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Is there room for the Gurkha Contingent in Singapore? I say NO!

In the midst of the Mas Selamat Kastari escape saga, much focus was on the systemic failure of the Internal Security Department and the Whitely Road Detention Centre operations. Now that the COI [however watered down and made diplomatic and politically correct] points blames towards several failures, it is about time something is done about those failures.

Wong Kan Seng will not escape so easily of course. But for the time being we can afford to give him a breather. After all, he is Singaporean.

My sights are currently trained on the bloody Gurkha Contingent – a bloody disgrace to taint the name of their forefathers as well as their illustrious tradition of service in the British Army and their now despised link to the Singapore Police Force. If you will care to recall, the bloody Gurkha did not even have the common sense to check the toilet. Talk about guts, talk about bravery talk about pride. Talk about a missing brain. 🙂

The Straits Times article of today reveals that the new Maoist Government of Nepal intends to end the tradition of mercenary service by the Gurkha tribe. I say that this is a good sign. Because even by the Gurhka’s own words were a matter of choice between dignity and practicality of survival. It seems that they do not enjoy being mercenaries.

A Gurkha in the British Army earns S$35,000 per year or was it in US Dollars?

How much is our Singapore Police Force Gurkha supposed to earn? What are their terms of employment How many are employed? what other perks have there been in place for them. What is the cost in public funds of maintaining the idiotic contingent in Singapore? Who is their commanding officer [the traditional practice is seconded British Army Officer] What is the Bloody chain of command? From Whom does the Contingent takes its orders from? What is the Oath of Allegience administered to and taken by the Gurkhas? What rules and standing orders are the Gurkhas subject to?

Why do i ask these questions? 🙂 Because they are in my mind.

When one sees the dismal performance of a supposed elite unit. One wonders whether we are feeding a bunch of rice-wasters or should i say “jiak liao bee”. The Gurkha police officer is either given 6 months leave per year to visit his family or his family is also here staying at Mount Vernon Camp. I recall from newspaper reports in the past when i was young that either would be the arrangement. Such terms definitely raise the cost of maintaining the Contingent in Expensive Singapore.

We recall also that other police units have been deployed and which have performed their duties accordingly. Police Task force, STAR team etc. What is then the role of this contingent in Singapore that other Police units cannot fulfil?

Guarding Political Prisoners. Singaporeans detained without trial. Singapore Political Prisoners. Singaporeans who are a threat to the administration. 🙂

Tells us alot does it not? That public funds should be used for such ends and incidentally enrich foreigners?

One will also notice during the Mas Selamat Kastari Great Escape and Futile Search, that Wong Kan Seng chose to address the Gurkha Contingent with kind words, on what occasion i am unsure of, but obviously the words were meant to raise their morale, to soothe their wounded pride.

One will also notice that our Gurkha Contingent supposedly part of the police force is trained and deployed in military fatigues 🙂 For what purpose may i ask?

For the defence of the nation is tasked to the Singaporean-filled Singapore Armed Forces.

For what reason may i know is the Gurkha Contingent walking around in military fatigues on Singapore soil?

Since they are trained in military fatigues, i will also ask what sort of weapons training have they been given and what kind of weapons do they have access to. What is their protocol for deployment and drawing of arms and ammunition?

I say this because, no Singaporean male having served 30 months of national service and having sworn to protect this country is going to stand by knowing a foreign unit with unknown loyalties having the same access to weapons, treated on much better terms.

What the the possibility of such a unit being deployed against Singaporeans in a situation of a popular uprising? 🙂

I shiver to think of what answers may come out of this. Perhaps the Minister Wong Kan Seng can care to provide the answers to as to allay the fears in the hearts of citizens as well as nagging doubts and questions in other Singaporean members [though i have reason to believe there are a large number of Malaysians so serving] of the of the Police Force, and the enlisted men of the Singapore Armed Forces?

True to their tradition of not afraid to even die in service, Let the Gurkha Contingent take responsibility for the escape like true men like their forefathers.

The unit to be disbanded for the disgraceful performance – lack of common sense.

Perhaps if this is not done, then we can infer that the MHA intends the Gurkhas to operate on purely instructional directives from the top. No exercising of common sense. May be no reflection on the conscience as well in trying times to come. 🙂

Till then, when the answers and explanations are given and the shroud of secrecy lifted from the foreign mercenary unit. Let me put it in very plain words:

The very existence of a mercenary unit of overpaid, expensive and incompetent Gurkhas is an insult and an affront to every Singaporean Male which taints the dignity and sovereignty of Sacred Singapore Soil. The Gurkhas have no place here – they should be disarmed and demobilised.


