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Gee Gee Gee Gee….. Baby Baby, Baby Baby

Once in a while, something new comes and bowls you over, changes your perspective, makes you inquisitive, makes you display the innocent enthusiasm of a child, and Oh! you just can’t get enough. It just happened again three weeks ago.

When i was small, i had my fair share of likes and wants. Cadbury Milky Bar Chocolate was one, I Love the way it stuck to my fingers.  The other i recall had a Honeycomb under the chocolate layer. I also liked music as a child. I remembered dad had a telefunken stereo and turntable system in the old home. Ironically, I am not muscially talented at or even possessing of any aptitude. In fact i have none and this enables me to better appreciate those who can and admire their talents and abilities.

In secondary school, the UK Top 20 and the American Top 40 Charts held my attention. I was a lucky kid, my parents bought me a Baby Baby Aiwa hifi stack system. The set had an optional CD player which of course i searched out and purchased it. I became the envy of my classmates. Gee.. they thought i was really well off but I merely spent my pocket money in a very focused manner. 🙂

In university, i missed hearing mandarin from all my friends, my mandarin was weak but I ended up listening to mandarin pop – the mandarin music industry is prolific and thats when my CD collection grew. When i started work, my taste changed to jazz and bossa nova. The prices of CDs slipped Ooh La-La! due to widespread acceptance and use leading to lower costs of production to S$20 and then S$18 and so on thereafter as new technologies like DVD-A, SACD came into the market.

In the early 2000s, MP3 began to displace the 16bit data CD, and the Apple’s ipod phenomena / mania coupled with no time to follow the radio, no time to browse CD shops caused my CD collection stagnate. In a moment of weakness, I turned to the dark side and succumbed to the lure of the ipod. After finally uploading my 600 cds into itunes, i was content not to look any further as somehow my taste morphed. Pop music no longer appealed to me.

A friend brought me to Nana a year and a half ago, a Thai disco where i heard a cover of the Wonder Girls’ Nobody. Blurly and innocently, I had thought it was some Thai song. Soon after that i realised that it was a Korean girl band. Nice co-ordinated dancing and nice moves. I thought… it was time that Korean pop has arrived. Yeah Tell me about it … even Singtel has gotten them to be part of their advertisement campaign. 🙂

3 weeks back, I was shown an internet youtube clip of So Nyuh Shi Dae – Girls’ Generation or SNSD for short. Music Video after music video, live performance after life performance, I was Soshified.

Getting Soshified was new. Getting Koreanised was nothing new. I spent 13 years in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. I started at the late age of 16. I had previously thought the greatest Korean culture exported was Taekwondo. For a moment i thought it was ice-skating sensation Yuna Kim, now i think its SNSD.

I never expected to be awed by 9 prancing girls aging from 19 to 21 but clearly these 9 are not ordinary girls. They each have their own talents for dancing, singing and flirting with the camera [simultaneously].

TaeYeon is cute and adorable and can really sing. Slim and sexy Yoona can dance very well and is extremely captivating on film. Jessica sings with soul and reckless abandon. Tiffany has lovely puppy dog eyes which call out to you. SooYoung moves with …. well you should see her in action to know…

And so i decided pay tribute to the best girl band ever to have walked on the face of this earth. Over the last few weeks, I had planned to write this blogpost despite my hectic schedule but music producer Yoo Young Jin beat me to it with a lovely song paying tribute to SNSD.

The best part of the song is the chorus which goes something like this ….  TaeYeon, Jessica, Tiffany, SeoHyun…

I realised that my plasma TV is an LG, its Korean.

On some mornings, i have also noticed that the instant noodles appearing on the table are Korean in origin.

Of late, I have begun to taste the finer nuances of Korean Cuisine, Sangyetang at the Korean restaurant near my office seems not so bland afterall with each try.

I am also now thinking of trying some Korean fried chix.

Amongst the vocalists SeoHyun, Tiffany, Jessica and TaeYeon, I enjoy TaeYeon’s singing most followed by Jessica but in this age of global warming, having a music video on the plasma HD and Naim system on non-stop repeat for hours on a sunday afternoon is not quite right.

Like an average Singaporean, I do enjoy a good drama serial now and then and Yoona’s performances are extremely engaging but two weeks of consecutive late nights of watching Yoona and getting up late was also getting too much.

I go to sleep with my ipod playing the songs in the SNSD album folder, often enjoying Taeyeon’s singing the most. Yet strangely, I sometimes wake up with TaeYeon’s plaintive rendition of ” Can you hear me? ” playing in my mind.

I have never been the least interested in languages but i found myself trying to decipher the meaning of each Korean word mouthed by TaeYeon in the recording of her performance.

No, I do not admit to being smitten by Kim TaeYeon. And i do not have the urge or the energy to stalk her like some Singapore fans did when they spotted her recently at the Singapore Flyer but bothering to shop for a harddisk which will be primarily used to hold SNSD music videos, recordings of live performances, korean computer game and korean fried chicken advertisements, Taeyeon’s performances in SNSD or solo does in fact sound somewhat immature…. 🙂

I don’t know what to make out of all this but i think that perfection on this earth might in fact exist after all. 🙂


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