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Reporting from Washington D.C. :)

After a 30 hour journey, i managed to reach my hotel in Wahsington D.C. It has been a long ride from Singapore to Narita, Narita to Chicago, and Chicago to Wahsington D.C.

The weather is just slightly cooler than Singapore. Chicago was just midly cooler than Washington. I guess its not the cold weather yet. From my experience from past travels, i have grown to expect cold climates when i venture to faraway places.

My flight from Narita had a delayed takeoff about one hour plus, so when we reached Chicago, I was correspondingly just as late. There was no time to clear customs and immigration collect luggage and change terminals to re check in luggage and get onto the waiting plane. By the time the US immigration officers let me through, there was barely 10 mins from the connecting flight’s take off time.

This time round, maybe its because i knew there was no chance, i did not een bother to rush. I asked a helpful looking United Airlines officer for directions and true enough his remark to me and to all the other passengers was ”you are not going to make it’ and that we ought to get our flight rebooked to the later flight for the day.

That was like 8 hours ago, so the flight was rebooked and i spent some time getting a little shopping done for simple souvenirs from Chicago. Might as well since i was stuck there for the next 2 hours.

The internal flight was smooth and we arrived just twenty minutes short of 9pm. After clearing the luggage, I plucked up courage to try navigating my way using the Metro. The Metro was nicer than I thought. It ran in a way similar with the one in London just that the stations and trains seemed larger.

As i took a stroll from the station to the hotel, I found my backpack heavier than i thought. I had already travelled light. I know my luggage was only 10.9kg total, laptop plus another 5kg or so. Total was a maximum of 16kg, yet i found it heavy. It must be due to age.

Strolling through, I found that the architecture was largely similar to London’s. In fact the way the roads were laid out were similar. Various roads leading to circular intersections is something Washington has strikingly familiar to London.

Being here alone does bring back memories of my trip to London and of past travels. I will have many other opportunities to explore the world in future, still memories of previous travels seem to have a vivid impact.

Maybe its age, maybe its the fact that i am moving round alone. Being alone forces one to think and think deeply. Of past, present and the future. This is not a bad thing – forced re-interpretation allows for greater and deeper understanding. The classical tunes from the sony bedside sound system might be one of the reasons too.

Enough nostalgia. I will have one day to get my rhythm tuned to the 12hour time shift from Singapore’s time. Its just past midnight now in Washington D. C. I need to try to at least go to bed and wake up at the time Washingtonians do.

I have also been given another stack of materials. Guess i have to digest part of it before i go to bed. I’ll take it as bedtime reading. 🙂


August 2, 2009 - Posted by | Life

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