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Apologies – Postponement of Articles

Today i took a good hard look at my blog and i was confronted by a series of half completed articles, postponed articles and even a list of titles which i should have written on.

I have deleted 4 articles for being rendered out of relevant due to lateness, i hope i do not have to do the same for any more of the impending articles in the queue.

Sometimes, juggling work, activism and blogging can be a challenge. It is not an easy thing to do, especially when the mind keeps wanting to address all those issues.

Well, i shall now take my leave for home, and take a good hard look at my recalcitrant procrastination. The articles on Leadership and ahem… Balllessness are still pending, sigh so much to write …. so little time 🙂

Well no one pushed me into doing this right? No one begged me to. I offered myself …. so …. i should take the challenge. Alright, tonight is the night, i shall get down to it and hopefully by morning, 2 articles should be completed.

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Police Reject Assembly Permit Again

This morning i received a call from Tanglin Police Division from an officer named Norwin. This was the 2nd phone call. The first being one which was done several days ago purportedly to clarify certain details i made in my application for a permit to assemble.

In the first place, in my the application form, i had already filled in all the details. The 1st police phone call was ostensibly to ask for more details. But how can i give further details when nothing has been fully planned yet?

And yet you might ask why then send in the application when you have not fully planned the matter? Well the truth will be that the police (our famed 1st world Police Force) requires you to give 2 weeks in advance notice of your intention to assemble via an application for them to even consider grating you the permit.

The 1st phone call was not helpful to the police. As much as i tried giving information, i could not confirm many things. Hey! its two weeks down the road! The 2nd call  is now ostensibly to reject my application due to the lack of details 🙂

Well, to the Singapore police force, i would say this to you: if  you and your administration were anywhere near basic competence, if your bosses needed details, the application form for the permit could have provided mandatory fields for those details 🙂 you would have so specified them in the application form for the details to be provided would you have not? 🙂

Such is the standard of the Singapore Police Force – Perhaps they can institute the rule amongst prisoners in custody to give 2 weeks advance of the intention to jailbreak before the prisoners so attempt.

Being able to craft the rules is one thing – being able to apply them well is another.

Having the rules on your side is one thing – being able to conform to them as well is another.

A case of lack of basic competency? Or a case of proven attempt of discretionary discrimination? 🙂 You be the judge.

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Goodbye old friend… till we meet again

15th February 1997 – the Black Dog appeared hiding behind my audiospeakers one morning. He was a stray who found himself in the house after someone had left him outside. My brother had brought him into the garden and he invited himself into the hall.

An unimaginably intelligent and lovable dog is Blackie. An unpedigreed mongrel and with no illustrious bloodline to his name, he nevertheless slowly won over the entire family with his cuteness and intelligence.

Blackie need not be taught, in the 2nd or 4rd day he was in the house, he brought his doggie bowl to me indicating that he was hungry. Soon after that he stopped doing that as he soon learned that he would be fed without fail every evening.

Blackie’s antics included learning without fail who to obey, who to bully, who to snuggle up to, and who to avoid.

Inevitably since i spent most of the time with the black pup, he grew incredibly attached to me. Each morning he would greet me at the door. Each day catching me alone in the hall he would rush in to snuggle up to me. Something he would never dare to do with anyone else. He knew i had a soft spot for him. That is not to say that i have never spanked him, in fact i have spanked him worse than anyone else ever did.

Being attached to me, this dog would go to the extent of chasing a vehicle when i am in it. He did that once all the way running after the car onto the main road. Overtaking and dashing infront of the vehicle at times. I turned the car back on that occasion, lured him into the garden compound unbuckled my belt and gave him the thrashing of his life. Blackie seemed to know that what he did was wrong, he never whimpered, he never flinched as each stroke of the belt came down onto his rear legs.

Blackie also knew when it was time to stop playing. As a little dog he had a penchant for matching my height. He also knew the human expression of handholding and kisses. Being ever willing to engage in the game of holding my hand once i stood up in the midst of the game and he lept. He managed to secure a grip on my finger with his canine in mid air. As he closed his jaws on my finger and returned to the ground, he managed to draw blood with a deep slice along my finger. Blood flowed and dripped.

