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But I want …… [said the little voice]… this will have to wait ….. [said the bigger voice]


These days there is so much to do with so little time and so much to spend on and so little money that there are many things which i have to give up…. ūüôā

“But i want…” said the little voice … “This will have to wait” said the bigger voice.

I have of late also discovered the rigours of 400cc biking. I had on the verge of running into the kerb whilst turning out at one car park because i had oversteeredthe bike was headed straight for the kerb.

Instinctively I placed my foot down to push the bike off from the direction of the side strike as well as countersteered towards safety. I heaved a sigh of relief as my trusty steed powered out of the carpark and towards free open roads. This occurred just in front of the LTA office in Sin Ming…. where the traffic police styled LTA mobile squad would take off from…. i was there well for…. hee hee…. I will only reveal in time to come.

I wondered if i had fallen right in front of the LTA office. Would that not have been a spectacle? and If i had mistimed my footdown and the countersteering was not fast enough i might have ended up with an injured foot and ankle. But as it is all was fine… the danger had been averted and I was on the way back home.

I had a throbbing pain in my left knee a few hours later. Not too serious i guess. There is so much to do to be bothered by a little pain.

I had wanted to sell some of my bigger speakers, but there were no really keen buyers. I guess I had no choice but to keep them. I had also similarly spotted an extremely compact and cute amplifier which in my opinion would have been a good match with my unwanted speakers. I would have wanted to pair them up rightaway but since i would have to be away for almost a month in the United States, I just thought i had better keep some money with myself. [and again the little voice lost]

I also spotted an almost new kup of very fine lineage…. a yamaha X-1R full of accessories and unique performance enhancing parts going for somewhat 65% of its original sticker price.

“But I want … ” said the little voice. “and this is a little bike…. lighter on the pocket and also lighter on the arms and legs…”

Now, it was true that in the past month i had almost dropped my trusty steed at low speeds for 3 times now. On each occasion i managed to recover the bike by putting down my feet and fighting the weight will all my might. 240kg in all. I did feel a strain in my arms but thank goodness the 18 years of moderately disciplined exercise and 13 years of taekwondo training did pay off in terms of fitness. I did have a slight phobia at slower speeds after that. pulling up 240kg is no joke.

In this situation the little voice was in fact right, somehow, it might be better to have something smaller and lighter but then there are other considerations….

Of late, Jufrie’s trial and Gary’s defence¬†weighed heavily on my mind. I did spend much time trying to sort things out. There was also a number of distractions.

There were also other matters which ought to have been exposed long ago. Which though could have embarassed many, they could if done at least set matters right for Singapore – yes Singapore. ūüôā

Similarly “But i want…. ” said the little voice.
and again “This will have to wait….” said the bigger voice. ūüôā

“Lets see how they handle Gary and Jufrie… ” said the bigger voice.

And once again …. the voice of reason and measuredness triumphs over the little egoistic mind….. war had been averted …. at least for now.

To borrow an analogy from GPMG training whilst in service, it does not mean that when the enemy platoon is spotted do you have to open fire.
It does not mean that if the weapon is loaded and cocked do you necessarily have to discharge it.

Precious time can be spent allowing the enemy to fully expose himself. While you lock in the traverse and angle of trajectory… then wait for the moment to spray.

The voice of reason does not always win. Likewise the egoic mind does not always lose. ūüôā

Let the music play on.


July 24, 2009 - Posted by | Life

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