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Just Can’t Understand – JCU (James Cook University)

John Tan was a kangaroo shirter. He had worn a kangaroo shirt to Court on 26th and 27th May 2008.

Understandably the Honourable Attorney General took him, Rizal and Shafi’ie to task over the same.

However, a new player came into the picture. James Cook University.

The university took it upon itself to suspend John because he was involved in a court case.

The court case in question was that of the application for committal for contempt by the Attorney General.

The Just Cannot be Understood JCU chose to get itself involved.

Thereafter JCU came under fire even from its own homeland in Australia where freedom of speech and expression.

JCU’s Dr Dale Anderson was arguably in a very difficult situation when i visited him. At least this was what i found out.

I had approached JCU’s administration on 21st November 2008 to present a petition of signatures. i did so with Carl, Siok Chin, Vincent, Choon Hiong, Seelan, Kaixiong, and others.

Dr. Dale Anderson had reacted very badly to what he thought to be one of us taking a photo of him. He then quickly beat a retreat and claimed that he did not want to have anything to do with us.

The staff if JCU then asked me and the rest to leave. as we were about to leave, the staff of JCU then called us to say that Dr. Dale Anderson would now see only two of us and receive the petition in the audience.

Siok Chin and myself were chosen as representatives.

Siok Chin and I then met Dr. Dale Anderson in the presence of Manager James Tan. Dr. Anderson could not be understood. He accused me of lying to him. He accused me of being unethical. He was very much red-faced in the process. When he mentioned the word ethics, Siok Chin decided to engage him in a conversation. Dr. Dale Anderson got even more upset, he started raising his voice. He then snatched over the petition which we have been previously trying to get us to accept and he then got his manager to send us to the door.

We left then walking away from the administration building and to the entrance of the campus. Dr. Dale Anderson and James Tan followed. Some in the group ended up speaking to the pair. As to what eventually transpired, I do hope that it was sincere and cordial.

From that moment in time, JCU no longer meant merely James Cook University, to me it meant Just Can’t Understand. Just like the way Dr. Dale Anderson Just Couldn’t Understand that we were there to express support for John Tan and ask for his reinstatement and no other intent.


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