Being used to accidents during tile breaking in Taekwondo demonstration trainings, i was more amused than angry. This dog, however, knew the seriousness of his actions, once he smelt the blood that flowed. All the games stopped. The tail went down. No more jumping. Just quiet silence and stillness. He was almost human when it came to saying sorry.

I ended up having the console the depressed dog after that. I had to reassure him that the blood drawn was nothing serious and that he had been forgiven. Such is the degree of intellgence and emotion within an animal with four paws.

He continued with guarding the house without fail day and night. Not really doing a fantastic job but not really failing in anyway either. His idiosyncrasies included being poor sighted. Which led to him barking at me at times if i approached the house from an unfamiliar direction, and barking at the postman and newspaper man – this dog was racist.

Blackie was also a dog with a bark worse than its bite. If someone were to really approach the gate, Blackie run run off barking. I never really had any faith in him to stand up to a fight or an intrusion. Blackie remained a pup for most of his life, ever content to be with me for fun and ever willing to be the darling of the family. Blackie was not a fighter, he was not a guard dog. Blackie was a companion and a friend. In that aspect he fulfilled his role without any lack or inadequacy.

A little than a month ago, Blackie began losing weight and his legs started to swell. He became weak, inactive and breathless, i decided to bring him to the vet this afternoon.

Blackie was frightened and nervous when he was brought into the car. He needed to be hugged to be calm. At the vet he was palpitating and hyperventilating and as the vet examined him it became clear that his chances of recovery were slim. AND he was in pain. Blackie was recommended to be let go (put to sleep – euthanised).

The vet left us alone for awhile. As i explained to Blackie the need to end his pain, Blackie seemed to understand. For once in many days, he lay down and put his head on my hand. Blackie looked at me with sad eyes and wagged his stail as if to say good bye. I called my brother in. Blackie then raised his head in acknowledgement as he stepped in and wagged his tail. My brother patted Blackie on his head. Blackie then seemed content to allow things to happen. He lay there quietly.

The vet got the injection ready and administered it. Blackie then lay very still. I moved to kiss his head. His eyes were open. He lay very still. The vet then touched his eyeballs to ascertain signs of sentience. There were none. Blackie was gone.

We drove back home with an empty box. Blackie’s presence was still in the car. As we reached home, Blackie was still there. There will be many years before this dog’s presence will diminish in my home and even longer so from my heart.

One thing is for sure, Blackie has returned before and Blackie will return again. It may be months or years but soon, he will be back. I only need to be looking out. Especially for a stray, a black one and an intelligent one with that familiar look in the eye.

Goodbye old friend. Our path and journey has not ended yet. You will soon be looking for me, and I for you.

Till we meet again.

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The Overhanging Sword of Damocles

Today i attended again at Cantonment Police Division, to report bail. The Investigating Officer did not even see me but merely issued me a letter stating that the Bail Bond funished has now lapsed. The letter also stated that they temporarily do not require me to return to the Police Station.

However, the case is not treated as closed and that “the Investigating officer could still call you up for further investigation if required or proceed with criminal proceedings against you if applicable”.

It seems that at the present moment Uncle Yap is the only person to be charged. The remaining 10 would receive news of their position on Friday 11th April 2008.

It seems that there is now an overhanding Sword of Damocles waiting to cut off my head at the neck – but only at an apporpriate time 🙂

Since there is now a sword overhanding my head, I know that my days are numbered. I would therefore waste no time to highlight to this entire nation the swords overhanging all of our heads. This will be done in the forthcoming post – Ti Lik’s Doomsday Predictions.


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A Bloated Cabinet

News has it that Singapore has a new Law minister.

This is not the news that stops the printing presses for me.

When one looks at the Straits Times Report of 30 March 2008 headlines. One will notice a total of 31 ministers and 5 parliamentary Secretaries 🙂

You will wonder why a country like Singapore will need 31 ministers. Do we have a complexity of life to require 31 Ministries? Or does the PAP make life in Singapore so complex that 31 ministers are required. When one adds the Parliamentary Secretaries into the lot, its 36. 36 Ministers versus 48 MPs.

Are 36 Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries capable of being held accountable for the sins of their ministries? Are they able to tackle the feeble questions from the remaining friendly aligned 48 MPs?

It looks like a certain mentalitiy runs within Parliament and the Cabinet – that numbers do matter. That the more men there are, the more work is done.

One wonders how then did Singapore get away with such success with 8 ministers upon independence?

There is a chinese saying that goes “The generation of next cannot match up to the generation before. Generation after Generation things get worse”

Is this what we are seeing in Singapore?

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