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The Utter Lack of Political Conviction

The second millennium brings forth a new age in Singapore. This i would say is the age of political contradictions.

We have Ruling Party Members of Parliament conduct ball carrying sessions in parliament of their Party Leaders (in the cabinet). In the proper situation, the cabinet should be subjected to gruelling cross-examination at every sitting when it comes to matters of the State. However this is not done. Instead what is done is praises heaped on the the way the cabinet has managed Singapore. At best there are a modicum of questions – very polite questions. BTW, how often do the MPs praise the Cabinet? They do so in parliament most of the time – i call these arse-licking and ball-carrying activities 🙂

We have Ruling Party Members of Parliament justifying to the people policies set by the Cabinet when in the first place they should be the ones listening to the grouses of the people and carrying them to parliament to lambast and shame the cabinet for the unpopular policies that they have foisted on the People. How often is this done? Probably at every MPS – weekly all of them and at every grassroots dinner? – i call this misguided priorities in politics. 🙂

Needless to say, we also have the Ruling Party praising select Opposition MPs as credible and responsible opposition. Strange. Perhaps, the mood of jubilation and carnival and merry making from the passing of the millennium has yet to wear off – and political opponents are jubilant to have survived the millennium together are only too happy to be cavorting in each others’ arms.

We also cannot forget the passing grade given to the Ruling PAP, by a leader of an opposition WP’s Secretary-General, MP for Hougang, Low Thia Khiang. Perhaps 3 terms of MPship and praises from the ruling party have really softened the opposition streak in Low Thia Khiang such that he is very much comfortable in their midst and enamoured by the manner in which they run the country. This paints the picture of the jaga (guard) in bed with an intruder and what is to be protected is actually being left open to plunder.

I myself have encountered countless engagements with persons who claim to be with the opposition but whom are very much quick to argue on behalf of the PAP, who will find excuses for what the PAP is doing. Who will be ever ready to assert that there are saving graces existing in each and every wrong the ruling party has made. And are more fervent in doing so and go further than members of the PAP. I call these – PAPpy apologists.

In the light of the recent hooha over a prominent opposition candidate from the Workers’ Party who actually voted for the PAP, we now know that many people in politics need to question themselves as to why they are in politics in the first place.

In Singapore, political inclinations can be spread out over the following spectrum:

PAPpy -> PAPpy stalwart -> PAPpy Mid ground – > Mid Ground <- Oppo Mid ground <- Oppo Stalwart <- Opposition

For a clearer yardstick of measurement:

A Pappy stalwart is one who will vote for PAP irregardless.

An opposition stalwart is one who will vote for opposition irregardless.

On one end of the spectrum are PAPpies & diehards.

On the other end of the spectrum are the Opposition & diehards.

To have anything in the middle ground shifting to vote either side is fine as they are strictly voters.

To participate in elections with open eyes and with a conviction to heart requires one to take the stand of becoming not just an opposition stalwart but to the further extreme of an opposition member and further a candidate.

When a member of an opposition party’s CEC who is running for elections against the ruling party and exhorting supporters to support their cause and urging voters to give him their vote….. ends up voting for the ruling party at the ballot box – something is seriously wrong. I would call this an utter lack of political conviction in the person(s) committing such sacrilege.

The lack of political conviction when you are in politics essentially translates into the acts exemplified hereinabove. Please do not misunderstand, this is not to say that the said acts are heinous sins deserving of the worst condemnations. Though they do not deserve utter damnation, they are also not acts which one should be proud of. They are certainly not acts which right thinking persons should try to defend.

Why should this be so?

Essentially when one is placed in such an unenviable position, it would mean that the person does not really believe in what he or she is doing, that itself is a torture i believe. The acts and sacrifices required of a person undertaking such certain course of political participation would be far too much to bear for what he is doing is in fact not food for his soul but on the contrary the very thing that drains it.

There is also another by product of such a phenomenae. That is such acts carried out would be to grossly insult the intelligence of the people and the populace whom you seek to convince, whose support you seek, whose votes you covet.

Given the unending list of cons which apparently flow from the single flaw of lacking political conviction.  Opposition and the Ruling Party could do very well to re-examine their political inclinations, their beliefs and convictions.

This would set their own minds at peace with their hearts and souls.


May 15, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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