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On the battlefield: A commando, the Infantry and the Armour and the Enemy

The above title describes it all.

The Commando – Yap Keng Ho – fearless as he is, he is not a team player.

The Infantry – SDP and Confederates

The Armour – Approved opposition and mainstream society

The Enemy – The Panzer And Panzer Division

The following are a brief description of the roles at the moment.

The Commando

The commando is not a team player. He perceives himself as the one man army. In as much as every soldier is supposed to be fearless. Fearlessness degenerating into ill-discipline and anarchy would instead jeopardize the operation.

The commando has at times laid explosives which are placed very near the infantry. Given his firepower and courage, he should be charging into the enemy and blowing them apart well placed from his own comrades. Instead, explosives and traps are placed all too often, too close to the infantry.

The commando feels answerable to no one and therefor does not wish to take the commands of the Infantry’s commanding officer. The commando is therefore by his own admissions suited for missions which involve himself only. He therefore should not intervene into operations of the Infantry and yet refuse to obey a co-ordinated attack plan.

The Infantry Battalion

The Infantry is the common foot soldier. Not very heavily armed. Not armoured as well. He only has the bravery of heart to engage in bloody combat and the unified strength of single-minded movements of his battalion on the battlefield as his strength. Indeed no single infantryman can take down an enemy tank but a platoon doing a co-ordinated attack might be able to.

The infantry battalion has suffered casualties. It has scored kills as well. Despite being wounded and maimed, the morale is high.

The Armour Regiment

The Armour regiment suffers from jitters when it comes into entering into battle. It also suffers some cognitive disorder in terms of identifying itself closer to tanks and not so much of the banner under which they belong. The Armour’s gunners seem to see enemy Panzers as friendly and foot soldiers wearing their same insignia as the enemy.

The armour therefore refuses to fire on the Panzers and more often than not fires shots at the infantry. The infantry in fighting the Panzers not only has to avoid the Panzer fire, they have to avoid “friendly” fire from their own Armour.

The Enemy

The Panzer division? Oh it is watching the battlefield and laughing itself silly at the moment.


August 28, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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  1. Additing On Your Battlefield List……

    The AWOL Soldiers – These soldiers lost faith and ran away from Singapore, ex-prime minister Goh Chok Tong named them “quitters” !

    The Sabo-King – Lee Kuan Yew sabotage our original systems and killed all his political opponents, his prime minister son Lee Hsien Loong clarified his father regime politic dirty tactics and announced to the public during 2006 general election that he will need more time to FIX all the Opposition Parties.

    The Recce Soldiers – The Resident Commitee aka RC is formed by grassroot learders, they are incharged to lookout and spy for the lee’s regime in our political battle ground.

    OC & CO of The Camp – Singapore Judges and Police are all Official Cronies and Condemn Officers, they’re bended backwards to Lee’s Regime, forgetting their basic role to be Upright in their professionalism.

    The Blanket Party – Bad and un-coperative soldier will get their punisments by his or her buddies, Lee Bee Wah just got her blanket party by her own PAP Party highly paid ministers.

    The R.O.D. – PAP will soon Running Out Date in our Singapore Mandates and facing Numerous Criminal Investigations with our New Ruling Government.

    Mr.Chia, I’ve learned so much in my National Service and wondering how much more Singaporeans has their awareness in Singapore ??????

    Best Regards,
    Fong M.Y.

    Comment by fongmy | August 30, 2008 | Reply

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