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I could not get to sleep, its 3am London time, so i woke up to update my Blog. After the first 1.5 days of running around London, it is about time i paid tribute to this City.

There are so many migrants here, just about anywhere i see people travelling with their luggage, Either arrivals or leaving the place for elsewhere. Even on the street i must have been quite fitting into the London scene as i had several people ask me for directions.

I am proud to say that i was able to help. aving grasped a bit of how their rail system worked, I was able to help fellow travellers in need. That is how London is – truly full of colour and full of people from all over the world.

Everything is in pounds. Everything looks old. Its cold here. The buildings look as if they would need a real good touching up. Yet there is a nice old quaint feel about everything.

I saw a large number of luxury cars in my hotel area. With many other old cars, fancy motorbikes and old taxis plying the streets, i wondered who would spend tens of thousands of pounds to buy fancy cars? I then found out that vehicles are not that expensive in London. I finally got to see the London Bus. I found that their public buses were new.

The weather is not unlike Portland, Oregon. And certainly the experiences of having been to those areas helped me in getting use to finding my way in London.

I went out on a walk on my first night and found a “Raffle’s Cafe” in the area. They had GBP2.99 breakfast, eggs beans bacon sausage and toast which is served all day. I guess i will try that later in the week.

The familiar burger king has some interesting names in its menu – Meat Beast Whopper Meal at GBP5.39 and +30p to go large and + 50p to go super. Double Meat Beast Whopper starts at GBP6.09 and so on.

Another restaurant called the Shakers served some very unique “hot salt beef” its melts / meals go for GBP 4.20 and GBP5 respectively and their all day breakfast is available for GBP4.

There is also an Aberdeen Steak house which serves meals from GBP20 onwards.

One station was named Great Portland Street Station. I also found the Kings Cross Station at St. Pancras. For each and every confusing line which is being run. I have to admit that their train boarding and alighting announcements are so comprehensive and clear and well managed and recorded.

I found a Portland Food and Wine shop at London Street W2 / Norfolk Square. It was there where i bought a 5L water for GBP2.49. The Pringles potato chips were at GBP1.99. I spoke to the cashier and found out that he came from Sri Lanka. Life to him is tough in London. The average migrant worker makes about GBP5.60 per hour which tranlates to roughly GBP1200 to GBP1300 per month.

Internet connection is made available at Reload Internet opposite Hilton London Paddington. The rates are GBP9.99 for 7days and GBP6.99 for 5 hours.

Unlike Singapore where everything is familiar. Countries overseas have a transport system that is far more complex. This might be so for London as it is an old city and everything was built up on what was existing so the conections could seem a little messy and haphazard. This was however the testament to their unwillingness to make unnecessary public expenditure.

The old train stations are still in use. Save that they are now plied by new trains. They have criss-crossing district lines and a circle line – now i know where Singapore copied this Circle Line name from. ūüôā these lines are then connected to the national line and International lines (which i think should be the English French Railway run underneath the channel).

i also found a casino in my area, shall i go in to try my luck?


October 7, 2008 - Posted by | Life

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