like it or not, we have to face whatever is thrown at us. How much better would it be for us to strive to face adversities cheerfully and also enjoy the process. For in death, there is nothing more to feel, nothing more to worry, nothing more to face, and nothing more to fear.

How much better then would it be for us to bring happiness, laughter and cheer to all who are around you and maybe beyond and when doing so press home a point that needs to be pressed. To me at least, that would be, in the words of the MasterCard advertisement, – “priceless”.

With that in mind, I deliberated on my attempts to be a good man (by my own admittedly flawed standards) whether i should continually pass unkind remarks towards members of the ruling party a.k.a PAP.

I counted 4 opportunities recently: Yacoob Ibrahim – Environment Minister (flooding), Vivian BalaKrishnan – MCYS (YOG Budget Overrun), Khaw Boon Wan Health (Means-Testing) who just underwent heart bypass surgery and my favourite minister …. ahem… Zorro Lim …. or should i say Lim Swee Say (Minister w/o portfolio and in the Prime Minister’s Office).

[To digress abit into public education] Now the problem that lies herein is this:

When people volunteer for, seek election to and thereafter hold public office, they are no longer their own man. They owe a duty to the public at large when they carry out their duties. They ought to expect to be FRIED when they don’t carry out their duties AND when they do carry out their duties they should expect criticisms from the public. (It does not mean that if you choose to put on some zorro suit and give out roses, the public owes it to you to give you roses in return) They should instead expect to receive brickbats and take it in their stride. [Haven’t you heard that life is not a bed of roses? In any event, even roses have thorns :)]

People in public office should therefore expect to be treated more robustly and not expect to be handled with kid gloves, for you are after all supposedly the best that we have 🙂 … or should i say the best the world has ever had…. the brightest and the most promising… the most reliable and of course …ahem…. the most selfless [how come i hear giggles?].

So therefore each of you ought to take the heat that comes with public office which sometimes may include some references to heat, pressure, the action and process of producing heat –  which we call in chemistry as – combustion .

This is also why phrases like “the baptism of fire” are coined even though John the Baptist had actually baptised using water….

You should also never hide or cower behind rules or allow subordinates and ball-carriers to create the impression that you are cowering in fear. Such behaviour does not exactly gel with your claims that you enjoy the support of the populace and that you yourself sincerely believe that you are doing good for the country. 🙂

And so I reasoned to myself that Lim is after all trying very hard to gain some acceptance. [Now i rather you catch me dead before i would even put on a Zorro suit, cape and all and giving roses to ladies.] And that what he did was something which i cannot, will not and dare not do, I would hence hold my peace. If there is anything to be done, the Prime Minister himself ought to award his minister in his Prime Minister’s Office a medal – for courage. 🙂

Khaw is unfortunately not in good health. My code [rules of combat in the Taekwondo arena] does not allow me to strike a fallen opponent even though you may be in competition and you have him in range and in sight.

And so I held back on my comments on Khaw Boon Wan and my favourite minister Lim Swee Say. I managed to restrain myself. I relinquished the opportunity to taste that priceless feeling, that feeling on cloud nine, that top of the world sensation.

This was so despite the fact that I had to pay S$1,400 in fines recently for what was levied against me and another for being part of an assembly of probably 20 persons who had gathered to celebrate National Day 2008 in Toa Payoh Central.

I accepted my lot and came to terms with being S$1,400 poorer. To keep spare cash handy, I made a painful decision to sell my blood red VFR800fi interceptor.

At about the same time, news had it that So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) was coming to Singapore for some K-Pop Night Concert with 5 other Korean bands. I had hoped that this money would now come in handy.

But guess what happened, even before i could do anything nearly 2000 fans had turned out to queue for the limited tickets the night before. [I repeat the night before] The size of the crowd scared the shit out of the authorities and the organisers that the ticket selling date had to be cancelled and queue numbers were issued to the people who turned up to disperse them. The crowd must have been amazing.

Kudos to all the SNSD fans for turning up in strength in full support. Kudos to SM Entertainment for training the girls so well in what they do. Kudos to the girls themselves for being as they are: TaeYeon, Jessica, Tiffany, SeoHyun, Sunny, SooYoung, Yuri, HyoYeon and last but not least Yoona. 🙂

They [SNSD] afterall gave my fellow Singaporeans a reason to assemble 🙂 and assemble they did 🙂

I have to shamefully admit that i wasn’t present at this assembly. 🙂

But no one should expect me to be there because I am, after all, the Secretary-General of the newly formed Socialist Front. I cannot be caught oogling at a bunch of girls who have just barely reached adulthood. Like they say, what’s done in private, people can’t see and don’t care, but what’s done in public is in full public view. Furthermore, the last thing I need now is to be summoned as Secretary-General of the Socialist Front before a Disciplinary Committee of the Socialist Front. 🙂

Besides, my presence could have endangered others 🙂 thank goodness, my fellow SNSD fans were untouched, none of them were prosecuted for being part of an assembly which obviously did not have a permit… or maybe i should say tactfully… that a permit was not required. [Even as i am typing this, I found myself nodding in agreement :)]

Therefore, it is clear that in this situation, even if i, Chia Ti Lik, had held the reins of government, i would also say “For SNSD…. if it is SNSD…. a permit is not required.” Even if that would amount to an admission that there were double standards in place 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Some friend pointed out that i crack corny jokes which are hopelessly out of place when I am stressed. That might be true. But if my intent is to entertain the readers of this blog with something humourous, lighthearted yet uplifting and with educational value – that would uplift my soul. The feeling would be [as described hereinabove] – priceless.

After a 3 month hiatus from blogging, I could have given in to my compulsions turned this entire post into an all out critique on the competency of the PAP but i did not. In fact, I consciously gave this post a softer touch.

Now trust me, i have been holding back…. on our dismal showing on the YOG, on the quality of food in the YOG, on the YOG budget overrun, the means-testing retribution, on the repeated floodings in Downtown Singapore, Zorro Suit etc.

But let me forewarn all, should anything untoward happen (traffic jam, poor crowd control, flooding, blackout of whatever) that would derail the K-Pop Night Concert for fellow SNSD fans, and if i am able to point a finger at any member of the cabinet that can be held responsible, then i would not hold back my brickbats anymore. 🙂

So here i am, interceptor-less, tired, hungry, bogged down by personal actions, hands full with obligations owed to clients, not having the time, energy or gall to support my favourite girl band in person but I am playing part-time comedian to others on my blog.

It did occur to me – Whether any of all this brings me closer to heaven or further away from hell or what? 🙂

I was rewarded very quickly. Last night i had a dream. 🙂

I dreamt that I was surrounded and fawned upon by 9 girls. The girls were so pretty, they even looked like SNSD. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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