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Oh where does the time go? Does anyone know?

These days, in the midst of scrambling left right centre, all over the place, a tune keeps playing in my head, Julia Fordham’s “Where does the time go? Does anyone know?” drones on and on and on.

I cannot help it if that particular verse in the chorus keeps calling out to me, especially so when I have been wondering, i am busy all the time, but i cant seem to be getting peak productivity. This is even so after frivolous activities of leisure have been cut down to the bone.

I sleep early at night. Wake up early in the morning to lengthen the day but somehow, it still does not make it. I try to make a rather naughty blog post and end up editing its direction a couple of times and then i realise. Its fatigue!

The fatigue from running the court cases flowing from involvement with Gopalan Nair, Dr. Chee Soon Juan and other protestors are taking a toll. Especially for Gopalan’s mentions, all of which seem to involve so much time including the stand downs which makes things so much more draggy.

The mention for Gopalan Nair in court 26 on Monday 14th July 2008 was an example. Prosecution appeared in Court dealing with all 4 charges. I was only instructed on 2 and i have not had time to consider whether or not to take up the other 2. I needed just a little time to speak to Nair. The Court wanted to stand the matter down by 1.5 hours to 11am. Luckily i had the mind to insist that i needed just a moment and a stand down to 11 am was not required. I spent 10 minutes with Gopalan Nair and then i was ready to address the Court. Not wanting to wait for a PTC on 24th July 2008, we ended up with another PTC on 16th July 2008.

This meant that my entire week had been fixed with one court appearance for either Dr. Chee, Nair or myself every single day.

So much so that it seems that i have fallen a little behind on my professional obligations. On Wednesday itself after obtaining Mr. Nair’s trial dates (24th July Full day , 28th July AM, 29th July PM, 30th July PM, 31st July Full day, 6th August Full day) which were fixed in the midst of my having to appear in other courts for other matters, I having received news that a District Judge had been chasing me for my long overdue submissions for another matter and i realised what i had to do. 

I realised that i had also opted to write this blogpost because i wanted to avoid that mental grind needed to get the original post publishable. As of now, i might have spent a total of 2-3 solid weeks of running around those cases which naturally meant 2 – 3 weeks of time less from my professional obligations over the last 1.5 months. No wonder i am feeling the strain.

I have been fortunate as Dr. Chee is very much willing to handle his trial in the Subordinate Courts himself. Dr. Chee’s trial was supposed to start from 14th July 2008 till 8th August 2008.

And since that i have now also found out that Mr. Gopalan Nair is willing as well, I will have my little breather to find that point of balance again.

I guess i should be much more effective in a couple of weeks when my professional obligations are fully discharged. This might also leave me with a little time for some music.

Now where did that Julia Fordham compact disc disappear to?


July 17, 2008 - Posted by | Life, Politics

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