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I want to retire from Politics – and they are giving me the chance to go with a bang! :)

Of late I had been hit with a heavy bout of lethargy because work has been treating me badly and I was nursing a depressed mood because my bikes were breaking down and my audio system is not performing the way it should.

My political comrades could not pull me out of the rut simply because they did not understand how i feel. They are firstly non-lawyers, secondly non-audiophiles and thirdly non-bikers.

I have 6 amplifiers and 3 were in the workshop, the other 3 dont perform well and were spewing noise.

I have 3 motorcycles, 1 is perpetually in the workshop, 1 is almost breaking down and the final I still do not have the balls to ride.

I have something like 25 active matters, and I think they don’t bring in enough money. 🙂

Worse still, I was summoned for questioning by Mr. S Vikie of Central Police Division, Singapore Police Force for my role in the screening of One Nation Under Lee sometime last year. This investigation came at 12th June 2009 a very opportune time when i was feeling down and depressed. I was told that this morning an entourage of 5 supposed officers came to serve me some papers at my office, the service failed because i was not in simply because my stupid bike was not performing the way it should, i was somewhere on the CTE.

I have not seen the papers yet but i can almost be sure that they are linked to the investigations conducted earlier.

I had decided that i wanted to disengage from it all. But it seems that they would not allow me to. Why? was the question that featured in my head.

The Police had framed a possible charge of me obstructing a public servant in the situation of the private movie screening some time last year [more writings soon on this event to show how stupid the entire system has become]. This charge carries a fine of S$2,500/- .

The fine of S$2,500 stared at me in the face. 🙂 it was no surprise. If i am convicted of this charge i would be disqualified from running in elections. 🙂

Now why would they want to disqualify me from running in the elections? That is the question 🙂

Is it because they dare not face me again at the polls and the ballot box?  🙂

Like i said, I really had enough I had originally wanted to retire from politics for good but it seems that certain idiots choose to keep me engaged.

From the way it seems either they like me too much so much so that they want to keep me in the game or they are too worried of my next challenge and are too ballless to face me on the rally stage. In the light of the depression and exhaustion and lethargy, these facts are the solemn confirmation that the right approach to challenge the PAP has been found. Because, this makes them lose their balls.

For the PAPpies reading this, let me say this to you:

The proper way to demolish your opponent would be to find your balls to face him and square off at the proper arena, thereafter seek to give him something like a vote score below the 20% mark by either branding him as a chauvinist, an extremist, a psychopath or you know what. Dig up whatever scandal you can find 🙂 that will be the challenge 🙂

Don’t be a crybaby and hide behind someone’s skirt. 🙂 And seek to prevent people from contesting against you. It does not work well for your whatever little balls and guts that you may have or whatever shards of self-esteem and psyche still remaining.

Relax boys, though you lack the balls, there is no need to fear actually, because elections are actually a very tedious affair for the opposition.

Furthermore, this elections will also be a non-starter. Firstly things dont look bright enough for a successful challenge. Secondly I don’t think many of us have the funds. I am due to settle the division of matrimonial assets flowing from my divorce and I would find difficulty finding the funds to make the 2nd electoral challenge. Thirdly, the ground has not shifted. Furthermore, relatives are already laughing at my stupidity of not keeping money for myself 🙂 You see… In Singapore spending your own hard earned money for opposition politics is not deemed as a very wise move 🙂

In GE2006, I spent like $13,000 or so on election expenses. That i think it is a brand new choice 400cc bike thrown away, or alternatively 3 very very very capable power amplifiers.

Therefore, if you give me the choice, i actually think i will not be running this round. However, in the event i were to be made to pay S$2,500 to sit out an election that would be a blessing :). Firstly i would save money and energy and time. Secondly, i can save the energy and solve my personal issues. Lastly but most importantly,  it further gives me the chance to run down the entire PAP as totally BALLLESS and without the guts to face an opponent like me.  In the realm of politics, to be put in a position to denigrate an entire ruling party like that is like getting manna from heaven.

This allows me to go off the political arena with a bang 🙂 Take it that this is a big thank you from me.

More expressions of gratitude will come soon – in the form of tributes and exaltations of the ruling party never seen before. 🙂


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The case of PoThePanda – Update

This morning was PoThePanda Gary Tan Yeong Hong’s scheduled trial.

