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Is there room for the Gurkha Contingent in Singapore? I say NO!

In the midst of the Mas Selamat Kastari escape saga, much focus was on the systemic failure of the Internal Security Department and the Whitely Road Detention Centre operations. Now that the COI [however watered down and made diplomatic and politically correct] points blames towards several failures, it is about time something is done about those failures.

Wong Kan Seng will not escape so easily of course. But for the time being we can afford to give him a breather. After all, he is Singaporean.

My sights are currently trained on the bloody Gurkha Contingent – a bloody disgrace to taint the name of their forefathers as well as their illustrious tradition of service in the British Army and their now despised link to the Singapore Police Force. If you will care to recall, the bloody Gurkha did not even have the common sense to check the toilet. Talk about guts, talk about bravery talk about pride. Talk about a missing brain. ūüôā

The Straits Times article of today reveals that the new Maoist Government of Nepal intends to end the tradition of mercenary service by the Gurkha tribe. I say that this is a good sign. Because even by the Gurhka’s own words were a matter of choice between dignity and practicality of survival. It seems that they do not enjoy being mercenaries.

A Gurkha in the British Army earns S$35,000 per year or was it in US Dollars?

How much is our Singapore Police Force Gurkha supposed to earn? What are their terms of employment How many are employed? what other perks have there been in place for them. What is the cost in public funds of maintaining the idiotic contingent in Singapore? Who is their commanding officer [the traditional practice is seconded British Army Officer] What is the Bloody chain of command? From Whom does the Contingent takes its orders from? What is the Oath of Allegience administered to and taken by the Gurkhas? What rules and standing orders are the Gurkhas subject to?

Why do i ask these questions? ūüôā Because they are in my mind.

When one sees the dismal performance of a supposed elite unit. One wonders whether we are feeding a bunch of rice-wasters or should i say “jiak liao bee”. The Gurkha police officer is either given 6 months leave per year to visit his family or his family is also here staying at Mount Vernon Camp. I recall from newspaper reports in the past when i was young that either would be the arrangement. Such terms definitely raise the cost of maintaining the Contingent in Expensive Singapore.

We recall also that other police units have been deployed and which have performed their duties accordingly. Police Task force, STAR team etc. What is then the role of this contingent in Singapore that other Police units cannot fulfil?

Guarding Political Prisoners. Singaporeans detained without trial. Singapore Political Prisoners. Singaporeans who are a threat to the administration.¬†ūüôā

Tells us alot does it not? That public funds should be used for such ends and incidentally enrich foreigners?

One will also notice during the Mas Selamat Kastari Great Escape and Futile Search, that Wong Kan Seng chose to address the Gurkha Contingent with kind words, on what occasion i am unsure of, but obviously the words were meant to raise their morale, to soothe their wounded pride.

One will also notice that our Gurkha Contingent supposedly part of the police force is trained and deployed in military fatigues ūüôā For what purpose may i ask?

For the defence of the nation is tasked to the Singaporean-filled Singapore Armed Forces.

For what reason may i know is the Gurkha Contingent walking around in military fatigues on Singapore soil?

Since they are trained in military fatigues, i will also ask what sort of weapons training have they been given and what kind of weapons do they have access to. What is their protocol for deployment and drawing of arms and ammunition?

I say this because, no Singaporean male having served 30 months of national service and having sworn to protect this country is going to stand by knowing a foreign unit with unknown loyalties having the same access to weapons, treated on much better terms.

What the the possibility of such a unit being deployed against Singaporeans in a situation of a popular uprising? ūüôā

I shiver to think of what answers may come out of this. Perhaps the Minister Wong Kan Seng can care to provide the answers to as to allay the fears in the hearts of citizens as well as nagging doubts and questions in other Singaporean members [though i have reason to believe there are a large number of Malaysians so serving] of the of the Police Force, and the enlisted men of the Singapore Armed Forces?

True to their tradition of not afraid to even die in service, Let the Gurkha Contingent take responsibility for the escape like true men like their forefathers.

The unit to be disbanded for the disgraceful performance – lack of common sense.

Perhaps if this is not done, then we can infer that the MHA intends the Gurkhas to operate on purely instructional directives from the top. No exercising of common sense. May be no reflection on the conscience as well in trying times to come. ūüôā

Till then, when the answers and explanations are given and the shroud of secrecy lifted from the foreign mercenary unit. Let me put it in very plain words:

The very existence of a mercenary unit of overpaid, expensive and incompetent Gurkhas is an insult and an affront to every Singaporean Male which taints the dignity and sovereignty of Sacred Singapore Soil. The Gurkhas have no place here Рthey should be disarmed and demobilised.


