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Wednesday 11th June 2008 – Wild Goose Chase 2

Having come down with flu the day before, i was knocked out in bed and I never expected that I was about to go on another goose chase round the island.

On Tuesday night, I learnt of a request by Siok Chin to see me. Knowing the urgency of the matter, the first thing in the next morning i made an unscheduled visit to Changi Women’s Prison to attempt to see Siok Chin.

I was not aware of Siok Chin’s Inmate number and I merely requested to see her urgently as it was a request that was communicated to me. Rest assured when i mentioned Siok Chin’s name, the officer at the counter smiled in acknowledgment – everyone knew who Chee Siok Chin was. My name and NRIC was reported upwards, after a while the answer was NO.

I was asked to put in a formal request an also a letter to explain the urgency. I then proceeded back home to address certain editorial issues relating to an article i was submitting to the SDP website. By the time i reached home, i was fully drenched by the falling rain. I completed my article whilst dripping wet. My clothes dried as the article was completed. After that, I made my way to the office to make the request.

At my office, I put in a request to see Dr. Chee as well having guessed that he might need the similar help in relation to his impending appeal.

The request to Changi Women’s Prison went out at about 1249hrs. The approval came pretty fast for a 1530 session with Siok Chin. The request to QRP went in a little later. As i could not know whether Queenstown Remand Prison would approve me in time to see Dr. Chee urgently so that there was enough time for me to travel there then back to Changi in time for the other interview i decided to make my way there first.

I reached Queenstown Area and hung around there to have my lunch. I found out later that the request was too short notice to be approved. I then asked my seccie to arrange for it to be on the last slot of the next day. I proceeded to Changi Women’s Prison.

I managed to get into Changi Women’s Prison. This time everything went like clockwork. Along the way i passed by several gates. I witnessed that it was true that the prison officers in Changi Women’s Prison were indeed all female. They were very polite though. I was tended to by two young but rather high ranking officers: One Ms Ong with a knob on her epaulette and another Ms Lynette Lam who had fully-decorated epaulettes. I managed to get through to the interview room where i was told to wait.

Siok Chin was produced in the other cubicle about 15 minutes later. When she first saw me she was a little emotional. However strong she was she teared a little. It was never easy for a lady to be placed in such a situation however strong she was. My heart went out to her.

After updating her on the events that have occurred, the press articles in their absence, the night vigils, and the conveyed messages, I got her to sign the Notice of Appeal and assured her that i would get it filed for her. I also told her of the schedule to see Dr. Chee the next day.

As i left, the prison officers took a copy of the Notice of Appeal which was signed and they clarified whether or not i was addressing the civil appeal or criminal appeal for Ms Chee. I clarified that i was preparing the form for the criminal appeal.

I proceeded straight home after that. I think I was drenched again in the process.

My memory is now a little fuzzy – so much happening in such a short time.


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