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Kwik Press – Fast money – Fast Backpedalling – Fast Cars (F1) – Fast Women (Ballless Men) – Fast & Loose

Am taking advantage of the Quickpress function to rush off a post against the establishment just to show that even with the vissicitudes of life bearing upon me, there are no shortages of mistakes made by the establishment on their part and no shortage of determination to gun them down on my part.

Of late the Sands Resort of extreme infamy has been towering in the Singapore Skyline. If there is any meaning in its near completion, it would merely signify the obvious and extreme about turns by the Singapore Government in terms of its policies and morals. As the 2 largest gambling dens on our island near their opening one must not forget that the Government that endorses the projects is the very same government that has prosecuted old aunties and uncles for participation in illegal gaming houses not too long ago. This occurred right up till the early 2000s – yes within this decade.

Despite so doing, this government has decided in 2004/5 to allow the opening of a casino despite its supposed anti gambling stance in the past. [I say supposed because even though there were crackdowns on illegal gambling dens, the Government has been gambling from day one, recall Singapore pools, 4D, Toto, Big Sweep and Turf Club etc etc not to mention the SGX and the way in which economic policies are formulated in the PAP leadership in Parliament]. And even when they gamble with our future and allow casinoes to operate, they put foreigners first. After many years of pretended celibacy, the government threw open the entrance wantonly to foreigners – yes foreigners.

They did not first legalise gambling houses and allow our local gambling dens to rise to the occasion and become casinos. This path if taken would have promoted entrepreneurship and experience amongst Singaporeans to possibly move on into the international scene. Such worshipping of foreigners over and above Singaporeans by the PAP is classic. Therefore despite the unconvincing assurances by Lee Hsien Loong about how the PAP will remember to put Singaporeans first, it should rather be that the PAP would push you first into the cauldron if someone is to be sacrificed, push you first into the frontline is someone is needed to die for this country and push you first bent over for the government machinery to screw you properly. The perennial and longstanding intentional holding back and vicious tripping over and deliberate insult must never be forgotten.

In addition to backpedalling on gambling and worshipping foreigners in the process, there are also other about turns, one that deserves quick mention would be the urgent need to impress the world by its fast headlong dive into embracing F1 with little thought given to its ills.

Now, embracing F1 is fine but one must also remember that this Government had the serious lack of foresight to allow a proposed racing track to be built where Laguna National Golf and Country Club used to stand. Favouring the rich man’s game over legitimate racing needs, the government rejected proposals for a purpose built racing track and instead preferred the idea of men clubbing off their balls into the distance and searching for them thereafter. Our counterparts in Malaysia – the Malaysians had a racing circuit in Sepang, Singaporeans drivers and bikers would go there for their fun. There was therefore a constant outflow of the tourist dollar.

There was a casino in Genting for eons. There was also a long standing outflow of the tourist dollar.

Now if there is any pressing need now to bring in the tourist dollar to the impoverished Singapore, it can only be interpreted as an admission that the policies administered by this Government have failed and the economy is rotting and its only a matter of time before the country collapses under the weight of its own mismanagement.

One might quickly question, why then did it take so long for the government to realise but yet when they finally do, they are so quick to overdo things?

One must never forget, in the near past, it failed to cut some slack for small time gamblers, yet the government has gone on to making Singapore home to 2 colossal gambling dens.

The stupidity of it all is this…. In prosecuting our youngsters who speed on Singapore roads….. rejecting legitimate proposals for a racing circuit off Changi Airport, they have gone on to legalising and legitimizing foreigners racing on Singapore soil, Singapore roads, and in the very heart of Singapore.

This is obscene waste of money in converting and deconverting roads for F1 racing [an immense undertaking] which is good for only a few days (now i hope none of this money is public money) and it also creates inconvenience to travellers, use of roads and economic losses for businesses affected by the road closures. The Government must be made to payback the road tax and ERP charges that the inconvenience and congestion that they have created in their attempt to glorify themselves to the international world.

This Government is an extremely shameless government. It has been in power for too long that it has forgotten where it gets its power from. Instead of bending over like a servant to our people, this government has no qualms about letting foreigners strut their stuff in our backyard with all the cost, inconvenience, risk to be borne by the Singaporean. At this juncture I must ask, in the event of a severe crash, who should be held responsible for the risk brought on to the public by racing machines which are endorsed by the Government to run riot on Singapore roads?

In as much as the cabinet now revels in their chance to glorify themselves to the world, may i ask which of our 31 ministers would be gutsy enough to step out and say [ahead of the event] that it is he and his ministry who is oversees the event and that he is puts his head [mind you please not his subordinate’s ok] on the chopping block to show that the management of this risky and reckless event has been carried out with all the possible safety measures put into place?

To add further insult to injury, these foreigners will be running riot on Singapore roads, and our Singapore police force will be cordoning off our roads for them. Making sure that they have a clear path and most of all immunity from prosecution when it comes to reckless and dangerous driving at demonish speeds which none of our youngsters prosecuted for speeding have never dreamed of.

I expect that them to be lightning fast with their multimillion dollar salaries. I also expect them when it comes to taking responsibility, they will be fast to shift blame. [Recall Mas Selamat Kastari] Given the examples herein, I dare not venture to guess how quick they can be in problem solving. My guess is the entire cabinet (men and woman) will be quick to shut up. And before you know it, poor old MM will be implored again to take the stand and assert the soundness of this reckless adventure.

