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Pedra Branca – Prostitutes Bared [Warning Explicit Content]

[Please do not proceed to read further if you are less than 16 years of age – please seek parental consent]

I know many people are going to hate me for writing this. But oh what the heck! ūüôā

Pedra Branca – Prostitutes Bared

Again this morning i woke up at 5am. After completing my morning calls and a much needed bath, I opened the gate and collected the¬†freshly delivered newspaper.¬†I read with amusement how the local press tries to play up the PAP administration’s little pyrrhic victory over the Malaysian’s attempt to claim sovereignty over Pedra Branca and its islets, sorry rocks.

In calling it a pyrrhic victory, that is not to say that i even recognise it as a victory worth mentioning or celebrating. It is at best a marginal win. Having lost two smaller rocks out the entire pile, one wonders whether the ICJ at the Hague did consciously try to reach a mutually acceptable judgment for the pathetic miniscule dispute.

I even wonder whether the judges on the panel were smirking and giggling to themselves behind closed doors as to the sanity of having not just one government but two governments pursuing resolution¬†of ownership of a¬†pile of rocks to¬†this level in this manner. This would¬†of course be very much different if the benefits intended to be gleaned from the exercise¬†are¬†largely aimed at something very much intangible -public perception. ūüôā

I would not mince my words Рthe exercise is plainly for public perception. The PAP and the Malaysian BN both need very badly to prove to its people that they will fight to defend their countries.  [I half choked on my coffee as i typed this]

Both administrations use the notion of Nation, Sovereignty  and the Defence thereof, for their own political ends through the implementation of National Service and the resulting effects of indoctrination.

To further distract the people from the real issues facing a nation, a facist government will create the fear of an external enemy, the illusion of a seige, the danger of being surrounded and the need to stay alert and united in the face of the apparent challenge and threat.

[However in a real siege scenario, true leaders get dirty and muddied and bruised side by side with their defenders. They eat from the same rations pot and do not Lord over the people with high handed authority and whilst enjoying the richness and high rewards more suitable to an age of prosperity for all.]

To me, this is what the Pedra Branca issue is all about. It is an entire stage of play acting used as political distraction and ammunition for national political agendas to distract each country’s populace.

Come on boys and girls. Do you even honestly believe that that pile of rocks is so valuable, so coveted, treasured and¬†important that you need to go to the International Court of Justice at the Hague to sort out its ownership? ūüôā

In response to the above question, some people will run the line of argument that the sovereignty of a nation has to be defended and that every inch of territory guarded jealously and every national asset treated as treasure. And that to denounce the exercise as a distraction is a low blow and that in severe denial, there is no need to distract the people from anything.

The Question would thus be directed at me:

Now what then are both governments essentially trying to distract their peoples from?

Due to the fact that I am by birth, by descent and by choice and by conviction a Singapore citizen, i will therefore limit my views and critical pen solely to the need to keep our government in check.

Our Malaysian counterparts have an able PKR and its allies which have done good work and made good progress. I believe that if they so wish they will be able to make mincemeat out of the BN for this exercise.

In Singapore, the PAP administration on one hand presents the picture and image of determined, legally and morally justified sovereignty defenders who had bravely pitched tent and dug in into the legal trenches, fixed bayonets onto their rifles in stoic defence of the sovereignty of several pieces of rock that forms a miniscule part of motherland Singapore Рso that she would not be compromised, she would not be insulted and she would not be violated.

This however contrasts starkly what the PAP has been overtly trying to do to Singapore on a large scale. The PAP has been importing thousands of foreigners into singapore and making them new citizens. Obviously, we have reasons to believe that these new citizens will naturally grateful to the PAP.

For they have obviously left their country for better lives in Singapore, being given citizenship on a silver platter without having to bleed a single drop of blood, shed a single drop of tear, sweat a single drop of prespiration, waste a single day in National Service, these aliens will naturally feel that the administration which has offered such a good deal must be the correct administration to lead the country.

It is no secret that a number of them are being actively inducted into the grassroots, absorbed into the civil service and the PAP itself. These steps will have their intended effect on the next polls.

This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of thousands of foreign labour, foreign talent deliberately or inavertently let in by warped PAP economic policies whom have invaded our shores. These foreigners have changed the social landscape of Singapore society and even dramatically changed the culture and social fabric in certain parts of Singapore.

