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Recurring things / themes – Baby Mama, Cyborg She, TBT

Getting back from London is the first step. After having nearly missed my flight back home because i arrived at London Heathrow late and the Sri Lankan Counter had closed, i had to literally beg for help and then make the fastest 300m dash i have ever made in my life.

Stopping only at the security check to get my stuff x-rayed, shoes and belt removed and body searched, i then dashed another 150m back homeward bound.

The 2nd step was to stop my racing heart from getting an attack

As i settled down on the window seat saying goodbye to the noonday sun of London as well as the suburbs diminishing beneath me. i managed to finally catch the final stretch of an Indian Bollywood movie [i failed to get the name] which had this charismatic do-gooder, who had a penchant of repeatedly flipping a 1 rupee coin about and finally into his shirt pocket, which i could not complete viewing on my London Bound flight.

On both occasions long haul between Colombo and London, Sri Lanka used the Airbus A340. On both occasions either my sound system on my seat did not work or the screen did not work. I had to either use the sound from the next seat or screen from the next seat. As such I failed to catch in full the movie being screened in the inflight entertainment menu.

One other movie which caught my eye was called Baby Mama starring Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. I had to see it in parts a total of maybe 6 times.

Tina Fey was amazingly pretty. I had thought to myself how come i have never noticed her before?

And guess what. Back in Singapore, just into the week, I saw something being screened on tv sunday night again by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey [and its not Baby Mama]. I thought – maybe it was just a coincidence. Until this morning.

I logged onto my wordpress blog today. And then again there was a blog post on wordpress about Amy Poehler doing a Sarah Palin rap and Tina Fey doing a Sarah Palin. I watched the clip. hmm not too bad. ūüôā

Either this Amy Poehler and Tina Fey pair are really the thing in vogue today or its just some uncanny recurrence in things to come.

Talking about recurrence, I also caught the Japanese movie Cyborg She on my flight back from London to Colombo.

Cyborg She was a sci-fi time travel story. It was touted as the female Japanese version of the Terminator. I was drawn to it cos i wanted to see some body count. I expected splattered limbs and severed heads and lots of it. I almost could picture a sweet looking japanese girl wielding a samurai sword and indiscriminately cutting every innocent passerby’s head off.

I found none of that.

I was sorely disappointed. At first.

The story started out as a story about some guy who met a cute gal. The cute gal was crying and telling the guy not to open his eyes so that he would not see her leave. The girl then admitted that she came from the future where she then went back.

The heartbroken boy was then left wondering when he would see her again. And Interestingly, a female cyborg appeared in the likeness of the girl.

The cyborg claimed that she was created by the boy in the future. The boy had originally been paralysed in a terrorist shooting and was paralysed for life. He then spent his entire life creating a cyborg to travel back in time so that he could could prevent the shooting.

The cyborg did manage to protect the boy and prevent the shooting.

This female cyborg was so devoted to the boy and obedient to him that it became a torture.

Now imagine a hot blooded man being with a female likeness of a cyborg with real flesh and the cyborg resembled someone he loved. The cyborg would do anything including risking her life for him. anything … but short of FXXXing him. Oh shit… how was he going to live like that? Of course he got angry and ordered the cyborg to leave and never see him again. So she did.

What the Cyborg did was to stay in the shadows and protect him. And protect him she did again in the great Tokyo earthquake and then she left.

Now what i could not understand was that, the Cyborg went back to the creator, the creator then passed away. The Cyborg was auctioned off and the buyer was a pretty girl who found it strange that an early model cyborg had been fashioned in her splitting likeness – save for the fact that the Cyborg had short hair.

The Cyborg had all her feelings and experiences stored and so the girl could feel and experience the cyborg’s memories of the man who created her and his youth.

And so this girl went back to look for the guy right before this guy met the Cyborg. They spent time together and got to know each other. But time came for her to leave and return back to the future. This resulted in the scene where the girl had to leave back into the future and as she had fallen for him. She was crying as she left.

This then left me hanging nowhere with many questions.

Then what? But is it not because of the girl whom the boy met that led to him creating a likeness of that girl? Then that would mean that the girl had travelled back in time to meet him right? But the girl would not have travelled back in time if not for the intriguing experiences of the cyborg which she was able to access right?

But the cyborg would not have been created if the boy had not met the girl? right?

And so? which came first? The chicken or the egg? The time travelled girl or the cyborg?

And then comes an interesting revelation of mish mesh of parallel dimensions [not necessarily logical] which have to coexist in different space so as to allow such a story to even develop in one of the dimensions.

We come now to what 18 protestors plus 1 citizen reporter will face in court on Thursday 23rd Oct 2008. 19 accused, 5 defence counsel, maybe 3 DPPs, 1 Judge, I don’t know how many policemen. But one thing’s for sure, a trial so big is definitely going to take a lot of time.

For each witness will have to be technically cross-examined 19 times. The prosecution tendered 24 witnesses. Total number of people placed on the stand is 24 + 19 = 43. Total number of cross examinations for each witness is 19 times. Judging from the time taken for our citizen reporter Yap Keng Ho to cross examine police witnesses before DJ Thian Yee Sze. God help us.

19 x 43 tells us the number of chances of getting a repeated question. AND WORSE if the examination is not smooth. I expect my mind to be inundated with parallels of having to revisit the same scene in the past over and over again. A few seconds later. Then a few seconds before …. then later …. then before.

I do hope i will be able to keep my senses and stop myself from bursting out laughing in the middle of a trial of which i am an Accused. For all these will seem very amusing to me in the light of my recent experiences with recurring things and movie marathons onboard my 4 Sri Lankan Airlines flights.

I just pray that when the going gets long, my mind does not wander to the legs of Tina Fey, how to reconcile the contradictions of Cyborg She, or much worse, how i will upon the conclusion of this trial plan for more instances of this campaign called TBT.


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