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We must stop them at all costs. This cannot carry on :)

That is essentially what Wong Kan Seng said to the Straits Times over last weekend.

I take the words of Wong Kan Seng to be intended to dissuade people from challenging the administration. Rightly, it ought to be so since the measures he touted were clearly aimed at increasing the grip of the PAP on our little island.

The message might also be directed towards motivating the demoralised members of the Home Team. The message speaks of new laws and powers to be granted to them to be used to stifle political dissent. It also touches on new challenges which they would have to face.

Wong Kan Seng is however missing the point. Morale will never be high when the priorities are wrong. When service in the Home Team is aimed at stifling democratic movements, this essentially mean a betrayal of the nation for the fruits dispensed by a despotic government. The Home Team members  will have to face their own consciences and the challenges when they do so.

I tumbled out of my sofa laughing till my sides ached. I would have thought that the Straits Times would have chosen a nicer way to screw him than to use a picture which revealed a worried look together with such an article.

If the minister in charge fails to realise, his attempts at controlling civil and political space will put the entire administration in bad light. I sincerely hope that he has obtained the agreement of his comrades before he opened his mouth. This is because despite all the fanfare and pomposity, the speech betrays a deep seated fear within the administration.

Fear of greater dissent, fear of political expression, fear of civil disobedience.

Fear is natural. As Yoda would say, “Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering.”

From the face of Wong Kan Seng, it is evident of some degree of suffering. The suffering comes from the ignorance of the way things are.

Stifle a people long enough and they will eventually make you pay (not monetarily).

Wong Kan Seng thinks that non-violent action is bad. I would suggest that he trot over to SGH’s ICU unit and ask the burnt Seng Han Thong for his opinion on whether non-violent action is a good idea and whether it should be encouraged.

For this, I am sure Mr. Seng and his family will have much to say to Wong Kan Seng. 🙂


January 20, 2009 - Posted by | Politics

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