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Pedra Branca – Prostitutes Bared [Warning Explicit Content]

[Please do not proceed to read further if you are less than 16 years of age – please seek parental consent]

I know many people are going to hate me for writing this. But oh what the heck! ūüôā

Pedra Branca – Prostitutes Bared

Again this morning i woke up at 5am. After completing my morning calls and a much needed bath, I opened the gate and collected the¬†freshly delivered newspaper.¬†I read with amusement how the local press tries to play up the PAP administration’s little pyrrhic victory over the Malaysian’s attempt to claim sovereignty over Pedra Branca and its islets, sorry rocks.

In calling it a pyrrhic victory, that is not to say that i even recognise it as a victory worth mentioning or celebrating. It is at best a marginal win. Having lost two smaller rocks out the entire pile, one wonders whether the ICJ at the Hague did consciously try to reach a mutually acceptable judgment for the pathetic miniscule dispute.

I even wonder whether the judges on the panel were smirking and giggling to themselves behind closed doors as to the sanity of having not just one government but two governments pursuing resolution¬†of ownership of a¬†pile of rocks to¬†this level in this manner. This would¬†of course be very much different if the benefits intended to be gleaned from the exercise¬†are¬†largely aimed at something very much intangible -public perception. ūüôā

I would not mince my words Рthe exercise is plainly for public perception. The PAP and the Malaysian BN both need very badly to prove to its people that they will fight to defend their countries.  [I half choked on my coffee as i typed this]

Both administrations use the notion of Nation, Sovereignty  and the Defence thereof, for their own political ends through the implementation of National Service and the resulting effects of indoctrination.

To further distract the people from the real issues facing a nation, a facist government will create the fear of an external enemy, the illusion of a seige, the danger of being surrounded and the need to stay alert and united in the face of the apparent challenge and threat.

[However in a real siege scenario, true leaders get dirty and muddied and bruised side by side with their defenders. They eat from the same rations pot and do not Lord over the people with high handed authority and whilst enjoying the richness and high rewards more suitable to an age of prosperity for all.]

To me, this is what the Pedra Branca issue is all about. It is an entire stage of play acting used as political distraction and ammunition for national political agendas to distract each country’s populace.

Come on boys and girls. Do you even honestly believe that that pile of rocks is so valuable, so coveted, treasured and¬†important that you need to go to the International Court of Justice at the Hague to sort out its ownership? ūüôā

In response to the above question, some people will run the line of argument that the sovereignty of a nation has to be defended and that every inch of territory guarded jealously and every national asset treated as treasure. And that to denounce the exercise as a distraction is a low blow and that in severe denial, there is no need to distract the people from anything.

The Question would thus be directed at me:

Now what then are both governments essentially trying to distract their peoples from?

Due to the fact that I am by birth, by descent and by choice and by conviction a Singapore citizen, i will therefore limit my views and critical pen solely to the need to keep our government in check.

Our Malaysian counterparts have an able PKR and its allies which have done good work and made good progress. I believe that if they so wish they will be able to make mincemeat out of the BN for this exercise.

In Singapore, the PAP administration on one hand presents the picture and image of determined, legally and morally justified sovereignty defenders who had bravely pitched tent and dug in into the legal trenches, fixed bayonets onto their rifles in stoic defence of the sovereignty of several pieces of rock that forms a miniscule part of motherland Singapore Рso that she would not be compromised, she would not be insulted and she would not be violated.

This however contrasts starkly what the PAP has been overtly trying to do to Singapore on a large scale. The PAP has been importing thousands of foreigners into singapore and making them new citizens. Obviously, we have reasons to believe that these new citizens will naturally grateful to the PAP.

For they have obviously left their country for better lives in Singapore, being given citizenship on a silver platter without having to bleed a single drop of blood, shed a single drop of tear, sweat a single drop of prespiration, waste a single day in National Service, these aliens will naturally feel that the administration which has offered such a good deal must be the correct administration to lead the country.

It is no secret that a number of them are being actively inducted into the grassroots, absorbed into the civil service and the PAP itself. These steps will have their intended effect on the next polls.