April 24, 2008 - Posted by | Politics


  1. Brother Ti Lik,

    The Gurkhas will be here for many many years to protect beloved minister mentor. He is the eldest politician in the world therefore he will need people to take care of him. Imagine if 1 day got revolt against gahmen what will become of Singapore??? Some people will be ferried to the unmarked air planes in Tengah airbase and flown to America. The gurkhas will be tasked to quell the unrest. Money makes gurkhas go around. Go and see the gurkha camp near aljunied and you will find out that gurkhas have very good housing. They obiously are not here to protect you and me brother Ti Lik. What any dictator needs is a force that has no ideological concerns nor a conscenious. Then they can be used to optimal effect. To depend on locals to drive in the tanks against locals(LKY once said if got fluke election results may call in army) may be difficult. Dont forget who control our 200+billion of foreign reserves. And ya, it definitely wont be used to save me(singaporean born and bred). You must also consider our President Nathan earns 4million a year. He needs tons of guards. Imagine if one day he took out his wallet and one kilo of fifty dollar notes fell out, causing a riot, we will need gurkhas to protect our dear president, a president that has the mandate of the people despite never having had a ballot cast in his favour.

    I hope I answer your question.

    Comment by mic1838 | April 25, 2008 | Reply

    • for your info, we are obviously here to protect every singaporean, even damn tardeds like you and your freaking brother…. duh, everybody works for money u moron. wat, you think that you can work without money???? that is your problem….

      Comment by gurkhawarriorkid | May 18, 2010 | Reply

    • Survival of the fittest. We do what we’re good at. Do you freaking go to a drama school to become an engineer? And duhh, we’re here to protect Singapore and you ungrateful Singaporean. So your telling me that you will work for free? Haha, joke. We do what we can to earn, to provide for our families, isn’t that what every human does? Ignorant. We are not at all driven by the money we get. Will a measley 1800/2000 dollars make a singaporean go through hell, trainings, day and night, duty, carry 10 kg bags, do dangerous work, protect important people, will you do it for the measly amount? Seriously ignorant.

      Comment by proudnepali | August 6, 2010 | Reply

    • hmm…wat u knoe abt gurkha…when the problem arises will be the gurkha who need to solve ur problems…gurkha is like a private force..where ur gourvment hire us..just to keep singapore safe n sound…big people like prince harry ..stayed at a gurkha camp at afghanistan directly when he reach there n he said …i feel safe now wit the gurkha n smile …order is a order… n brunie sultan,,…hmm abt him he is a good guy …gurkha who guard him is known as the royal guards…n i bet tat group is a fearsome group… who cuts off a taliban commander head to show tat tis man is dead recently …cause they were givin order to assasinate the taliban….this r the man who keeps the world safe n sound …but when the fight they will shake the world…there r alot of stories abt gurkha at afghan which is all unknown…cause they doesnt want to flash out gurkhas…tats y even taliban fears gurkhas… n as fo the comments above…. i should say eerrrrrr…..ur goverment is clever enough to hire gurkhas so tat terrorist will not look at ur country….tis worlds always hab a hidden story behind especially in every country …aite matee …u must hab a gurkha fren to knoe the story…he can make ur eyes wide open fo the whole night listenin to his story…i hab gurkha frens in afghan rite now…hearin bomb blastin is a habit fo them already…cause they hab to patrol…but when a tough mission is up… patrolin will be over …n the gurkha will be release on a mission … which is very risky… so tis r some of the stories tat makes singapore goverment think twice n hire them..=)

      Comment by gurkha12 | August 6, 2010 | Reply

  2. Honest opinion makes intriguing read. I have to agree with your sentiments. The Gurkhas have no place in this country. The sooner they leave the better.

    Comment by phew! | April 25, 2008 | Reply

    • and the sooner u will regret not us having here…

      Comment by gurkhawarriorkid | May 13, 2010 | Reply

      • assholes do u ever know how much sacrifice the gurkhas made to ur bloody country and this is what we get…ass go die

        Comment by bisnowbista | August 7, 2010

    • ISNT SG suppose to be multi-racial? i think you are not a SG citizen are you?
      If you are not, LEAVE THIS LITTLE RED DOT.

      Comment by villa12 | July 6, 2010 | Reply

    • and sooner u will die begging for us to stay.. aniway who want to come singapore to protect u asshole who dosnt need us accept respected lee kuan yew prefer gng uk then here better life out there then here no pr at all… cannot even buy a car at all stuff.. think before u judge we gurkha dosnt want to protect who dosnt want us and protect who want us.

      Comment by hellmoon12 | August 6, 2010 | Reply

    • excuse me, bisnowbastard, did u just called an asshole?? I have 3 things to say,
      1. Singapore is not my country
      2. I hate being called an asshole
      3. I am not insulting the gurkhas (infact, I am a gurkha’s son). I was insulting that freaking gay guy name called phew! So next time read carefully and know who you are targeting

      Comment by gurkhawarriorkid | September 6, 2010 | Reply

  3. dn’t mean to be rude bt america shud have dropped the two atomic bombs on singapore instead of japan.. at least shitbreaks like you lot wudn’t be hea. even if u did the radiation wud hav fuk’d up dat good for nun brain of urs. go n fuck urself u faggots, low life scums, burden to this earth

