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“This materialism has got to end” London, October 2008 – The chance has now come for Singaporeans to end the materialism that has decayed this nation.

Still reeling from the effects of the subprime meltdown, I view the news of job losses in the developed world and also on the local scene are no less depressing.

In both Singapore and abroad, talks of people needing help during this downturn, has been nothing short of depressing. I however must say that this was expected. In fact i have been waiting for this correction to come.

As you guys are aware, upon witnessing what went on in the insurance industry, i took steps to liquidate most of my hard kept policies which took up quite a bit of my income to upkeep. The amounts lost were substantial but nonetheless it was a comforting thing to keep your money close at hand. It is during such downturns that more people are forced to come to terms which what is truly important and what is truly real. Materialism and greed has overtaken the world. This malaise has caused almost all of the problems the world faces today. A small number of people have been waiting for the change to come. These people are not people whom are in some far flung places like Africa or Alaska but souls who have recognised that there is more to life than just that extra possession or that extra paycheck. Though being wealthy is good and makes life comfortable, life is more than the figure in your bank account nd the thickness of your wallet or the number of properties owned.

In mid October 2008, i had paid a visit to London and I was walking with Ms Ruby Sandhu from the office of Amsterdam & Peroff, trusted and capable assistant of Mr. Robert Amsterdam along the river Thames i think, where the London Eye and Big Ben were situated across the Houses of Parliament. We spoke of the collapse of banks in a dominoe-like manner in the United States and Iceland and etc. The ramifications spreading through to various public bodies in England which had lost money in the Icelandic Banks’ collapse. My beloved TFL – Transport for London was also not spared. I recall that they lost GBP40 million or thereabouts.

The discussion then came to the point of what good could this downturn do for the world.

“This materialism has got to end” we both uttered somewhat simultaneously confirming my long held belief that pursuers of change should somehow and somewhat be detached from the ills of material worship despite the fact that their lives might be fully enmeshed  into the economic fabric of this world.

We both agreed that the only good thing this meltdown would do to shake up the world would be to end the materialism plaguing our peoples, our governments and our minds.

It is now February 2009, almost 5 months have passed. The stage seems set for another political fight in Singapore. Punters have their bets on a General Election being called soon. That is almost certain.

It is however difficult how Singaporeans would vote in this election, my views are not so optimistic as i have seen the unpredictability of an electorate. I do not foresee inroads made by the opposition. I do not wish to confuse my hopes and aspirations with objective assessment.

In the past the bulk of the electorate fell for the NSS and ESS and upgrading carrots, this has kept the PAP unchecked. This has led to Singapore being in the state [sorry.. ITS SHIT] we are in now.

Nevertheless, my hope remains that Singaporeans will vote with their conscience as when things come to pass, for the pittance of a paltry sum that is dished out by the Ruling Party is nothing less than an insult to the voter’s intelligence and dignity, and when the jobs are lost, the economy collapses and the banks are seeking to foreclose your home, the insult becomes worse when they glorify themselves over a few cents  less that they are taking from you, and argue day and night for a slight increase of help for the poor.

The time has come for Singaporeans to end the the rot of materialism. The rot brought largely by the PAP. If not, your materialism will be the end of you.


February 26, 2009 - Posted by | Life, Politics


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  2. Dear Li Tik,

    After reading this article, I wish that you could better dissect your personal thoughts with regards to materialism and its real and/or perceived linkage with Singapore politics (i.e. how it impinges upon the practice of politics in Singapore, and why it should continue to be so or otherwise).

    But if I read you correctly, I must admit that I am a little unnerved by your sentiment because while it is well and good for you to disavow materialism (since you think that it is a moral evil of some sort — and that is fine by me), it is quite another thing altogether to decide for your fellows that they shouldn’t chase after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    Let me put it this way: you desire for a more liberal form of politics. As I understand liberalism, it is not up to the state to decide how best citizens of such a state should live their lives.

    As such, I find the political motivations expressed in this article and elsewhere at odds.

    Comment by hamilton19 | February 27, 2009 | Reply

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