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Power corrupts… and absolute power corrupts absolutely

Having recently given up on a number of worldly possessions, for the first time in a long while, I was able to fit all of my remaining stuff into a single room. I progressed from a cluttered house to a neat room. I was proud of my progress, my old mother was proud of me too.

With such drastic change, was i in time to become a renunciate and forest ascetic? 🙂 Not likely. I hate the creepy crawlies. I hate the fluttering moths, and i hate the itch that comes with sitting on grass.

Austerity was an unintended by-product of my involvement in politics. This was unavoidable. Time taken for politics took me away from more economically productive activities. To make matters worse, as money is required for politics and life. Resources have to come from somewhere and as a result, less money remains available for immature and impulsive spending. Hence, the austerity.

Austerity itself is not a bad thing. I benefitted financially by saving money and it added more often than not lately to my boasts to my firends of doing my part to save the earth.

In my austere moments, i have often wondered whether i had transcended the game of toy acquisition.

When i was a boy, it was said “the difference between boys and men is the price of their toys”.

I went through the stages of a boy to a grown man. I hate to agree that this is so true. 🙂

At times i observed myself, my desires, my thoughts and questioned my ability to detach. I also asked hard questions of what i wished and hoped for, what i wanted to do. Essentially, what I want.

“What I want” is actually the essence of living. The source of passion. The source of motivation. The source of life.

What then determines the rightness or suitability of our desires? Life has demonstrated to me enough the precariousness of things in balance, as to how paths change under the effect of choices made under the prevailing circumstances.

Whilst i conduct my life on the basis of my own judgment for what i think to be best for the situation. I am sure millions of other beings go about life on the same basis. They succeed all the same. That itself is proof of the accuracy of their own judgment.

In other words, each person is fully capable and is should be safely trusted to make the right decisions for him or herself. AND those decisions made would be the best decisions for the persons so deciding.

I also believe that for the right decisions to be taken, people have to be totally honest with themselves.

I have a tendency to pamper others at times…. as much as i often pamper myself. 🙂

I have a tendency to rebel… as much as i would gladly obey 🙂

I have a penchant for deconstructing others…. as much as i enjoy desconstructing myself. 🙂

I found myself drooling over the fuel-injected Honda CBR600F4i and Suzuki GSXR1300 Hayabusa.

Yes. I have yet to get my class 2 licence.

AND  Yes, this direction is still in line with saving the earth and going green. I found an article that the greatest culprit of global warming is the commercial production of meat. Commercial farming of animals produces more greenhouse gases than all the motor vehicle emissions combined.

I have to admit i was recently booked by a traffic policeman.

I had crossed the junction where the TP was waiting for the traffic light to turn.

I knew i had a non-regulation visor on my helmet.

I saw him and I knew he saw me.

As i crossed the junction, I knew the road ahead was long and junction free. I he would be powering up to catch up with me on his 1100cc Yamaha once the lights turned green.

I knew i would be booked. I did not want to be booked.

I had two choices, turn up the throttle and flee. The chances did not look good – 400cc vs 1100cc – on long straight roads. Besides, Blackie was half sick.

Just as i was deliberating, he was already there beside me, he flagged me to pull over.

As the TP checked out my visor and driving licence, i went about checking out his duty vehicle. The TP’s bike was a 1100cc Yamaha – huge and powerful.

Was there any chance of outrunning it at all? i had thought to myself.

I admit to being a speed demon in my younger days. The demon went to sleep as i did not have a car of my own. Until i received my Class 2B licence, I had not see myself as being truly mobile.

With my recent Class 2A exploits, the demon was summoned from the depths…. and it was fully awakened by the TP’s booking.

If i had tried to outrun the TP, what would have come out of it? 🙂

I have searched myself inside out and I concluded that it is perfectly right and natural to thirst for additional horsepower.

I also concluded that it is better for our earth that we all do with less meat and fish in our diet, have more motocycles all around, race and challenge the traffic police and at the same time reduce the suffering for all animals. 🙂

It is true that “Power corrupts… and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

The redeeming thing is, before the power comes into my hands. At least i am totally honest about it 🙂


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