    Comment by manson87 | May 12, 2008 | Reply

    • so right…the bombs should have been here…so that the gurkhas would not have been u bloody hell know how much discrimation we go through…assholes look at ur yourself and then talk..think u are that great nah u r just a small dot country that should have disappeared..assholes go eat shit die nabay fuckers one day we will conquer u

      Comment by bisnowbista | August 7, 2010 | Reply

  4. absoultely there is NO room for gurkhas in singapore….singapore must stop recuriting gurkhas …from my point of view its all singapore’s government fault .They keep on sending vacancies for gurkha soldiers ..its all give n take thing….singapore is giving employment n nepali citizen r taking it…its not that all the 2 crores nepalese citizen r dying there of poverty n hunger …they can survive on their own they don’t need singpore’s police job i guess ….its time for singapore government to think wisely in this matter n i’m sure disbanning gurkha from singapore is the most appropriate solution.

    Comment by jonathanmizo | June 23, 2008 | Reply

    • the singapore government did a wonderful thing my friend, they did the right thing to recruit us gurkhas. your singapore government is very clever and thoughtful to his country…. if we were not around then u and ur fellow singaporean will be at a great risk…. so watchout what you say… you may put your life in danger just by saying that. your lucky that I’m not the kind of gurkha who looks for revenge.. you’ve just been warn…

      Comment by gurkhawarriorkid | May 13, 2010 | Reply

    • Oh please larh eh. Why dont you just say you all are not willing to accept us? our culture? reliegion?
      FYI, thousands fights for just 200-300 places to come to SG. And you think its like NS? nonono, Its so much tougher. physically mentally emotinally
      Why dont you just take a trip there to th villages especially? If you dont pity them, then i have nothing to say.

      Comment by villa12 | July 6, 2010 | Reply

    • why not disbaning yourself from coming singapore and go back to your whatever freaking country u came from, u not even a freaking singaporean minded your grand father or whatever came here because he was runing away from his own previous country so he could set up business in singapore and stayed there its the same for us but in different situation, dont consider yourself that ur born here bullshit.. i too was born here moron…

      Comment by hellmoon12 | August 6, 2010 | Reply

    • being a gurkha is a prestigious job in our society…we hab been servin tis since our great great grandfather times…n as year pass…the requirement in the gurkha is increased …best will be thrown out n …the best of the best will be recruited…which means like recently physical requirement — 70 sit-ups in 2mins …12 pull-ups .. 800 meter in 2mins40sec plus education test.. eye test..teeth test ..height test ..colour blind test…then interview …after tat 2 mths later …names will be shown at a site…out of 10000 names …onli 1000 names will be shown…tats for the second selection …on tat time the guys hab to stay at the camp fo 1 week …each day a group get thrown out…physical wil be tested…2.4km in 9min 40 sec …25kg carryin at the back n runnin upslope fo 5km in 48 mins ….(n every seconds counts -i had a fren who failed by 1 mini second…which means 1 little mistake can end their future)…after tat medical test(x-ray -chest .. backbone check ..etc) ..then at last day …onli 180 will be chosen … 90 at singapore police ..90 at british army)…the rest will be filtered out due to low grade…best grade n proformance will be important at the time of selection…who said they don need that job…just guess 10000 people will be tryin for TAT .. n u should see the selection video…i bet u will give-up at the begining…if u think they can survive on their own …y would they suffer n earn?…its just tat its in the pride of man tat they hab to support the family …n as always who wouldnt want a dad as a gurkha who is brave…its hard-earned …they didnt just filled up a form n came to singapore police…they fight fo their seats they need tis job!

      Comment by gurkha12 | August 6, 2010 | Reply

      • not half half its 30 out of 180 go singapore 150 out of 180 go uk

        Comment by hellmoon12 | August 8, 2010

  5. chiatilik or wat ever ur name is how can u compare gurkhas with the mercenary??? because of the history and honouring the treaty their forefather had they r there for our country . and for ur patriotic feelin why us singaporean are not dat much in the police ??? n can;t u join ??? and being overpaid u r in high. do u say gettin paid 900-1200 overpaid then may be u earn by beggin . is ur true nationality singaporean??? coz our country is a multi national country and in the past it was much of the jungle. we had got the mix of malay , chinese , philipino, indian, everyone. so wats ur race u pathetic piece of shit??? gurkha tribe??? are they tribe ?? haha they are not . they are from nepal so they are known as gurkhas .and u talk about loyality their loyality are second to none. who do u think they save singapore and brunei from communist guriellas ???the freedom u r havin to blog u are in debt of them. coz they saved the country . and abt military fatigue ?? do u go and wear summer clothes in artic or antartica its the same .wat is the best thing to wear in the jungle ? fatigue or their normal duty uniform.disarm and demolished?? wat was dat ??? they get armed for ur freedom and protection . nobody likes to carry a weapon weighin 4-5 kilos just for fun and demolish ??? they are no non living being u demolish them . how much u try to degrade them u degrade urself. respect other to gain urs. their history tells itself dey don;t have to tell u bedtime story about them.jonathanmizo so u r the another tree hugger huh. grow up kiddos grow up

    Comment by boksang | July 15, 2008 | Reply

    • Freak, i love you! Literally. You said it all, this dumbass, racist. He’s got some problems, or that he’s got a really sad, sad life. Peace to you man, god bless.

