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Strong Leaders = Strong Reserves??? ha ha :)

This morning i stumbled out of bed to another joke awaiting me, this time on page 2 of the main section in Straits Times.

ST’s Chua Lee Hong again was up to her ball-carrying antics of trying to shore up a falling administration. Her logic is to compare Singapore with places like Burma and pat ourselves firmly on the back for having strong leaders.

Her article makes the assumptions that we are in a strong position with strong reserves, and interestingly she avoids mentioning the recent investments we had made with whatever is left of the same.

There is a chinese saying that “Even a gold mountain can be spent away” is so true for Singapore so long as one chooses to just look at the amount of dollars we squandered over the past few years.

It is the recent trend of speech of the administration to clutch at straws to justify their continued presence in government. I.e. We need strong leaders, we need an A-team, only the best will do, need to build next generation leadership, and now strong leaders = strong reserves. 🙂

As the saying goes, the truly confident will not need to beg.

All such talk reek of desperation and of having to beg the electorate to give you another chance. As if there is going to be an impending big cock up soon 🙂 The little movements of Chua Lee Hong will betray the deepest fears of the PAP administration.

Furthermore, it does not bode well for the human spirit and psyche to beg on one hand and yet boast on  the other. This will painfully split the psyche, orientation and logic of the brain and further impede the ability to solve problems of the day. 🙂

Strong leaders usually stay silent. Never boast but perform through action.

Weak leaders boast. Often the breast beating kind. Especially the kind that calls on memories of past long forgotten glories.

Weak and useless leaders are not capable of boasting, so they pay others to boast.

If there has been breast beating boast of having strong reserves, the opposite is usually true. 🙂

As we will never know the true strength of our leaders and our reserves until they are tested, let us not get too cocky. Keep on harping that your leaders and reserves are strong will prompt God will spit in your face to test them for real.

P. S. I would not try to guess how much reserves we have left, I would rather let the figures spill out on their own so to facilitate the timely awakening of Singaporeans to the useless administration that has been having us on for decades.


November 10, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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