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Irrefutable proof of overpaid and underworked Leaders and Civil Servants :)

To make this easier to read i have reduced this post to point form.

1. Singapore is in deep deep deep  shit

2. Our leaders are the world’s highest paid and also our civil servants are just as highly paid

3. MP Seng Han Thong get burnt for whatever reason

4. Civil Servant Tan Yong Soon  spends $46.5K on a culinary lesson, people get upset

5. MP Charles Chong who speaks without thinking says lesser mortals are jealous of Tan Yong Soon

6. SM Goh reveals that PM and Finance Minister want to dip into the reserves to ride out the recession.

Have they ever wondered what how much money would Singapore save if their salaries were cut by 90% 🙂 God knows.


January 21, 2009 - Posted by | Politics

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