      Comment by proudnepali | August 6, 2010 | Reply

  6. huh…no matter wht u say abt Gurkhas, its the Gurkhas that singapore needs. But wht actually do u know abt them. U only know the surface abt them so just shut up.
    U talk abt bravery..yes they are brave that they are the ones who have to face the most dangerous criminals and have to protect the most important ppls. They themself are human too, they have their families and frens, they are scared of death too..but they serve the country loyally. so dun talk shit abt the gurkhas. and abt the riots of the gurkha, if u ppl can ask for a pay rise why can’t they??? just becoz u see the damn beautiful housings that they are being accommodated at, u don wht goes inside and how they are living in misery. They serve the country faithfully can’t they have their rights? Their children who were born in singapore do not get citizenships, but a foreign from other country get a citizenship when they give birth in singapore.
    And who the hell told u its $35000/yr. PLSSSSSSSSSSS they have a misrable earning of $1200-$1800/mth so damn it they do need a pay rise. If u r that brave, loyal and damn good..then go join in the police force or army and serve the country. If singapore feels that they can find braver soldiers to protect their country, singapore is not stupid..they will surely disband the gurkhas but alas NO..
    in terms of BRAVERY & LOYALITY, theres no one than GURKHAS.
    yes i admit, they made a mistake abt the escape..but humans do make mistakes..its not as if Gurkhas are not suppose to make a single mistake, and i truely believe that singapore is fair and without a through investigation, they don decided who is wrong and who is right, and they give punishments as the law demands and according to wht the investigations revel. No matter wht u say..the Gurkhas will never stop fighting…and abt gurkhas doing anything for money…u go rot in hell. Just becoz gurkhas are working in ur country, u have no right to say that..they are working just as u are working. So that means wen singaporeans go and work in others countries they will do anything for money..common. A low ppl like u will have low thinking. Show respect to earn respect

    Comment by everett28 | May 4, 2010 | Reply

  7. What the hack is wrong wif u ppl who against us, the gurkhas? And why say things us about?? we are the one who is protecting ur damn bloody country and there u are, insulting the gurkhas…. if u are not happy with us gurkhas, I dare u to come into our camp and say random bad stuffs about us…. oh I forgot– u can’t even pass the camp cos ur gonna get beaten up by the sercurity guard… if we one day gurkha leave this country, ur gonna regret it, mr gurkha insulter!! I don’t mean to insult the singaporean but, u are the worst singaporean from the point of my view… so get a life…

    Comment by gurkhawarriorkid | May 13, 2010 | Reply

  8. Excuse me, yes a fucking nepali here! You are one racist bastard. As much as i respect your point of view, your whole bloody, the word you used on us, post is full of ignorance! Do you really think of us as a waste of money? Hell, i’m just a 14 year old teenager, but i got better wits then you! I’m trying to keep my manners, but WHAT?! $35000 a year? We DONT deserve it? Please, the average gurkha only gets 2000 a month you dumbfcuk! We get paid according to rank, fair ain’t it? And only 50 gurkhas from the thousands get 3000 a month. Sure, we have housing, well, WE DONT FCUKING OWN IT YOU DOG! It’s only temporary, and when it’s time for pension, what? We’re gonna sell the house? NO, we’re not even gonna do shit to our ‘house’! And the press? What about the press, saying we get a 6-month leave? We only get 1 month leave every three years! So if we are such a waste of your precious fcuking Singaporean funds, then send us all back, do you think your Singaporeans will be there? Come on, US NEPALI, are here for a reason. Have you ever read back in History, when the British army took over India, Bangladesh, but never took Nepal, why? Cuz’ hello! We are brave soldiers! The British ain’t daring! Even kids like us have more guts then you do! And why are you ranting about us on the internet? Have you ever met any Nepali people before? Or asked a Gurkha what he has been through? Do you know the shit that every Gurkha goes through to be where he is? Do you think our environment in our ‘home’ is easy? And talk about racial harmony, we are fine with you Singaporeans and i am not racist at all, in fact Singaporean people are pretty alright, but you are judging us by the cover. PLEASE, for the love of god, we are not at all a disgrace to our forefathers. We take pride in whatever we do. Sure, we make mistakes, but were you there when mas selamat escaped? Then, you are not at all to judge! Unless you witnessed it then shut your trap cuz’ your not being fair! You sure are hell thick skinned to be talking about us Nepali people, your refering to OUR race you racist! Why do i say that? Cuz’ a Gurkha is a Nepali, and if it’s one of us your messing with ALL of us! We never said shit about Singapore did we? Why did we come here? Cuz’ it’s a good chance for us. Honestly tell me, if someone gives you a million bucks to build your mansion, will you? Same goes for us! It’s like giving us a million dollars cuz’ your Singaporean government is giving us an opportunity to build our future, we’re not only here for the money, have you been to Nepal? I honestly love my country, but it is hard to live there. And education in Singapore is better. Again, you are really thick skinned and narrow minded. Is your whole point on how we are a wastrel, so that you can save Singapore’s funds? Your whole emphasis was on money from my point of view, and just like you, i will speak my mind. You really don’t care and don’t have a heart, and your really stupid, you know that? Just hope you heard this before, Prejudice is ignorance. Seriously, you are one rotten Singaporean. By far the worst, to be singling our race. there are many foreigners in Singapore, if your blind. So what? Send back all the banglas that do construction so that more Singaporeans can have work? We are doing your dirty work and if we are not worth your 3000 measly dollars then screw you. You sound like an intelligent person, but you are one dumb fuck. God bless you and i hope he forgives you for wishing bad luck on our race. Jai Nepal! Forever the Gurkhas!

