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PAPa Dun Kick [the Bucket] yet, I am in trouble you see….

Let us just summarise the events of the recent days. We have the following happening:

1. The shameless announcement of reduction of electricity tariffs, this has come after the previous shameless increase in electricity tariffs in the backdrop of falling oil prices, when in the first place our stations are gas fired.

2. The bringing forward of the budget. I spoke to several associates and found out that i have overlooked the recent bringing forward of the budget. This is most unusual. Some friends think that this signals the intention to bundle out the goodies to our materialistic population and then ask for mandate to face the shit that is to come in Singapore’s path.

3. Rubbish statements from Lee Hsien Loong – for example like the 2 party system can never work in Singapore. We are better off with a one dominant party.

All these point to pre-election jitters from the PAP. These are signs of a cowardly ruling party leveraging again on public resources and tall tales to fool the population. Well, I don’t know how many of them will start crying on nomination day but that is not the point.

Basically, Lee Hsien Loong isn’t confident of the worm ridden ship that he is now helming. He needs to drag old father off his dying bed to ask for the comfort of having him negotiate that impending shallows nearing from the distance. Though the Old Sea Dog being the experienced mariner will pull the worm ridden ship through this time round, I am sure that the wheels of motion have been set in place – The prevalence of self-centredness and lack of public service spirit that permeates through the administration will set itself for its eventual doom.

The essence of calling for snap elections would be to secure power and mandate to ride through the uncertainty [for themselves] and not so much of having the mandate of the people to give out goodies. Has anybody ever wondered why they never consult us when they choose to increase the cost of living but they claim to need your vote before they can return a pittance of your money back to you? 🙂

Our brothers and sisters have yet to awaken. A number of people i spoke to have yet to see the flaws created. Some persist to perpetuate them either by reason of their work or by simply by choice.

If the failings of this administration is not clear enough yet, we would have to continue to persevere and wait to watch the dominoes fall.

There are too many failings within this administration. It does not matter if the PAP were to hold on for one more term. It merely means that it was the Singaporeans who have not woken up set up the country for a harder fall. Everyone in the administration who helps to keep the PAP in power and perpetuate the myths of the PAP and the misgivings within its system are also responsible for pushing the nation into dangerous waters.

It is with this backdrop of pessimism that i would make the prediction that in the next snap election to be called, with a heavily tweaked electoral system, the results would be the same. No new seats will be won by the opposition.

This does not mean that the PAP will get more confident and better because of the win. In fact it will be worse, they can continue to fatten themselves on their huge salaries and continue their abomination of Singapore’s system. This is good. This is the natural progression of things. There is no avoiding it.

For change to come, change must come from Singaporeans themselves. Singaporeans can continue to think that the PAP is the only party who can run Singapore. Singaporeans will pay dearly for their continued returning of the PAP to power. The PAP will not just run singapore, it will RUIN Singapore.

The PAP will persist in its policies of being the PESTS AND PARASITES that it is so effective at sucking the blood of the Singaporean people. This will set the stage for real change to come. The bullshit will pile up. The cock ups will continue and the Singaporeans will continue to bleed either through taxes or through even more badly made investment decisions by Temasek and GIC. This will be so such that when the shit hits the fan, even the staunchest PAP supporter will have to decide that this administration has to go.

This time round, the PAP will again make very grand promises to help the people. This will come in several hundred or thousands of dollars of benefits to each potential elector. Subsequent thereafter, there will be another string of price increases to bleed Singaporeans to cough out what they were given multifold. This will be a repeat of the 2001/2006 General Elections. Alot of fanfare but no real progress.

Until Singaporeans [including our opposition] realise the shit dished out to us is only a FRACTION of that which has been covered up throughout all these years and that the people’s power can only come in assembling in thousands to kick the asses of the PAP, no real change will come. Mark my words.


November 17, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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