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Clearing a cabinet early this morning led me to chance upon a dog-eared copy of Dr. Chee’s Power of Courage. Picking it up I realised how far i have come. I also realised that i failed to read the book.

I bought the book at Dr. Chee’s book launch in June 2005, shortly after i was elected into WP’s CEC. My presence was reported in the papers by reporter Aaron Low from the Straits Times. How do i remember this? Well the memories are clear because, I perceived a near censure from the WP CEC for getting too closely involved with SDP and Dr. Chee. I never understood why then. 🙂 But now i do.

I also realised that following therefrom, i did not touch the book. I did not try to understand deeper what Chee Soon Juan was getting at nevertheless i saw them play out their role over the past 3 years. I also realised that when i was arrested by the Police in March 2005, family members were reading from the book and quoting from it and criticising it. I never answered those criticisms with intellectual replies. I merely stood firm in the affirmation of faith that, re-assertion of a citizen’s rights was the RIGHT THING TO DO.

I also realised that i never read the book despite buying it.

I was then surprised by how far i have come. From PAP to Non-Partisan to WP to Non-Partisan to…. ha ha 🙂

Many people wonder whether i would be in SDP in time to come. Lets not speculate too much. 🙂 From what i do know is that SDP and its Civil Disobedience campaign is now rattling people and causing sleepless nights and is making sense. It makes sense with me and also it calls out to me.

I also realised, i jumped into the civil activist fold and civil disobedience without doing the relevant reading up which intellectuals would expect to do. I guess i am not much of an intellectual then. I think many a time, i am a doer and i try to experience things for what they are. By doing it. After careful thought.

That mindset has brought me into opposition politics, out of opposition politics, into police investigations and lockup. Is it right? Or is it wrong?

I will be attending another police investigation this morning at Central Police Division – not as a lawyer but as a possible Accused in an offence 🙂 – something which my mum is not very proud of and extremely flabbergasted by my nonchalance.

I guess the questioning is for conducting some vigil outside Police Cantonment Complex for Gopalan Nair where and when he was remanded.

Something which i realised, i don’t read much into the intellectual stuff, I dive into the thick of things. But to me, this is a mirror of life. Life does not give you time to read before you get thrust into the situation. 34.5 years ago, I did not get to read about what this world would be before my mum pushed me out of her womb.

I guess none of you would have gotten any better preferential treatment.

Therefore, it would be good if people can find time to read about more of the things to come. Civil Disobedience is the thing to come in this stifling and repressed Singapore. The reading is available for all who would buy the book for S$10/- a small price to pay for gaining a little knowledge.

To sum it all up, it is comparatively a small price to pay in comparison with the situation life thrust us into unprepared.

I don’t read much, I prefer to dive into the thick of things. And i am proud of it. 🙂


June 19, 2008 - Posted by | Life

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  1. Hold vigil for Gopalan Nair also can kenna poodle investigation?!?!?!?!

    It’s a vigil, not an illegal assembly for crying out loud.

    Comment by ngejay | June 20, 2008 | Reply

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