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The Overhanging Sword of Damocles

Today i attended again at Cantonment Police Division, to report bail. The Investigating Officer did not even see me but merely issued me a letter stating that the Bail Bond funished has now lapsed. The letter also stated that they temporarily do not require me to return to the Police Station.

However, the case is not treated as closed and that “the Investigating officer could still call you up for further investigation if required or proceed with criminal proceedings against you if applicable”.

It seems that at the present moment Uncle Yap is the only person to be charged. The remaining 10 would receive news of their position on Friday 11th April 2008.

It seems that there is now an overhanding Sword of Damocles waiting to cut off my head at the neck – but only at an apporpriate time 🙂

Since there is now a sword overhanding my head, I know that my days are numbered. I would therefore waste no time to highlight to this entire nation the swords overhanging all of our heads. This will be done in the forthcoming post – Ti Lik’s Doomsday Predictions.



April 9, 2008 - Posted by | Life, Politics

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