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Ti Lik’s Doomsday Predictions

I, Chia Ti Lik, hereby have the following to say:-

That I having engaged in acts of Civil Disobedience against the administration of Singapore, have invited upon myself the ridicule of critics (ruling party and opposition alike) and the disdain of the mainstream obedient population, plus the unenviable situation of being charged for the acts of defiance by the State and organs of the State, and to have the distasteful suspense of my mobile phone and digital camera being detained while they depreciate, it has now dawned upon me the urgency of another mission.

This mission is a higher calling. One of speaking of the ills of the system openly, loudly, and urgently whilst the sword of Damocles hangs over me to cut my head off at the opportune moment. I now find myself impelled to warn all other Singaporeans of the Swords hanging over their heads.

Quite a long time ago, I made a declaration that i intended to write on my doomsday predictions for Singapore. From that point until now this article has remained half written given the tight schedule that i had. I forced myself to complete it this sunday afternoon.

My mum will always condemn me for wanting to be the know-it-all soothsayer, I wish to state that i wrote this for a certain audience – for those who appreciate and understand. You do not have to agree with me but let us just read this posting and sleep on it.

What is wrong with Singapore? Such a question should weigh in the minds of all Singaporeans these days especially when we take note of the fact that:-

A long time ago i declared that i would write on my Doomsday Predictions for Singapore.

Several months back Tony Tan remarked that Singapore could be in for a prolonged recession 🙂

Singapore is now in for a recession with job cuts everywhere. 🙂

Singapore’s economy is deeply flawed, we have a deeply flawed government and flawed institutions of the State, we have our reserves invested in a lack of accountable manner, our people have been hopelessly materialistic and we are now caught in this financial thunderstorm. It is only a matter of time before everything starts crumbling down. Falling like a stack of cards.

I would inform everyone that i have started to liquidate my assets, surrender my insurance policies to pay off debt and keep cash at hand. When the rot really strikes home, i probably would be holding my savings in gold and dealing in gold.

That’s how little faith i have in our PAP administration.

Before critics berate me for being pessimistic or attempting to rumour monger. Lets just get it clear that this is just my personal opinion. [Which i happen to be putting my money where my mouth is]

I am only too happy to be proven wrong in time to come. 🙂

Furthermore, in order to help everyone with the little bit of wisdom which i have on frugality and austerity measures, i have committed to contribute a series of articles to Singapore Democratic Party’s Website which will reach out to a far wider audience than my blog. These articles will chronicle my exploits into riding out this financial storm. Therefore, to know what i am doing with my money, keep a close watch on in the days to come.


November 9, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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  1. Hi Ti Lik,

    This is Zhi Yuan, Chief Editor of the Wayangparty Club.

    While I can fully understand how flawed the charges levied against you and the other TBT activists, most Singaporeans do not.

    Dr Chee has very little support among Singaporeans. Just compare the crowd which turns up weekly at Hong Lim Park at the behest of Tan Kin Lian to SDP’s doomed TBT campaign.

    A politician has to be wily and flexible. Since you can never change the perception of the majority, why not change your style to make yourself more acceptable to them ?

    I wonder if SDP is the correct platform for you to further your political career. With your legal background, charisma and good looks, you should stand a better chance than Steve Chia in winning a SMC.

    The minibond fiasco is a great opportunity for you to raise your profile and I am disappointed you choose to concentrate on the TBT trial instead.

    Nevertheless, in spite of our personal differences, I do hope we can work together in the future.

    The Wayangparty Club ( is not too far behind SDP in terms of readership and I would gladly aggregate your articles.

    Email me at for a discussion if you are keen.


    Zhi Yuan
    Chief Editor
    Wayangparty Club

    Comment by wayangparty | November 9, 2008 | Reply

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