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A Bloated Cabinet

News has it that Singapore has a new Law minister.

This is not the news that stops the printing presses for me.

When one looks at the Straits Times Report of 30 March 2008 headlines. One will notice a total of 31 ministers and 5 parliamentary Secretaries 🙂

You will wonder why a country like Singapore will need 31 ministers. Do we have a complexity of life to require 31 Ministries? Or does the PAP make life in Singapore so complex that 31 ministers are required. When one adds the Parliamentary Secretaries into the lot, its 36. 36 Ministers versus 48 MPs.

Are 36 Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries capable of being held accountable for the sins of their ministries? Are they able to tackle the feeble questions from the remaining friendly aligned 48 MPs?

It looks like a certain mentalitiy runs within Parliament and the Cabinet – that numbers do matter. That the more men there are, the more work is done.

One wonders how then did Singapore get away with such success with 8 ministers upon independence?

There is a chinese saying that goes “The generation of next cannot match up to the generation before. Generation after Generation things get worse”

Is this what we are seeing in Singapore?


April 2, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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