This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of thousands of foreign labour, foreign talent deliberately or inavertently let in by warped PAP economic policies whom have invaded our shores. These foreigners have changed the social landscape of Singapore society and even dramatically changed the culture and social fabric in certain parts of Singapore.

In short, the greater motherland of Singapore is being knowingly invaded, violated, raped, ravished and soiled by hundreds of thousands of foreigners whilst the supposed defenders turn a blind eye to put up a show of token resistance of a token piece of territory which Singaporeans do not care much for and which 99.9999% of Singaporeans will never even set foot on in their entire lives.

Not to mention, we have 200 Billion of the people’s money, kept away from them and used in commercially questionable investment decisions into Citigroup, Merril Lynch, UBS etc and which a substantial portion of it has already been lost [in the billions] and which more may be lost in time to come following more write downs being revealed in the Subprime meltdown.

Against the backdrop of such events occuring in Singapore and concerning Singapore on the world scene, my interpretation of the Pedra Branca episode is naturally markedly different from what is sought to be protrayed by the mainstream media.

Imagine a sweaty and prespiration soaked whore, stumbling out of bed to address the audience of hundreds of spectators witnessing her great gang bang raw by more than a hundred dirty and horny men in turn. She proudly declares to the dumbstruck audience that thoughout the 4 hour event she had managed to keep her nipple stickers on.

The crowd having seen the cunninglingus, arse rimming, foreplay and vaginal, oral and anal fornication of whatever nature so performed, and the amount of soiling and staining of her body by sweat saliva and ejaculate is more likely to be amused than impressed. ūüôā

[P.S. I have no qualms about drawing graphic and chilling analogies to speak up for the countrymen of mine]

I am not about to delve into the the amount of public taxpayers’ money wasted on this exercise ūüôā For this i will let some other enlightened soul with a good grasp of figures take it up. So someone please do.

The entire spectacle brings forth images of decadence and disdain. Not to mention an extremely unpleasant taste in the mouth.

I know my mommy would cringe and turn red-faced at the language used in this post. She happens to be a retired primary school teacher. If i am now only eight years old and i had spoken the above instead of written the same she would have no qualms about using that newly bought bathroom floorbrush, the bar of lux soap and bottle of dettol on my mouth and tongue to give it a thorough stinging cleansing.

However, the truth is I am now 34 years of age, a lawyer, ex-politician and current human rights and political activist. She knows that i know what i am doing. And I also would know what to say to her. And this is what i would say to her:

“There is no shame or embarassment mum. In this situation, i am only the unwilling¬†spectator, I am not the prostitute.”

“And guess what, the greatest whore to ever come from Singapore is not Ms Annabelle Chong. :)”


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Sony, Onkyo, Krell, and Naim

Today is 23rd May 2008.

I have been roughly 14 years¬†in the audiophile community. 14 years is a long time to spend in a hobby. It is probably the longest hobby i ever had. Don’t talk about sports, sports are not hobbies. Other than Taekwondo which is a lifelong affair which i have taken a break from for a couple of years, audio has been the centrestage of my leisure life.

These 14 years was a period of discovery and growth. Especially the last 5 years.

I woke up at 5am this morning. As a matter of routine, i pressed the play button on my Naim CD2. The disc that remained was the one which i fell asleep listening to. I quite relished the lively sound of this player Рflawed though as it may be, it communicated a certain sense of life into me.

Now a bit of explanation for non-Naim users. Naim Systems operate in Class B – class b circuitry they call it. It runs cool and ever slightly warm only after heavy passage of drums and rock etc. Naim Systems are designed to be left on all the time. They are in standby mode perpetually when no signal passes through them. They are perfect for the busy man who has not enough energy or time to switch on the system, letting it warm up and sitting down to listen after that.

Something this morning made me recollect the past. I recall that¬†there was a period where i had a total of 5 high-end sony CD players: the CDP-338Esd, the CD-557Esd, the CDP-X7Esd, the CDP-XA7ES, the DP-R1, DP-S1. I also had a rare never to be seen before 27kg behemoth of¬†a CD player which i dubbed the “King Onkyo” – the Onkyo Grand Integra DX-G10.

