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The Act of Wrongful Accusation

Being in the heat of the action brings up issues. The stress and pressure to keep to timelines, address questions from the people around you, the constant thinking and strategizing required of the mind, the need to measure up and perform and yet be up to date and aware of the events surrounding you throws up past issues and matters into the present day limelight.

I remember someone close had once described this to me as pottery being thrown into the oven or furnace to be fired. The heat of the fire not only burns and consumes. It also changes our constitution – in this case it changes the state of our psychology and mind.

I also remembered a time when i was younger but noticeably aware of what was happening around. It should be my teenager years, i was be able to tolerate anything, be it sarcasm, snide remarks, mild bullying, ostracisation etc etc. All those were unimportant in the big scheme of things. The only one sore issue that struck me was my response to an unjustified accusation. It was nothing short of extreme. As if everything in life depended on it.

Tracing back the source of such an extreme reaction, I remembered an incident which left a clear mark on my memory.

I remembered that it was something that happened when i was a child. And the accusation came from a loved one. And it was about something I never did or something which I never intended to do. I also remembered that it was in such circumstances that an accusation became especially hurting.

I remember it occurred when i was young, barely 4 i guess. I was accused of theft. The situation as it were did not allow me to explain myself. The deed was already done. Time had passed. The money was in my pocket and had been taken out of it. It had already be spent, converted and the supposed money was now in the form of a tasty packet of rojak which which i had happily bought and brought home.

I remembered being accused without being afforded a real opportunity to explain.

I remember that feeling of being cornered, stripped bare and helpless, condemned.

I remember the feeling of being singled out for punishment for something which i did not intentionally do.

I remembered nothing was done to prevent siblings from taking my treat literally from under my nose as it was being interrogated.

I remembered tearing as i realised that i could not explain myself.

I was too afraid to even try to explain.

Perhaps it was my lesson in life at an early age, that there were already things in life which would be as they were, unexplainable. This was a lesson delivered in hallmark fashion in a situation where time had passed and many things had occurred in that span of time, things and facts which were in the process would not come across as clear as the results / facts that were present before everyone’s eyes. The process of how it was done was not explainable or even if explained did not sound as convincing.

Perhaps that was also why it is a rule of natural justice that offences needed to be dealt with as and when they occurred. In fact a rule of natural justice requires a charge to be made and prosecuted as soon as it may be feasible and not many years after the alleged offence is committed.

It does not help justice or help to elicit facts of truth when a police officer watching a crime being committed chooses to do nothing. Only to turn around several days later to make an accusation that a crime has been committed.

It does not help the Court or the administration of justice that if and when the Court perceives contempt of its proceedings, chooses to keep quiet, then after a day or two cite Accused persons of having been in contempt of the Court and expect the Accused to so explain.

It naturally flows that it certainly does not help if someone was felt to be sending a message or doing an act, the recipient of the message feeling aggrieved chooses not to bring the matter up or bother to clarify but waits till time and event has passed before springing a surprise with the full weight of the accusation and extra interpretations made without bothering to clarify in the first place.

Likewise, it does not make sense for a mother to watch a child walk towards the precipice yet to choose to keep quiet and raise cain only when the child approaches the dangerous edge or to cry and mourn when the child has met his end of the cliff.

It certainly does not also follow that upon spotting an error, a person allows the errant party to continue a certain course of action, then bring up the error of the first wrong step after things have taken shape in a certain direction.

The only time when such manner of keeping quiet and allowing the mistake to be continued to be made. Of watching the dangerous steps to be taken in the wrong direction while the conscious party awaits and observes happens in military operations when an enemy is knowling lured into a trap – in simple terms, in a maneuvre called an ambush.

I remember that feeling of humiliation and helplessness

I don’t think that in my introverted and shy stage of life that i really managed to explain myself – AND I don’t think i ever forgave my accuser of that wrong at all.

It might have been that experience that made me pursue a path and end up a lawyer. Presumably to defend helpless others against false accusations. It may also be that because i deep down, i variably identified myself with people whom were accused of charges and whom were put in a situation which they could do little or nothing to defend themselves.

Somehow, the presence of such an deep-seated issue clouds things. There is a positive edge to it but there is also a negative serrated side of the phenomena. There is an advantage that comes with it and yet it comes with a corresponding debilitating characteristic.

That the severity of the act does not figure at all in the minds of other people. Yet it provokes a reaction deep within. Something instinctive, something within, something primal.

It does little to hope that others will understand the little hiccups and quirks of life we each have. We just have to indentify the source and look beyond it. Perhaps its a sign of a life path, perhaps it is a little sticker reminder from God of the mission that i am supposed to undertake.

Perhaps it is all just an issue which had taken more than its due time to be addressed.


July 1, 2008 - Posted by | Life

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  1. It sure does suck to be wrongfully accused.

    Comment by lanjiaolang | July 9, 2008 | Reply

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