    Comment by proudnepali | August 6, 2010 | Reply

    • Yes I respect you for that and I stand up for you as a Ghurkhas .
      I have many ex-Ghurkhas friends and I understand your poverty and Hard work ,pls ignore this Stupid Asshole Singaporean as It bring shame to my Own Country man as a Singaporean .
      Even now I have Ghurkha Close Friend still working in Singapore Ghurkhas Contingent and I am Proud of Them for helping Singapore Peace and Safe other than our own soldiers which I feel only a very good handful of our Special Forces is ever ready for a serious thread if there is a war breakout and I am one of them ready to go like a Ghurkhas for being born as a Teochew Warrior as my great, great ,great grandfather are well known Warrior fighter in those Emperor days in our family history .
      Lets be peace and harmony now as we all have our faults and mistakes and must be forgiven with a Big Heart .
      Kim Gary

      Comment by Kim Gary | October 28, 2013 | Reply

  9. this shitty Chia Ti Lik is obviously dumb and doesnt know much..get ur facts right

    Comment by 2letteredppl | August 6, 2010 | Reply

  10. Sufficiently well fed post but what to do when its’ all beautifully covered up with false ashes?
    Do check a lil on your grammars though. Its’ a lil too disturbing yea.

    Comment by timetoloseweight | August 6, 2010 | Reply

  11. This guy must be really deprived for attention. Well, mr smartypants.. you got what you wanted.

    Your post has nothing but assumptions and more assumptions. Gurkha is living in luxury, over paid, incompetent?? Gimme a break.. Stop criticizing those who came over this country to serve & protect without knowing the cold hard facts. Do you think Gurkhas are hand picked randomly by the streets? They do work hard to be where they are now & here you are, talking nonsense about Gurkhas. Oh boy, grow up.

    Just because certain Gurkhas made a mistake doesn’t mean that the whole lot of them is incompetent right? gees.. Do you think Gurkhas will get the publicity when they did something great? I suppose not.

    Oh & Gurkhas working for money? Hahahaha! So I suppose you work for the fun of it or how singaporeans say it ‘Just for fun la’? But oh please, Gurkha soldiers got their kids to look after aswell. We’re all humans afterall. When you said ‘Gurkhas work for money’.. I suppose for your case.. the money will fall from the sky for you? & here you are talking about common sense. Seriously guys.. or boys.. grow up.

    Appreciate the Gurkha because you are lucky to have them. Even American celebrities pay for the protection from the Gurkhas. Learn to love, stop hating.

    Comment by galaxier | August 6, 2010 | Reply

  12. This guy must be really deprived for attention. Well, mr smartypants.. you got what you wanted.

    Your post has nothing but assumptions and more assumptions. Gurkha is living in luxury, over paid, incompetent?? Gimme a break.. Stop criticizing those who came over this country to serve & protect without knowing the cold hard facts. Do you think Gurkhas are hand picked randomly by the streets? They worked hard to be where they are now & here you are, talking nonsense about them? oh boy, grow up.

    Just because certain Gurkhas made a mistake doesn’t mean that the whole lot of them is incompetent right? gees.. Do you think Gurkhas will get the publicity when they did something great? I suppose not.

    Oh & Gurkhas working for money? Hahahaha! So I suppose you work for the fun of it or how singaporeans say it ‘Just for fun la’.. oh please.. Gurkhas got their kids to look after aswell. When you said ‘Gurkhas work for money.. I suppose for your case.. the money will fall from the sky for you? & here you are talking about common sense. Seriously guys.. or boys.. grow up.

    Appreciate whatever you have right now because you are lucky to have them. Even American celebrities pay for the protection from the Gurkhas.

