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Gary’s medical report of his examination in 2006 was received from the DPP John Lu on the day before the return date for Gary’s PTC on 30th June 2009. As it turned out, Gary was diagnosed as not having any mental illness. Thank goodness I strongly objected to his remand in the IMH on that day of trial 3rd June 2009. This was so even though i was ill and Gary was supposed to conduct the trial himself.

3rd June 2009 was spent largely in Court , after which I was tied up with my so many other matters and I fell ill the second time in a month that i could not prepare Gary’s representations on time.

My whatever little time was also made even more scarce as I was also dragged into a lawsuit. As it turned out, some idiot has chosen to sue me for grounds which are very much frivolous. I was surprised to find out that the documents to be served were in fact for a civil suit.

Very often many others who would shiver and urinate even before a writ is served, I however could not contain my amusement when i was served the writ. I was smirking and giggling as i signed for it and i actually had the cheek to ask the plaintiff on what grounds an action should be taken against me. She did not reply in substance but still insisted on her course of action. I decided not to argue with her over her intended course of action.

I was then put through the paces of entering an appearance to this action for the 2nd time in my life as the Defendant – and not the lawyer 🙂

Perhaps i have had enough time playing lawyer in the Courts, God’s trying to get me immune to appearing as accused and Defendant so as to ready myself for the hotter things to come.

Still it is not a laughing matter seriously – the Memorandum of Appearance cost me SGD220 which partly explains why i only smiled, giggled and smirked i did not burst out laughing. 🙂

As it has turned out, the SPF has not taken action against me yet 🙂 shall i ought to be eternally grateful? Should i then withdraw my article? Well i think the answer is no.

Principles of Intellectual honesty and integrity mandate that i keep the article uploaded because if they do take that step, the article would then be well justified – I would also be put through the trouble of logging in to put that article up again.

So i guess, better leave it up – since it looks good on the blog site anyway 🙂 Till then… there is still so much to be done….


July 3, 2009 - Posted by | Life, Politics

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