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Gopalan Nair’s Mention No. 4

9am Court 26 16th June 2008 was the 4th court mention for Gopalan Nair.

I arrived at Court at 850am. The case was first mentioned at 920am after DPP Francis Ng confirmed with me that we were seeking for the trial to be conducted in the High Court. In such a situation, it would be apt that the trial of both charges be conducted in the High Court.

It then transpired that the Prosecution was already in the process of amending the 1st charge from Section 13D (1) (a) Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order & Nuisance) Act to Section 228 of the Penal Code. The Prosecution thereafter needed to submit the amended 1st charge for renumbering. The matter was stood down for the Amended Charge to be renumbered.

Thereafter when the Court re-mentioned the case, it turned out that the IO ASP Razak Jakaria had somehow misplaced the amended charge and the Prosecution was looking for it. There seemed to be some issue about renumbering the wrong charge by the Crime Registry. There was also the question raised by the Magistrate on the Public Prosecutor’s sanction required in for Section 228 charges to proceed. The matter was then stood down till 11am for the Public Prosecutor’s sanction to be obtained.

When the case was re-mentioned, the Magistrate fixed the matter for PTC in the high Court. It was also stated that the matter would go through the process of preliminary inquiry. The Magistrate wanted to know the frequency of the High Court’s PTC, DPP Francis Ng was not able to give a definite answer, to be fair DPP would not know the workings of the High Court Registry to give a definite answer. The Court then fixed the matter for mention in 4 weeks time – 14th July 2008 Court 26 9am.

A further request was made by the prosecution to vary the conditions of bail such that Gopalan Nair had to report to Central Police Station at 9am on a daily basis.

I explained the inability of Gopalan Nair to attend as requested during the previous week was because of the short notice, tight schedule of both parties and miscommuication and that in order not to inconvenience Gopalan Nair, some restriction of his attendance at the Police Station is required, i suggested that each session be limited to 2 hours since he would be there everyday and he be given time to arrange his personal affairs.

The Court ordered Gopalan Nair to attend at Central Police Station at 9am daily until his attendance at the station for investigation was not required. Subject to the restriction that I/O ASP Razak Jakaria would have to decide every morning when Gopalan attended whether or not he will be needed that day and release him accordingly if he was not needed.

The ramifications flowing from the Amendment of the 1st charge – in my next post.


June 17, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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  1. Why is the rest of the world – including the blogosphere – ignoring the case of Gopalan Blair?
    It is a real shame that the champions of democracy do not realise the sickness in Singapore and do something about it.
    Freedom for Gopalan Nair.

    Comment by ethicalmartini | June 17, 2008 | Reply

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