    Comment by galaxier | August 6, 2010 | Reply

  13. Hey CHIA TIK LIN why not study your own history and stop judging other why not go back to your freaking country so called china.. dumbtard

    Comment by hellmoon12 | August 6, 2010 | Reply

  14. Hey Chai tik tock lin . You have got no rights to blame us . You bring us here & ask us to help & protect you . But in return what you want to give us ? Send us back to NEPAL is it ? You bloody dog . Watch your white mouth . To tell you the truth , 70% or more of the police peoples are NEPALESE . You only got 30% of Singaporean to protect you . Our great great grandparents were here before then you , they were already longing to protect & die for SINGAPORE rather than our own COUNTRY . It’s not we make Gurkha Contingent . It;s your government who brought us here from NEPAL . You should atleast appreciate that , we are here to help you . You can’t say that we do it on accord , it’s because , we needed money & help you all . Who doesn’t want money ? Who isn’t greedy about money ? Just put yourself in our shoes. Isn’t Singapore a multi racial country ? Then why can’t we come here ? Do you think only people like Indian , Chinese , Malay & Eurasian can come here ? I thought , it was make for people from other country to come here also ? Hey , please , don’t be greedy & selfish , why can’t you just appreciate , how hard we tried & did our job to help you . If there was no NEPALESE here , look how weak you could all be . You better watch out , when NEPALESE leave Singapore , i hope there will be world war 3 . May the atomic bombs dropped in your bloody country . FUCKER . It hurts us, when you talked about us . I thought Singaporeans are thought ful , only 50% of them are . Some of them are such a evil , dog . You better watch out , some day Nepal will be alot richer then Singapore the economy will raised in Nepal & everything will be 10 times expensive then here . You better don’t look down ! DOG .

    Comment by gurkhaclub | August 7, 2010 | Reply

  15. I shall write again . Cause i really feel very hurt & i hate to be look down . We Nepalese have pride & bravery in whatever we do . We don’t even like to work for you all , SINGAPOREANS . But because of MONEY to feed all the mouths . Have you ever gone through this process ? No right ? You all go for NS just for 2 years . But we Nepalese , have been serving you all , even though we didn’t want to work as POLICE , but no choice . We do whatever we have with pride & loyalty . And , Gurkha Contingent is a place we are just renting , after we have gone pension , another group of family will stay in our house , so bloody dogs , don’t think , we are just here to stay in the house forever . I may be only a pre-teens but i have pride & guts , to write down what ever i want to let off everything i wrote off my chest . Everybody makes mistakes , nobody’s perfect , so are you telling us that you’re perfect & doesn’t make mistakes ? Hell yeah . Please , but i have to use vulgar , cause i won;t let my pride go down . You may call us whatever you want , but please . Serving this country for so long is a hard job . I am not trying to beg you to let us stay here , it’s good to go back to our own country & serve there , so what if we got little money ? Actually our father’s pay should be higher than that . We bleed & shed blood for your country , but have you ever all SINGAPOREAN’S appreciate it ? NO , please , you should be honored to us for guarding the mentor & Lee kuan yew for 24/7 hours . We have yet to deserve what we want . So CIAO , JAI GC !

    Comment by gurkhaclub | August 7, 2010 | Reply

  16. oi Chia Ti Lik, I guess you didn’t expect this much turn out on your current blog. Congratulations to you for having so much response on your blog but sadly most of it being negative comments (well since the way you put up this blog, you had it coming your way).

    Okay let’s start with me, I am a Nepalese citizen, born and bred in Singapore like you. I hope you get the meaning born and bred as you, I love the same food you love, I watched the same Tv shows as you, I even loved the same Singlish accent u had, I have friends like u (Chinese, Malay, Indian and other races). In fact I lived in Singapore continuously for 20 years but had to leave Singapore since my dad had duly finished his 25 years of service to the Government of Singapore. Not that I am enraged with the facts that I have to leave Singapore but with this kind of statements you have written about us, it’s quite appalling. You should be utterly shameful of yourself for putting up such bad marks on your fellow countrymen. It’s pretty tough for us to leave that country where we grew up, leave our friends behind and most of all our cherished memories behind.

    Well that’s the fist hard part to leave behind, the second part is Nepal. With hardly any knowledge of Nepali culture and language, it’s a fucking struggle over here. The only thing in common we have with the pure locals is our name and our distinctive faces but other than that we are strangers to them. So basically it’s like a reality show that we(Singaporean born Nepalis) having a first world upbringing would fare in a third-world country. I hope you’ll will put yourself in our shoes and just think about how you’ll feel if you were in the kind of situation as we are.

    I can understand how you guys feel when foreigners come to your country and take away your jobs but let’s face it; it does not only happen in Singapore, it happens everywhere. Just blame your government for employing foreign talents and believe me they are doing quite a job employing cheap talents. The Singaporean government knows, you locals can’t be depend upon and that’s why foreign talents are bought in. A good example is the Chinese that are bought in from Mainland China to represent Singapore in the SEA games or the Olympics. I don’t mean to say the Singapore citizens are useless but it’s just that you guys doesn’t have the population to produce as much talents than other countries.

    Talking about racial issues in Singapore, there are loads of it but I am not going to state it. Racism exists in Singapore but it’s not expressed openly. I just want to add that if the Malays and Indians are given the same opportunity the Chinese gets, Singapore can be even better.

