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A bit of grousing – cheap Starhub and Associates

It has come to the end of my patience. These days many things test my patience.

I do not normally wish to embarass anyone in my blog but since it is commonplace that blogs are used for venting frustrations and I do not think i have any other alternative.

My mobile service provider is starhub. Upon renewing my contract several months ago, i discovered that i am being billed for items which i do not recall using.

Despite my first discovery of the same and calling up both Starhub and the SMS company to cancel it. Months have passed and if not for the fact that i chose to open my starhub bill this morning instead of chucking it into the bin, i would not have discovered that Starhub is still allowing a billing of an addtional S$16 to my phone bill at $4 per SMS.

As to how many months this has been going on – God knows.

Does Starhub consciously choose to make money unscrupulously in conjunction with Third Parties in this manner?

Starhub, i have already called customer service to and whatever number you have referred to do all i can to cancel this service which i had never asked for. Now that i have come to the end of my patience. I hope this little bad publicity can wake up your company a bit.

i don’t know what works on you if this does not. Good luck to your company
If this carries on. When the contract ends. Goodbye to you.


August 20, 2008 - Posted by | Life

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