In short, the greater motherland of Singapore is being knowingly invaded, violated, raped, ravished and soiled by hundreds of thousands of foreigners whilst the supposed defenders turn a blind eye to put up a show of token resistance of a token piece of territory which Singaporeans do not care much for and which 99.9999% of Singaporeans will never even set foot on in their entire lives.

Not to mention, we have 200 Billion of the people’s money, kept away from them and used in commercially questionable investment decisions into Citigroup, Merril Lynch, UBS etc and which a substantial portion of it has already been lost [in the billions] and which more may be lost in time to come following more write downs being revealed in the Subprime meltdown.

Against the backdrop of such events occuring in Singapore and concerning Singapore on the world scene, my interpretation of the Pedra Branca episode is naturally markedly different from what is sought to be protrayed by the mainstream media.

Imagine a sweaty and prespiration soaked whore, stumbling out of bed to address the audience of hundreds of spectators witnessing her great gang bang raw by more than a hundred dirty and horny men in turn. She proudly declares to the dumbstruck audience that thoughout the 4 hour event she had managed to keep her nipple stickers on.

The crowd having seen the cunninglingus, arse rimming, foreplay and vaginal, oral and anal fornication of whatever nature so performed, and the amount of soiling and staining of her body by sweat saliva and ejaculate is more likely to be amused than impressed. ūüôā

[P.S. I have no qualms about drawing graphic and chilling analogies to speak up for the countrymen of mine]

I am not about to delve into the the amount of public taxpayers’ money wasted on this exercise ūüôā For this i will let some other enlightened soul with a good grasp of figures take it up. So someone please do.

The entire spectacle brings forth images of decadence and disdain. Not to mention an extremely unpleasant taste in the mouth.

I know my mommy would cringe and turn red-faced at the language used in this post. She happens to be a retired primary school teacher. If i am now only eight years old and i had spoken the above instead of written the same she would have no qualms about using that newly bought bathroom floorbrush, the bar of lux soap and bottle of dettol on my mouth and tongue to give it a thorough stinging cleansing.

However, the truth is I am now 34 years of age, a lawyer, ex-politician and current human rights and political activist. She knows that i know what i am doing. And I also would know what to say to her. And this is what i would say to her:

“There is no shame or embarassment mum. In this situation, i am only the unwilling¬†spectator, I am not the prostitute.”

“And guess what, the greatest whore to ever come from Singapore is not Ms Annabelle Chong. :)”


May 24, 2008 - Posted by | Life, Politics


  1. A fine post once again and please boycott Firdaus for spreading such shameless vicious slander.

    Comment by phew! | May 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. Dear phew!

    I saw your blog. I can see that it is so well done. I am very much impressed. My blog pales in comparison i wonder if you can give me some pointers in time to come ūüôā


    Ti Lik

    Comment by chiatilik | May 25, 2008 | Reply

  3. You sound bitter.
    Are you falling into the trap of “opposing for the sake of opposing”?

    Comment by laicf | May 25, 2008 | Reply

  4. I don’t understand what is so explicit about this post.

    To me, the deeds of the LEE regime are so graphic that the lurid references mentioned in your post pale in comparison.

    The group of 13 bloggers including myself are campaigning for political content to be totally free, and that means abolishing certain sections of the films act and PEA.

    In Singapore politics, some of the political happenings are more lurid than the sex acts mentioned.

    If we can campaign for political content to be liberalized, what is this to us?

    Defamation suits against truth speakers. Unconstitutional arrests of people exercising their rights. Police warnings and investigations on innocent folk who are merely speaking up for themselves. Aren’t these cowardly acts more vulgar than the sex actions mentioned in your post?

    If you say PG16 on your post, I say PG13 on the PAP itself, for they are more vulgar than any prostitute I have cum across, and believe me I have been there and done that.

    Comment by ngejay | May 25, 2008 | Reply

  5. No problem, Ti Lik, I’d be happy to help.

    E-Jay, your observation is correct. The local political scenes here are most unnatural and appalling than sex. I would on the other hand rate the whites RA21 to restrict the young from viewing them and getting tainted by their mindless and papish-style logics.

    Comment by phew! | May 27, 2008 | Reply

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