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We are here … because we chose to be here

Thats the answer i got from reading a book.
Inevitably, we are the ones who chose the paths that we are treading on now. For everthing that each and every human being faces, there is essentially no one else to blame except ourselves. That’s the negative and pessimistic way of seeing it.

Opportunities for growth would be the positive way to call it. There are lessons in life to learn as we do with each passing day.

There are no problems but merely opportunities for us to chose what we want to be in relation to what we are facing.

Life should be lived for the purpose of growth. AND Growth comes about from the way problems are dealt with.

That is easier said than done.

What cannot be denied however is that until the growth is achieved, the life lessons continue to be repeated, the lessons continue to be repeated because we have not learnt enough to progress to the next stage and we remain stuck in our patterns.

And if we fail to learn our lessons in this life. We return for the next to repeat the same lessons in a different context.

Perceived problems cause us to react from instinct and response. We react because we fail to watch ourselves and our thoughts.
The longer and more repeatedly we fall prey to our own reactions, we lose the opportunities to clear the lessons we were originally poised to learn.

And when a life is spent without progress in the way problems are dealt with and responses / reactions checked – the lesson is not learnt.

Inevitably, we inadvertently choose to return to the path with experiences in store which cause us to react the most.

These are concepts which were long provided to me but which i took some time to understand.

Understanding of such a concept cannot come from knowing the words. Understanding comes from living the experiences in the words. Occasionally i do have glimpses of clarity to know that rather than taking time into the next life to understand the words, why not take a good hard look at our mental and emotional responses to things / events right now?

I did something odd yesterday and today. I rearranged my wardrobe and belongings. I realised attachment looked at and addressed transmutes itself to other forms of attachment.

Wanting to clear my heart and my mind, i set down to reducing the number of belongings once again.
Once again, I realise that I do in fact relish the idea of being possessionless.

I thought of many adages, and how true some of them ring over and over again.

To be willing to completely give up something, would you be able to truly possess it.

To be willing to live and embrace life – warts and all its attendant problems – to the extent of giving it up, would you be truly free from the worry of not having life and the fear of dying.

To be willing to be poor, actually enables you to feel rich.
To be willing to lose freedom, actually frees you from all restrictions.

To be attached to something, brings about opportunities of disappointment and dissatisfaction.
To be able to look into and beyond the trappings of everyday life, will enable you not to be shackled by them.

To be willing to die and / or lose everything, actually enables you to live life more fully.

To have nothing, enables you not to lose anything.

I cannot help but acknowledge the wisdom of the words “there are no obligations but only opportunities”, “there are no problems but only circumstances”.


November 29, 2009 - Posted by | Life

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