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Tak Boleh Tahan – I have stands so much! I can stands no more!

This article was not published previously because of the fact that there might have been too much of write up over the Tak Boleh Tahan Campaign. I held back. Now that developments are underway…. ūüôā here it is:

These are afterthoughts flowing from an overview of the events happening over the last two months related to the Tak Boleh Tahan Campaign starting from the World Consumer Rights’ Day protest on 15th March 2008.

Having learnt of the SDP’s World consumers’ Rights’ Day Protest to be conducted at Partliament House, i had chosen to take part in it. I was arrested with 11 others, the rest was history.

on 15th March 2008 World Consumers’ Day protest, I¬†remember the police were there ready and waiting for us even before we started to assemble. Up to visibly 4 pairs of officers with communications equipment were monitoring the event.

This was even before they sent ASP William Goh advise us to disperse. I say 4 pairs because it seems news has it that the police had also situated police officers at certain vantage points on high ground i.e. in the surrounding buildings. If only they would go through such lengths to nab their wanted Kastari.

As an activist keen on speading the message, when the Singapore Democratic Party announced their intention to carry the TBT- Campaign to Toa Payoh, i turned up to support as well.

1st May 2008 was a very hot day, we managed to set up shop beside the library.

The press was already there Рwaiting. En route to the location, i also spotted at least two police vehicles in close proximity,  one was a traffic policeman from the mobile squad on a bike. I did not think too much of it since the Toa Payoh Library was actually opposite the Toa Payoh Police Station, i saw little reason to query why there was a certain concentration of police vehicles in the vicinity.

I only found out much later that there was a convoy of police vehicles on standby in some secluded spot in Toa Payoh, i realised that they had to have some sort of operations communications and command that coould enable them to hide in one corner so that they could decide whether or not they needed to act to swoop down on us so as to bundle us into police vans as quickly as possible.

At the event, we did notice a number of suspicious looking ISD policemen monitoring the event. In attempt to stay undetected, the ISD could not come too close, they had to use a few methods of urban camouflage. These included newspaper reading, eating barbaqued pork, pretending to idle and not too interested in what’s happening yet still linger pretty close to the event.

I also recalled because they but of course there were other groups not related to the press who could do the job. There were a number of cameras around.¬†I¬†found the overreaction from the Singapore Police Force¬†pretty amusing, indeed their behaviour resembles that of a shaky and panicky regime which did not have the courage to stand up to a Citizens’ expression of their views. All that¬†monitoring and gathering intelligence, if properly utilised against elements which out to be monitored e.g. limping terrorists, people’s passport photos, checking validity and eligibility for a new passport, watching over accused persons in court lock up,¬†there would¬†really be nothing much for Wong Kan Seng to worry about.

In fact, as we go along¬†i liked the way the game was being played ūüôā

I also recalled that the subsequent newspaper reports cited that a town council staff had called to complain that the SDP was conducting illegal hawking at Toa Payoh Central. As i look back with hindsight, would you ever believe that the town council staff would be so bothered with and so immature as to call the police?

On May 1st Tak Boleh Tahan Campaign at Toa Payoh, i recalled meeting a mother and daughter pair. Who shied away when they first saw our table and paraphernalia, SDP logos and Dr. Chee Soon Juan whom everyone thought was boorish and mad.

The came back moments later and I pushed them a copy of the SDP flyer. They went off.

Next they came back and bought a copy of the Power of Courage, Dr. Chee’s little black book for S$10. They then went off again.

Next i then saw that they were back, they pushed to me a donation of S$50. I was touched. People were indeed beginning to realise what SDP and what Chee Soon Juan stood for. One by one, the people are being awakened. I then proceeded to chat with them. I wanted to hold them back but off the mother and daughter pair went again.

Finally as the day drew closer to the evening, Dr. Chee came back from doing his rounds in Toa Payoh Central. His voice had become a little hoarse. I hoped the mother and daugther pair would reappear so that i could let Dr. Chee speak to them and let them realise the amount of distortion of truth the PAP was creating about SDP and Dr. Chee.

They did come back. I introduced them to Dr. Chee and retreated from the conversation. I could see that they had moved from disapproval and disdain towards SDP to being understanding and supportive of SDP and Dr. Chee in just a matter of hours. SUCH IS THE POWER OF TRUTH.

Yesterday and before, i received hints that there would be developments flowing from the Protest at parliament house on 15th March 2008. I have since decided to publish this article. This is because the truth has to be told – Let history be the judge.

Tak Boleh Tahan is a local colloquial malay term which essentially means “its unbearable”. The SDP and its supporters from the citizens use this to describe PAP greed and abuse of the system and the country. The ramifications flowing from this beget the question – Why do citizen activists stand with the much demonised SDP in such a situation? Why are citizens not afraid of getting into trouble?

The answer is because the SDP provides the leadership and the courage for Singaporeans to do what is right. The issues of high cost of living caused by the bloody ruling party are that which affects all Singaporeans Рsomeone must stand up to the PAP for this rubbish that they have created.

To quote Popeye, “I have stands so much, i can stands no more!”.


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