The final sales of the beloved Sony CDP-XA7ES and DP-R1, DP-S1 and King Onkyo went all the way to Kuala Lumpur. The buyer was an accomplised architect, an audiophile and a collector. I was sad that i had to let go of the lovely players but i was happy that i found them a new owner and a new home. I was sure that the buyer would take good care of them since he was fastidious about their physical condition and appearance. That made letting go a little bit easier.

That was the time that I also had¬†the Krell MD-1 CD Turntable and the SBP-32X DAC combo both of which I sold¬†pretty soon after i moved out of my home. There was simply no reason to be hanging on to such stuff anymore when space was no longer a luxury. Come to think of it i did not let go of them because i was short of space, the krell components were slim and broad, but they could be stacked one on top of the other. I only sold them because i had come into contact with Naim. It was also the same reason that all the rest were sold ūüôā

I had come into contact with Miss Naim only in year 2006. In the past i dabbled with many a CD player and amplifiers as i was searching. Searching for the life that is supposed to come with the music. I found an inkling of that when i heard the first Naim Combo i bought: CD3, Nac92, Nap90, Epos ES14s. The sound had more groove and swing than my Krell MD-1 SBP32, KSL, KRS 200s, Legacy Audio Signature IIIs. That had started my defection from the established names to Miss Naim.

Since then i have been living with Naim CD players: the CDI, CD2, CD3, CD3.5 and CD5. I let go of the CD3 and CD3.5 with much regret. I am now very happy with my CD2 and CD5.

The Sony players were dependable and never failed me. They had their own shortcomings Рa slightly less than perfect artificial glare when it comes to vocals. The lack of the swing in some forms of music. The Naim CD Players came at price Рwith shortcomings. Sometimes they are tizzy on the ears, some days they sound downright harsh and bright. But most of the time they breathe the life back into music. They make me feel alive.

Naim CD players have one idiosyncracy, their connection cables and points are proprietary, necessitating use of their cables, their amps. Its like when you get Miss Naim, you have to accept her children in tow ūüôā This is how a Naim system falls into place.

Yes Miss Naim croons me to sleep at night and serenades me awake in the¬†wee hours of the morning. And no, I am not complaining. ūüôā

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Lee Kuan Yew + Lee Hsien Loong

Dear MM, PM

When i was a 13 year old boy, i bought the two books of your (Lee Kuan Yew’s) speeches by Alex Josey. To me you were a hero, you led Singapore from colonialism to independence. Your speeches were complex and had carried a lot of detail. Though i did not understand them fully, i had great respect for them.

In 1988 when i was fifteen, i witnessed what was shown on TV and the news of the marxist ISD arrests detentions. I thought Lawyer Peter Cuthbert Low was doing a damn good and brave job. Subsequent to the televised confessions to the marxist conspiracy, i was a misleadingly convinced of what the government had to do. Nevertheless, the behaviour and high handedness of your administration disgusted me.

In those years, with the exception of the 1985 economic recession, Singapore did well, so in the thought that there was still overall good in the administration, my political inclinations still remained with the then prevailing administration.

1988 General Election, Workers’ Party’s¬† JB Jeyaretnam, Jufrie Mahmood, Francis Seow and i think Wee Han Kim all make close runs into parliament but fail to enter it by¬†small margins. Having been misled by the PAP that Jufrie was playing communal politics i guess many in the middle ground gave their vote to the PAP.

WP’s Dr Tan Bin Seng contested my ward in Changi against Teo Chong Tee. I remembered waving to Dr. Tan.

I also saw the Tiananmen Massacre in 1989, i wondered if indeed it was necessary to do so. If staying in power justified the means of anything, then anything goes is it not? But staying in power had many facets and motives, though violence was used, i did not see the highest echelons of the Chinese government thereafter seek to enrich itself.

