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TBT Trial – the 7th day and then we rested :)

After seven days of trial intermittently spread over 2 weeks, we finally got to the stage where we had to have the 2nd tranche of trial dates fixed.

ST’s Report by Jeremy Au Yong certainly tries to portray the entire event in the worst light at every opportunity. On the two occasions that ST attended at the trial to report on it, their report acts to skew to show the accuseds in a negative light. This must be contrasted with the fact that the ST consciously tries to play up Hong Lim Park as a demonstration Corner with correspondingly good press for certain groups.

ST must realise why it suffers from the need of falling readership as well as the need to raise its prices. This is because more and more people are becoming aware of the skewed reporting. This reporting harms the reported but like every equal and opposite reaction, the credibility of the paper drops further into the depths.

It is quite amazing no one ever questioned why the PAP Government would relent to give Hong Lim Park as a free demonstration zone, it is simply because they cannot afford to have demonstrations all over the place. And they are hoping that the demonstrations could be pigeonholed at the insignificant spot in the city.

It is also apt to note that Hong Lim Park was given as a demonstration zone after Singapore saw its biggest dissident demonstration amounting up to 30 persons or so at Parliament House on 15th March 2008, though the PAP would hate to admit it – it would be apt that this demonstration won for Singaporeans this corner at Hong Lim Park.

Demonstrations count most when they strike at the seat of power – Exactly at Parliament House, the Supreme Court, The Istana, at Police Stations even ) This will be where true activists will descend upon when the time is right for the PAP and its cronies to be beaten back into retreat.

On the subject of retreats, the TBT trial went into retreat after the 2nd day, with the amount of arguments on the type of questions to be argued recorded and the shameless persistence of the Prosecution in covering up for the failings of the Singapore Police Force, i have decided that i have no choice but to write an analytical article on the Prosecutor’s office i.e. the Attorney General’s Chambers’  relations with the Singapore Police Force as well as other organs of the State.

This article is certainly going to rile some in time to come but as all things critical it only hurts because its true.

Right now there is just so much to write, many ideas and articles will come soon, that’s only if i have the time ) The trial has been adjourned till the 26th February 2009 till 12th March 2009, as it is i am also involved in several contempt of court matters 🙂 from the way it is going , there is certainly no letting up.


November 9, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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  1. Hi Ti Lik,

    Is it a coincidence that Jeremy Au devoted 2 pages of ST to promote The Online Citizen on the eve of JBJ’s funeral ?

    ST also gave prominent coverage to TOC’s wayang ‘transport hike’ protest a month after the law was passed permitting outdoor protest at Hong Lim Park.

    Comment by wayangparty | November 9, 2008 | Reply

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