And that’s not all.

In diving headlong into F1 racing in the middle of our crowded city, I cannot help but contrast the mismanaged handling of a young racing talent which Singapore had, which in stubbornly and stupidly insisting on his return to serve national service when the kid was doing extremely well in the racing circuits in Australia. The kid, if i remember correctly, gave up Singapore citizenship as a result.

In these examples, we can see how fast the administration comes to adopting conflicting stances and does quick about-turns without actually using their brains when a mistake is discovered late. Besotted with vain attempts of self-glorification at the expense of Singaporeans.

A friend peering over my shoulder remarked that the last line seemed to be a little strong. I gave him my middle finger and told him to fuck off.

Too strong? Here comes what is really strong.

Now we all have been given the revelation that the last year’s F1 has been a big fixed show – a great wayang in fact. Now this match fixing reminds me of match fixing for our Malaysia Cup matches. The is always this tendency for big spectacles in Singapore to be nothing than just a show. This only proves that foreigners do play fast and loose with the Singapore Government when it lowers itself so much to them, becoming ever too welcoming and ever too willing to please.

Does this then show the Singapore Government to be nothing less than a grovelling foreigner lover?

In view of all of the above, one might wonder, does the show actually only start on 25th September and ends on the 27th September?

Is it restricted to just the circuit? Is the stage really much bigger than we can actually imagine [and yes bigger than the stupid floating one in marina bay]?

And of course, could the show have been playing for quite some time now? maybe 44 years? 🙂


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Kwik Updates Just before Bleakfast :)

I know…. i have been procrastinating. I have not been diligent in updating my blog. I have also procrastinated on many things which ought to be addressed first thing upon return to Singapore.

Back from 3 week plus plus in the States and i found a mountain of work waiting for me to address. Some i managed to resolve and some are still gnawing at me.

I have noted that i have had to eat before Jufrie on 3 separate occasions without the liberty of offering him a meal. He was on his Ramadan fasting. He did slim down abit. Gulping down my food, it made me wonder if i should do the Ramadan fast as well.

I heard from some quarters that concerned readers were worried about what i was going through…. and since the blog was stagnant…. speculations were rife as to what had happened to me.

Well its not the end of the world…. though it is also not a walk in the park.

I had in the short period from which i came back, had to address countless matters. Jump several times at the alarm clock that does not seem to work. be asleep by 8pm and wake up at odd hours…..

I had to tend to the sale of the faulty Suzuki GSXR400… yes it broke down again… this time i gave up. I cut my losses and sold it off for a song. There were 4 buyers and of course only 1 was successful. The other 3 could not believe how fast i closed the deal.

Right off from a sportster, i got myself a kup – a Honda Sonic 125. Abit rough and tiny but nevertheless a fine kup. I probably had it for 2 weeks, sent it for servicing tune up and repair then decided that the kup is not for me so therefore again the bike was sold. Same thing…. several buyers, only one successful. The kup certainly left my hands in much better shape than when i first got hold of it.
Can you imagine…. when it came  it did not even have working mirrors for me to view my rear… on 3 occasions i took it out in the morning intending to ride to office. On all those 3 occasions, i dropped my balls somewhere along the road leading to the expressway, i took the nearest exit and turned for home. I ended up on my trusty steed the Shadow 400 – she did not fail me.

Interestingly, during the short period which i had my kup, i think the shadow girl got jealous… i could swear i smelt something burning near the engine after the usual short rides. Yesterday i sold my kup to a 19 year old girl. She was happy with the purchase. I was happy to let it go. AND INTERESTINGLY, my Shadow was happy too… i rode her this morning … and i rode her HARD…. and hey no burning smell!

My mum says i am wasting money with the bike changing. To me its a part of a learning process “how on earth are you not to know that a kup is not for you, unless you ride a kup?”. For her, she says the riding part need not necessarily entail the need to buy it and then repair and sell it later.

In any event, i think am doing a good deed. Recirculated bikes are good for the planet and the environment. Is it not the in thing to go green these days?

Other than the bikescapades , I have been arranging for social meetings which never seem to get anywhere.

Drafting thank you emails which never get sent. Having half completed blogposts cluttering the dashboard.

I did manage to find a little peace with myself. Right into my 2nd day alone in the Washington Hotel, I finally found the urge to practise a little yoga. It was like almost 3 years before did i even try yoga. When i came back, i let go of my Suzuki, and 2 lesser naim amps went out of the house. I have been packing my room with some progress. I think this time round i will succeed. I should be able to trek close to an ascetic lifestyle free from possessions soon. 🙂 Save for the bikes in the garage.

An esteemed friend (who i shall not name) saw me yesterday and the first thing he asked me was if i would still be doing the things i do. Well he jolted me up from a stupor which has plagued me for a little while. That set me thinking. I guess he did read my blog as well. So therefore i told myself last night that i should no longer remain a disappointment.

Right now, its Friday morning and i….  i decided to force myself write so that this page would not go not updated again for another day. These updates are written at breakneck pace… within 40 minutes i guess. I am rushing for breakfast…. so forgive the errors, i will correct them as soon as i can. As i am completing my final lines i cannot help but get reminded of an old joke.

The joke goes…. an old minister was asked when would he choose to hold the elections, he replied just ‘just before bleakfast”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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