I was ill and on medical leave. As the case was a pro bono matter, Gary bravely offered to do the trial himself. We then readied ourselves for a discharge application to be made at Court this morning.

I arrived in Court to find out that the DPP John Loo had instructions to apply for Gary to be remanded in the IMH for 3 weeks on the basis that he is delusional in his blog postings and that he had been allegedly remanded in IMH before in 2006.

The DPP and myself met the Judge in Chambers and the above was intimated to the Judge. I requested for the documentary proof so that i could take my client’s instructions.

Outside chambers i was shown a faxed letter of 2nd June 2009 [yes today] from Bedok Police Division to the IMH asking for tracing of Gary. The reply from IMH was a handwritten endorsement and fax back of the police letter stating that Gary was “traced, admitted in 2006”.

I verified with Gary that the police had on a previous occasion put him into IMH for an examination but he was cleared of any mental illness. He does not recall that to be in 2006 as he is unable to recall exactly when it occurred.

Together with this information the DPP and myself met the Judge in Chambers. We told the Judge the current position.

DJ Soh Tze Bian recorded in the file that the accused admitted to being admitted to IMH before. I clarified to the DJ that my client instructs that upon that examination he was cleared by IMH to be not suffering from any mental illness.

I asked that the trial be allowed to proceed as Gary was ready to take on the charges even if i was supposed to be discharged. DPP insisted that this was not possible as Gary’s fitness to plead was suspect. I clarified that I cannot proceed to discharge myself given the latest development and I asked for an adjournment to prepare for the DPP’s remand application under Section 308 CPC given the short notice of the application.

The District Judge stood the matter down to 230pm.

Gary and I arrived in Court at about 238pm. There had been a bad jam at Havelock Square. I found out from the DPP that there was no further documentary proof of his admission to IMH we then proceeded to meet the Judge in chambers.

Inside chambers, I informed the Court of Gary’s instructions for me to challenge the Remand application. I had prepared for the remand application throughout the time for lunch [Gary now owes me a big and expensive lunch]. The DPP was minded to proceed to ask for the remand order forthwith. As i had asked for the IMH’s report, the District Judge was minded to adjourn the hearing of the application until the IMH report was made available to both parties. According to the DPP, it was only after the remand application was dealt with and the would be remand allowed to run its course and with the consequent report from the Medical Superintendent would Gary’s fitness to plead for the case be clear. It was only then that the trial could be proceeded with proper.

The topic of discussion then went towards the possibility of the matter getting resolved in a less wasteful manner. Whether or not Gary could consider making representations to the AGC for the charges to be reduced so that he could plead guilty to an acceptable charge and the need to send him to IMH be dispensed with. The DPP at first instance seemed insistent that the remand application had to be made to ensure that Gary was assessed to be fit to plead. District Judge Soh Tze Bian was more decisive, to avoid the convoluted course the matter was now currently on track to take, his Honour stated that if Gary makes the representations and pleads guilty to the offences, there would be no need at all to do whatever remand at IMH. Furthermore the nature of the charge does not necessarily warrant a jail term and that further should not end up with a trial and what remand application.

The indication was that if Gary were to plead guilty he would most probably be let off with a fine. Unless Gary still insisted on a trial then he would need to have his fitness to plead assessed.

I took the opportunity to check with Gary and persuade him and I managed to get him to agree to make representations. This was then intimated to the Judge and the DPP.

The District Judge then gave the following directions: Defence Counsel to make representations to the AGC 2 weeks from today i.e. 17th June 2009. The AGC to reply by 26th June 2009 and to obtain the 2006 IMH report and submit to the Court and Defence Counsel as soon as it is available. PTC is fixed for 30th June 2009 at 230pm. Bail is extended.

The DPP then informed the court that the latest information from the IMH is that Gary had self-admitted himself into the IMH on 29th November 2006 and he was discharged on 1st December 2006. Gary failed to follow up on the treatment prescribed for him. Interestingly the DPP insisted that Gary was never arrested before by the Police. There was no record that the Police arrested him and took him to the IMH.

This case reminds me strongly of another case which i dealt with in the past. The manner in which sometimes such admissions into IMH are processed leaves much to be desired. From experience, there is indeed arbitrariness by the Police and the IMH in dealing with persons brought in for assessment at the IMH and the level of professionalism and transparency leaves much to be desired.

This makes me more keen to look into Gary’s admission into IMH and also my other client’s case.

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