In 1990 or so, you then spoke crap to the people about pegging political and administrative position (public service) salaries to the to earners in the private sector. I wondered what shit was beginning to show. In 1991 was the year when a number of my classmates had danced with a huge inflatable hammer during swing singapore. I recalled that they were manhandled to the police post and the inflatable hammer balloon burst. The Police did not take action after establishing that they were not linked to the Workers’ Party.¬†I heard the recollection of the events by my classmates in Victoria Junior College with disgust.

In 1991, PM Goh Chok Tong loses 3 seats to the SDP and 1 seat to WP. I then saw further steps taken to broaden the grip using GRCs.

I had entered military national service in 1992, i met Teo Chee Hean once when he was the Chief of Navy, I had a favourable impression on him afterall he was our CNV. His departure from the Navy and entry into politics was expected as by then you develop a sense of where the press will try to open the road for the PAP, that prepares the way for the political steps to be taken.

In 1992, SDP contests Marine Parade by-election introducing Commodore Teo Chee Hean. SDP loses quite dismally. Subsequent to that are mistakes made by SDP and dramatic responses by the PAP and its admininstration towards Dr. Chee Soon Juan and the SDP.

In 1994, i entered law school. I read about the defamation cases in first year of law school. I saw the number of political cases which smeared the legal landscape.

In the January 1997 General Election, I was feverishly preparing for my 2nd semester in 3rd year. I saw the close fight in Cheng San GRC degenerate into threats and almost gangsterism. According to PAPpy reports, We now have a chinese chauvinist and so on.¬†Subsequent to a victory in Cheng San, your PAP then continued to lay waste to the personal estates of opposition candidates. WP’s Tang Liang Hong and JB Jeyaretnam.

I forgot to add, i was in a clinic in Bedok when JB Jeyaretnam did his decoy rounds. I shook his hand.

Year 2000, I was insidiously recruited into the PAP fold shortly after being called to the Bar. The induction to MPS under Chng Hee Kok opened my eyes. Chng Hee Kok was a good MP but what the PAP had created negated the good work. I also met Tan Cheng Bock once, i was impressed by the way he treated his men and his constituents, i also witnessed the loyalty and dedication of the party members at his branch. The PAP had its deep failings in creating a system that no longer served the nation but more to serving itself. GE2001, i began to distance myself from the PAP.

General Election 2001, the elections department disqualifies the WP’s Ajunied attempt at nomination. I remember James Gomez leading the rest of the team walking down the staircase.

Dismayed by the strength of the opposition and the uneven playing field. I entered WP in 2004. I contested the GE2006 election. I lost the fight at East Coast GRC.

7th November 2006, I quit the Workers’ Party over a ban placed on me from engaging and criticising the PAP in internet forums using very harsh words under my real name. I left the party because i saw no reason why an opposition party should seek to silence its members from engaging in debates on political issues.

This is totally different from the application of party whip or party discipline unlike what was described by Assoc Prof Ho Khai Leong in the Today Newspaper following the fallout. There is no party position to contradict at all. When the party refuses to take a stand or is too slow to do so, is it right to gag your members?

I entered the citizen activist fold in 2007. My paths crossed with the much demonised SDP. I begin to see the truly valiant hard fighters that remained in the opposition. I was arrested with members of the SDP on 15th March 2008 World Consumers’ Day Parliament House Protest.

In the police station, i witnessed in person the courage and the strength of SDP members in standing up to the Regime. My phone and beloved digital camera is still being kept by the prosecution. I am keeping this in mind all the time. Your boys think that this will intimidate me. The longer it drags, the more disgusted i become.

I know on Monday 12th May 2008, the two of you Excellencies were going all out to crush the SDP. This is all well and fine. It just unfortunate that i like to side the underdog. The harder you hit the SDP, the harder i will fight you.