    I can go on ranting about so much stuffz but I’ll give u a breather for now. I hope you’ll take time to read this and hopefully I’ll get some remarks off you. Don’t blame us for getting born in Singapore, It’s not as if we requested to be born in Singapore. I hope you noticed the difference between you and me, it seems to me that are an educated person and so am I, but you lack the COMMON SENSE. I have close local friends like you and they accept me for who I am not where I come from. There is a possibility you have met a Nepali and they have put up a bad impression but you can judge us by one person behavior.

    While I was in Singapore I considered myself a Singapore citizen and I proudly sang the National Anthem which I can still remember (have no regrets). Well I can also remember tomorrow is Singapore’s National day. I still love Singapore but it’s the cunts like you who put up a bad reflection on the countries reputation. Well I need your comments aite brother CHIA|!!!!

    heard from my friends back in Singapore that there are Chinese mainlanders crawling in the streets of Singapore. Let’s hope how you guys are going to handle the Chinese mainlanders. Tough luck!!!!! ūüėõ

    Comment by hamrohimal | August 8, 2010 | Reply

  17. fuck chia tik lik
    fuck his dad
    fuck his mom
    fuck his wife
    fuck his girlfriend
    fuck his brothers
    fuck his sister
    fuck his grandfather
    fuck his grandmother
    fuck his uncle
    fuck his aunt
    fuck his brother in laws
    fuck his sisters in laws
    fuck his son
    fuck his daughter
    fuck his child to be born
    fuck his grand child to be born
    fuck his nephews
    fuck his nieces

    Comment by tackdead | August 9, 2010 | Reply

  18. Ti lik u are just creating dishormonious in Singapore. If u blogged about the Gurkhas then I suggest u should also blog about the Chinese from china, filipinoes n Indians which are ‘invading’ Singapore like mushrooms!!!! Singaporeans have no qualms over immigrants nor Gurkhas, in fact singaporeans are busy making Money n living here than to even bother thinking about all this. We are tolerant Singaporeans who just want harmonious living place. I know u are free to blog wotever u wish but bear in mind action will be taken against u if u create further friction on bringing up any sensitive issue which can caused disharmonious.

    Comment by creamycreme | September 7, 2010 | Reply

  19. Anyone interested to buy khukuri? Gurkha Knife?

    Comment by xgurkha | February 12, 2011 | Reply

  20. I am an ex Gurkha from U.K. I make Khukuries.

    Comment by xgurkha | February 12, 2011 | Reply

  21. I served the U.K. goverment. I didnot get paid much. My fellow Gurkhas from Singapore doesnot get paid even half of as much as I did. However, it is not really about money my friends. It is about preserving the identity of who we are known as and what our ancestors did. Nevertheless, we need money to survive, isnt it? Tts all we recieve. No Gurkhas are striking rich.

    My father fought the world war 2 in Singapore as a Gurkha. I served the U.K. goverment for 15 years. My son is in Brunei as a Gurkha officer.

    I am proud to have a brave son.

    So, do not criticize. Buy Khukuri, put it in your house. Appreciate the history of the Gurkhas.

    Comment by xgurkha | February 12, 2011 | Reply

  22. Please Larh . Get A Life Can ? Who Cares What You Think ? You Don’t Represent The World . Gurkhas Are Brave . They Have Guts While You Leh ? I Think You Stay In Your And Lock Your House Like A Scaredy Cat . You Still Wanna Kbkp Us Urh ? We Aint Working For Free . So Who Gives A Fuck About You ? Just Diam Laa . We Have Pride , We aRE nOT Like You , Care For Money Only . Haiz, You Suck . Could You Suck More Than That ? I Admit That Singapore Is Better Than Nepal But You Dun Need To Insult Us Right ? Please Laa, Whoever You Are . Jus Fuck OFF . This Aint Your World . We Dun Bide By Your Rules . Even If We Die, We Will Die With Pride . We Are Not Scared Of Death Like You . My Father Is A Gurkha , Rank Inspector . Better Than Yours Lerh, Yours Is What ? Singapore’s Best Toilet Cleaner ? I Am Proud To Be A Gurkha . When I Grow Up, Ill Be Like My Father . Khukuri Represents Nepal . Now, Stfu Kay . Dun Be A Pussy .

    Comment by Dipsy Lala Po | July 25, 2011 | Reply

  23. Sad how some Singaporeans are so naive.
    If you were to look at majority of Singaporeans, they’re not at all willing to serve the required 2 years of national service.If they’re ever so unwilling to serve their country, how would you even expect them to risk their lives for something they don’t even love/appreciate?The Singaporean government has no solution except to hire mercenary’s -or if you would like to call them, hired soldiers-.But of course, you would argue that the SPF still does a great job, they do.But honestly, how many do you see on the streets?
    I’ve nothing else to say except that the blogger is merely another self proclaimed hypocrite.
    Have a good day, sir.

    Comment by James Wan | August 21, 2011 | Reply

  24. From my point of view, Gurkhas are absolutely necessary in Singapore. With the increasing threat of islamic terrorism in Singapore, it would be too sensitive to get either a Malay or a Chinese to kill these terrorists. Malays may not want to do it due to religious reasons, and Chinese may be branded as being anti-islamic and be exploited in the terrorists propaganda.

