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Gopalan Nair’s – Disorderly behaviour – Appeal

Friday evening 5th September 2008 was a disturbing evening. Why disturbing?

Firstly, it was friday evening. Secondly, I had a letter to finish. Thirdly, an audiobuddy was asking me on the phone to go down to our friend’s place to sort out some deal. Fourthly, a couple of friends decided to pop by my office for a drop in chit chat and cup of tea. Fifthly, news came in that Gopalan Nair was being found guilty of disorderly behaviour and insulting policemen. Sixthly, Yap was trying to get Gopalan Nair bailed out pending his appeal, he was encountering problems with the crime registry.

Gopalan got his sentence at about 4plus late afternoon and the Court granted him extended bail pending appeal.

A bailor was ready at the bail centre but was told that the bail would only be processed bail when the Notice of Appeal is filed. Yap then calls me for assistance, i had no choice but to run out the Notice of Appeal while Yap makes his way down from Court to my office to collect it for Gopalan to sign and then back to Court to process the bail.

So quite inevitably, Gopalan Nair is back to being represented by myself.


September 8, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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