The fight was adjourned seemingly because your missus and mommy had a 2nd stroke. I pray for her speedy recovery. I bear no ill feelings towards her. She is not the one who has to go, if you get what i mean ūüôā

With Mrs. Lee Kuan Yew¬†down with her 2nd stroke,¬†the mortality of life must be pretty clear to your two Excellencies by now. Even if the PAP retains its grip on Singapore – by all means necessary – can you take Singapore with you wherever you go? Is it not time to be a little more realistic? Is it too late to salvage a good name for posterity? ūüôā

Now i really cannot recall where i left those two books by Alex Josey, to me they are now utter rubbish. I am ashamed of saying what i will do to your Lee Kuan Yew memoirs Third World to First when i lay my hands on them.

I will now do anything to unseat the PAP from power. Whether or not their MPs are good men and whether or not they give the oft-quoted excuse that their hands are tied. This is my promise to you. Mark my words.

Yours faithfully

Chia Ti Lik

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The Utter Lack of Political Conviction

The second millennium brings forth a new age in Singapore. This i would say is the age of political contradictions.

We have¬†Ruling Party Members of Parliament conduct ball carrying sessions in parliament of their Party Leaders (in the cabinet). In the proper situation, the cabinet should be subjected to gruelling cross-examination at every sitting when it comes to matters of the State. However this is not done. Instead what is done is praises heaped on the the way the cabinet has managed Singapore. At best there are a modicum of questions – very polite questions. BTW, how often do the MPs¬†praise the Cabinet? They do so in parliament most of the time – i call these arse-licking and ball-carrying activities ūüôā

We have Ruling Party Members of Parliament justifying¬†to the people policies set by the Cabinet when in the first place they should be the ones listening to the grouses of the people and carrying them to parliament to lambast and shame the cabinet for the unpopular policies that they have foisted on the People. How often is this done? Probably at every MPS – weekly all of them and at every grassroots dinner? – i call this misguided priorities in politics. ūüôā

Needless to say, we also have the Ruling Party praising select Opposition MPs as credible and responsible opposition. Strange. Perhaps, the mood of jubilation and carnival and merry making from the passing of the millennium has yet to wear off – and political opponents are jubilant¬†to have survived the millennium together are only too happy to be cavorting in each others’ arms.

We also cannot forget the passing grade given to the Ruling PAP, by a leader of an opposition WP’s Secretary-General, MP for Hougang, Low Thia Khiang. Perhaps 3 terms of MPship and praises from the ruling party have really softened the opposition streak in Low Thia Khiang such that he is very much comfortable in their midst and enamoured by the manner in which they run the country. This paints the picture of the jaga (guard) in bed with an intruder and what is to be protected is actually being left open to plunder.

I myself have encountered countless engagements with persons who claim to be with the opposition but whom are very much quick to argue on behalf of the PAP, who will find excuses for what the PAP is doing. Who will be ever ready to assert that there are saving graces existing in each and every wrong the ruling party has made. And are more fervent in doing so and go further than members of the PAP. I call these – PAPpy apologists.

In the light of the recent hooha over a prominent opposition candidate from the Workers’ Party who actually voted for the PAP, we now know that many people in politics need to question themselves as to why they are in politics in the first place.

In Singapore, political inclinations can be spread out over the following spectrum:

PAPpy -> PAPpy stalwart -> PAPpy Mid ground – > Mid Ground <- Oppo Mid ground <- Oppo Stalwart <- Opposition

For a clearer yardstick of measurement:

A Pappy stalwart is one who will vote for PAP irregardless.

An opposition stalwart is one who will vote for opposition irregardless.

On one end of the spectrum are PAPpies & diehards.

On the other end of the spectrum are the Opposition & diehards.

To have anything in the middle ground shifting to vote either side is fine as they are strictly voters.

To participate in elections with open eyes and with a conviction to heart requires one to take the stand of becoming not just an opposition stalwart but to the further extreme of an opposition member and further a candidate.

When a member of an opposition party’s CEC who is running for elections against the ruling party and exhorting supporters to support their cause and urging voters to give him their vote….. ends up voting for the ruling party at the ballot box – something is seriously wrong. I would call this an utter lack of political conviction in the person(s) committing such sacrilege.

The lack of political conviction when you are in politics essentially translates into the acts exemplified hereinabove. Please do not misunderstand, this is not to say that the said acts are heinous sins deserving of the worst condemnations. Though they do not deserve utter damnation, they are also not acts which one should be proud of. They are certainly not acts which right thinking persons should try to defend.