    Gurkhas do not come here and “do nothing”. Their training is very tough. By this analogy, Singapore SOF are paid much higher, but if SOF do not storm planes to kill terrorist hijackers every other day because there are no terrorist attacks, then they “do nothing” as well?

    They do not get paid much. Moreover, their career lifespan is short. Once they are too old to be mercenaries, this meagre amount of savings is all they have. Anyway, why are you ranting on them? The multi-million dollar scholarships that the Government gives away to foreign HIGH-SCHOOL students so that they can come here to be trained under the Singapore education system is much more ridiculous. In the meantime, Singapore has no lack of bright poly grads with good GPA who were denied university education.

    Don’t you think the scholarship money should be better spent on hiring internationally recognised professionals with proven track records such as investment advisors, Nobel-prize scientists etc instead of hiring foreign high schoolers who come here and only get above average grades?

    Gurkhas are respectable people who earn honest livings and protect our country from terrorist threats. See how awesome they are.

    Comment by Yamamoto Woo WeiXian Stanley | September 10, 2011 | Reply

  25. I accidentally deleted my last post. Well typing on a small tiny phone is a beach.

    I think chia ti lik is off his logical platform here.

    Pardon me for going in this line of thought. Looking at it from a pure economic point of view. Comparing the gurkhas as a commodity, his pay is peanuts compared to local regulars in the force.

    You get a much better bargain. Vis a vis physical prowess abilities. Attitude and mental strength.

    So , the jiak liao bee arguments put forth is not really valid.

    And also i was wondering why they are not granted ctizenship as a debt of honor that Singapore pays for their services rendered. Though. That is powers beyond me to comprehend.

    If i may compare. Gurkhas to a sword that is good. That is immense in value. That makes u fear or admire it depending on which side you stand on.

    This sword cuts both ways. And if ever a day its used by the govt for perverse unjust purposes. Thats just a shame. Blame the game but not the playa.

    Their exploits and valor and honor are legendary. Lets at least not tarnish this legacy.

    Comment by Bn G Lc Ow | October 12, 2011 | Reply

  26. i am a Singapore born Singaporean who have serve my NS as a NSF & NSman in both Army & Air Force units.

    I respect the Gurkhas & appreciate they are serving Singapore & GC. One of the reason is because there are a recent case where 3 armed fugitives escaped to Pulau Tekong however only Gurkha officers captured 2 of them in land. Are all NSF/NSman/REG incompetent to capture just 3 armed fugitives? This is for us to know & for you to find out. I only can say NSF/NSman/REG are smart & not incompetent.

    But the way some of the Gurkhas write here make me start to lose respect to them. I know they are proud to be a Gurkhas but they are always humble to the public (At least for the Gurkhas I have speak with). So please do not spoilt the image of Gurkhas which I have high respect for.

    To add on, sometime things should left unsaid for a reason (& for a better cause).

    Comment by David Chew | March 19, 2012 | Reply

  27. Sorry, but it’s very obvious that you’re a dimwit who is assuming things up without even talking to any Gurkhas. My Dad was a Gurkha, I lived in the Gurkha Contingent.

    It isn’t as pretty as it seems from the outside and Gurkhas are definitely not treated on “better terms”. And no, my Dad did not earn more than SGD $35,000 a year, plus my Dad was a Senior Staff Sergeant. And on a minus note, our Moms can’t even work in Singapore, they’re not allowed to by the Singaporean government. They are just housewives. Our houses has what your house has, a kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms. We don’t have jacuzzis and spas. The Gurkhas only get a holiday every 3 years*** for about 3 months, in which they go back to Nepal to visit their families. So we’re not exactly rich, being treated on better terms or live a luxury life.

    Why does Singapore need Gurkhas? What do Gurkhas fulfil that other Singapore units cannot fulfil?

    Singaporeans escapes/leaves Singapore just to avoid NS. Some Gurkhas does terrorism under cover work, inside Singapore or outside relating to Singapore, others protects the ministers, without whom, Singapore wouldn’t be where it is right now. And by protecting, I mean, when something really does happen that threatens the population(or selected numbers), they don’t shit in their pants and run for their lives first, like you would. They really risk their lives. There are many stories of which only the Gurkhas know of. Reason why only the Gurkhas knows? The media doesn’t disclose all this, because they do not want to alarm the population of a possible terrorism risk to the selected numbers or even them. So all the Gurkhas get is a small award ceremony inside the Gurkha Contingent for risking their lives to protect Singapore. Still, they are humble about not getting a standing ovation on Channel News 5.

    And judging from your attitude, you’re not even serving your own country. So what rights do you have to judge others that are protecting your country? Why don’t you join the Special Police Force for a year or so, see if you can handle it or not before you open your mouth?

    Comment by Noyo Lim | August 23, 2013 | Reply

  28. Gurkhas don’t have 6 months holidays per can ask the officers, anyone ..its after 3 years of hard work they get 6 months . please get your facts right before writing anything on internet.

    Comment by harumi coco | December 13, 2013 | Reply

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