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Police Reject Assembly Permit Again

This morning i received a call from Tanglin Police Division from an officer named Norwin. This was the 2nd phone call. The first being one which was done several days ago purportedly to clarify certain details i made in my application for a permit to assemble.

In the first place, in my the application form, i had already filled in all the details. The 1st police phone call was ostensibly to ask for more details. But how can i give further details when nothing has been fully planned yet?

And yet you might ask why then send in the application when you have not fully planned the matter? Well the truth will be that the police (our famed 1st world Police Force) requires you to give 2 weeks in advance notice of your intention to assemble via an application for them to even consider grating you the permit.

The 1st phone call was not helpful to the police. As much as i tried giving information, i could not confirm many things. Hey! its two weeks down the road! The 2nd call  is now ostensibly to reject my application due to the lack of details 🙂

Well, to the Singapore police force, i would say this to you: if  you and your administration were anywhere near basic competence, if your bosses needed details, the application form for the permit could have provided mandatory fields for those details 🙂 you would have so specified them in the application form for the details to be provided would you have not? 🙂

Such is the standard of the Singapore Police Force – Perhaps they can institute the rule amongst prisoners in custody to give 2 weeks advance of the intention to jailbreak before the prisoners so attempt.

Being able to craft the rules is one thing – being able to apply them well is another.

Having the rules on your side is one thing – being able to conform to them as well is another.

A case of lack of basic competency? Or a case of proven attempt of discretionary discrimination? 🙂 You be the judge.


April 24, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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