Why should this be so?

Essentially when one is placed in such an unenviable position, it would mean that the person does not really believe in what he or she is doing, that itself is a torture i believe. The acts and sacrifices required of a person undertaking such certain course of political participation would be far too much to bear for what he is doing is in fact not food for his soul but on the contrary the very thing that drains it.

There is also another by product of such a phenomenae. That is such acts carried out would be to grossly insult the intelligence of the people and the populace whom you seek to convince, whose support you seek, whose votes you covet.

Given the unending list of cons which apparently flow from the single flaw of lacking political conviction.  Opposition and the Ruling Party could do very well to re-examine their political inclinations, their beliefs and convictions.

This would set their own minds at peace with their hearts and souls.

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Converging Parallels – Burma & Singapore

The killer cyclone has made its mark. The People of Burma are suffering again.

The preparatory actions of the Junta (or lack thereof) and the disaster reaction / recovery ability (or the lack thereof) further make their mark.

As aid agencies and disaster rescue teams attempt to do what they do best Рdisaster recovery and rescue. We stand in silent support and prayer for the good work being done. However, there is a role left empty in this situation. The biggest hurdle to international aid reaching the affected Burmese fast is the Junta and its idiotic administrative policies. In the light of the suffering and yet urgency to give emphasis to disaster relief and rescue, let not the magnitude of the disaster cloud or hide the damage and danger an incompetent Government can add to a situation of dire need.

News reports have conflicting claims of whether or not the Burmese people had been adequately warned of the cyclone’s impending onslaught. We need not read too much into the reliability of the conflicting reports. One needs only to pay attention to the latest facts uncovered Р100,000 dead. So much for preparation.

We read from the ST report that the Junta had been holding up aid from reaching the Burmese people.

Singapore’s aid package went directly to a Burmese Colonel who incidentally was not very much positioned in a ministry (according to their own designation) meant to tackle disaster recovery and rescue.

While other international Aid agencies attempt to go direct to the people in need, Singapore’s effort does it so diplomatically correct, which the Junta naturally found it so difficult to refuse (they even had a bloody photograph to show the handover) it also makes me wonder if the aid taking this route would reach most affected Burmese first.

I laud the French military officer‚Äôs push for direct flights into Burma via helicopters from their ships in the area. ‚Äú4 Hours is all we need to reach the zones, i am sure the same applies to our British friends.‚ÄĚ This is the kind of gutsy and bullshitless approach we need to have when it comes to disaster rescue.

Such independent thinking, resulting in good positioning, preventing thinking from being clouded by diplomatic bullshit with an illegitimate government, originates from a developed country which is a known demorcracy.

I wonder, will the officers in our administration be able to display the same kind of ability given the rigid conformist attitude exhibited by our political leaders.

Bearing in mind the fact that it has now been revealed that the pilot flying the RSAF Bell UH-1H Huey helicopter in the cable car disaster rescue in 1983 was a foreign pilot, a New Zealander or British chopper (someone correct me on this) pilot i recall. And of course the mission having been ordered only after long deliberation for as much as was it 9 hours? The officer in charge of the rescue mission who gave the go ahead only after so many hours has risen to leadership in Singapore. The British / New Zealander Chopper pilot became some admiral now serving in a middle east arena (was it the Iraq theatre?).

If there is an indicator of the ability of the administration recently Рwe all just need to look at Mas Selamat Kastari or should i say Mas’s disappearance.

In the Burmese military crackdown on the demonstrations, many have argued against supporting the Junta, cavorting with them, investing in Burma, giving the Junta recognition to legitimize them, selling arms to the Junta, refraining from giving real pressure to the Junta to relinquish power. I for once made it clear that whoever did any of the above had the blood of Burmese monks on their hands.

In the wake of the killer cyclone, and the Junta’s complete incompetence, whoever supports the Burmese Military Junta has the splattered blood, and suffering of the Burmese people on their hands.

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