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President Barack Obama, Lunar Ox Year, Pests And Pestilence, Silver Bullets, the Singapore Budget and Utter Rubbish

This would be the 4th Ox year i am experiencing in my life. Incidentally, i am born in the year of the Ox. This puts me squarely at 36 years of age. Incidentally, i note that President Barack Obama is also an Ox.

President Obama delivered a great inauguration speech. I was too tired to watch the telecast live but i managed to read the text of his speech. His words held hope and promise and of standing by lofty principles. It brought tears to my eyes.

The text of Obama’s speech was essentially a brilliantly eloquent distillation of the American current situation, her history, her psyche, her hopes and dreams. In this i am truly comforted and convinced that the system of political competition and democratic selection in the United States does in fact deliver some of the best men into public office. President Obama did just that straight into the Oval Office. He froze the wages of public officers in his administration earning above USD100,000  [Now…. was it annually or monthly? :)] telling them that Public Service is a privilege. I cannot say the same of Singapore. 🙂

Contrast these with our shameless PAP administration here which is firstly shameless to reward itself with the world’s highest salaries for public office. Furthermore, it is only with this downturn do we see how much the ministers are making off with. With announcements of the pittance that they are cutting from their salaries, we can now see that they have previously rewarded themselves with many many months of bonuses of the obscene amounts. Granted that there might have been arguable performance indicators used in the assessment 🙂 BUT one can never escape from the fact that public service being public service, returns, rewards and remuneration should never be the motivating factor.

Our ministers and civil servants should hang their heads in shame when they face the Singaporean people for they never understood the meaning of public service.

At my last count, we have as many as 31 ministers in our hopelessly bloated cabinet. The current plan under the much boasted budget for the recession hit Singapore ….. is to dip into its reserves.

How come no one has ever thought of cutting the salaries of the MPs and the ministers and elite civil servants to 10% of their original amounts?

Imagine the amount of money Singapore would save ….. i guess dipping into the reserves would not be necessary if such biting of the bullet was done. In fact i would be confident that not only would public respect and confidence would rise in the Government, the self-esteem of our leaders would rise as well.

Have they ever wondered what the people mutter about them under their breath for the manner and magnitude in which they have chosen to reward themselves?

In any event, I would see no cause for complaint, this is because the PM, SM, MM and our Nathan would still be drawing roughly $300-$400k annually which itself translates to S$30,000 per month or thereabouts – something that exceeds us “lesser mortals” by an order of 10.

Such a situation would see Tan Yong Soon spending roughly just $5000 on a cooking class. Likewise i cannot see any reason for him to complain in such a situation because as it is there are many people who would not even pay $50 to learn cooking at the People’s Association’s community centres.

What utter rubbish would  Charles Chong regurgitate in such a situation? 🙂

You keep hearing the comments about the budget that even though it put Singapore into a deficit that would draw upon S$5.9 billion of our reserves [if any are left] would not pull Singapore out of the recession. The recovery of Singapore is still dependent on a global recovery.

So what are they in fact telling us? “We cant solve the problem, we can only hope for the world situation to improve.” 🙂

I could be sympathetic and be kind to our ministers if they were not so high handed, arrogant and highly paid in the first place but as it is, they still remain the highest paid in the world.

I can put 31 Bangaladeshi construction workers together, give them cheap liquor and coca cola, several dice and packs of playing cards, I bet they can come up with something better.

Unlike the Wild Wild West where the Lone Ranger would come on a white charger, armed with a two silver plated pistols and silver bullets to solve the problems of the day, Kate Beckinsale in Underworld and our vampire killing hero in Blade could trade silver bullets with their adversaries to prove their Supremacy over the latter, the situation in Singapore is very much different, we keep hearing our leaders and mainstream media say that there is no silver bullet in this problem here.

This basically means, our self-touted heroes and self-glorifying, self-sacrificing reluctant politicians have no clue at all of how to solve our economic problems.

Singapore’s worst ever economic downturn has exposed the PAP to be nothing more than Pests And Pestilence.

In the ideal situation, each Minister for all that he is worth should be empowered a little more just like Kate Beckinsale, the Lone Ranger and Blade to solve the problems of the day.

Someone should T-Loan 31 Sig Sauer P226 pistols from the Ministry of Defence, indent 31 bullets and have them silver plated, load a bullet each into each pistol and arm each of our Ministers for their cabinet meetings with the instruction not to hesitate to use the silver bullet to solve the problem.

During this Lunar New Year, the prevalence of pests and pestilence will no doubt prevent many from enjoying their new year goodies in peace.

As for me, with regards to dealing with pests like bloodsucking mosquitoes, irritating houseflies, disease spreading vermin, usually a shot of pesticide should suffice. 🙂

However, come to think of it, having sworn to adhere to the principles of non-violence, i might not even be able to play a part in the same 🙂


January 25, 2009 - Posted by | Politics


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