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How many JI members does it take to make a fool out of the ISD, SPF, MHA? The answer is ONE.

Horror horror.

Imagine, the top JI man escaping custody from one place whom we think security would be tighter than even the Prime Minister’s home.

How did this happen? 🙂

The Straits Times mouthing the official line has described a lone and limping man as a danger and a threat. Pathetic.

An entire police force. An feared internal security department made complete fools of by a single JI member. One wonders what the Home Team is actually doing, sleeping on the job? I am afraid so. Or is it complete and utter incompetence – given the fact that they cost the taxpayers alot of money to maintain. A whole bunch of overpaid idiots. Thinking that supporting the ruling party will preserve your ricebowl? Nah.

It dawns on everyone that this guy had escaped out SPF/ISD dragnet 🙂 pathetic. It was the indonesians who nabbed him and handed him over. Now overpaid ISD/SPF officers cannot even keep this man in isolated detention.

Hey hey we are not talking about a Mexican or Brazillian jail riot. We are not talking about a SAS commando insertion rescue of the almost condemned prisoner.

We are talking about a man in custody. A single unarmed man. A man who even as they describe walks with a limp. From the decsription, I have reason to believe that the man is not a walking weapon. Being a walking weapon myself, i have never dreamed that i could even get past the security guard at the shopping centre.

So is this JI man an overachiever? Or is it clear that the incident must be the result of an extremely rare confluence of a number of factors, being LAZINESS, COMPLACENCY, IDIOCY, and INCOMPETENCE? 🙂

The time has come where the cracks will show. The amount of inefficiency, incompetence and idiocy exhibited in this administration will speak for itself.

To top it all up, the added insult of their national press having to shine the spotlight on such mistakes and inadequacies. KARMA and RETRIBUTION. 🙂

HEADS MUST ROLL in this incident. I REPEAT HEADS MUST ROLL. Shall it be the Minister for Home Affairs? Or Shall it be his Perm Sec? Commander SPF? or Director ISD? HA HA HA  🙂

The time has come for someone HIGH UP to take up the buck. To pay for this misdeed. To answer for the incompetence. There will be no running away from this one. Let there not be a repeat of the SGT Hu drowning misadventure, RSS Courageous’s utter disgrace, LTA’s little surprise at the Nicoll Highway. This time, the facts are far too stark. The incompetence is stark and telling. Someone high up must pay for this in accordance with international custom. 🙂

Does ISD, SPF, MHA deserve any mercy in this case?


These idiots have the cheek to waste manpower resources to bully SDP 4 protestors in front of the CPF building. Please Search the web for pictures. 🙂

The idiots also wasted resources stopping the Singapore Democratic Party’s Chee Siok Chin and John Tan from moving freely within their own country during the ASEAN summit. Such disgraceful conduct should be viewed by all. Please search Youtube for the video. 🙂

The idiots can from a multi-woman cordon around Chee Siok Chin and prevent her and Dr. Chee Soon Juan from moving during the World Bank IMF summit. PATHETIC.

They bundled up SDP’s Dr. Chee, Siok Chin, John Tan and Ghandi Ambalam when they wanted to protest in front of the Istana over the Burmese crackdown.

They stop people from running in a pink shirt.

They stop people from wearing a brown shirt.

They stop people from practising Qigong.

They stop peaceful protest against a ruthless and dirty military government.

What else? The list goes on….. 🙂

Many PAPpies will be quick to condemn me for making mockery out of the administration. Rightly so. Their living depends on it. 🙂

Many PAPpy apologiests will find excuses for the administration. Rightly so. They don’t have the balls to do other wise. 🙂

Well… as for me, I will set out to do what is needed.

Pitiful And Pathetic it may be to be at the receiving end of my critical pen, but isn’t that not what comes with being in power and having self-boasted of being up to First World standards?

You asked for the tall cap to wear, your very own hands put the cap on your head Now that the tophat has become a dunce cap, who else can you blame? J


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Apologies! Postponement of 3-part series – Issues on Leadership and Balllessness

Oh Sorry i must say to My dear readers. 🙂

I was in court last week or was it two weeks back. Ran into an esteemed learned friend who incidentally commented that he had been reading my blog. He commented that i have been most inconsistent and unpredictable. And that my 3-part series was taking ages to complete. Well i must admit, i am very much touched that intelligent people are in fact read my blog. This is an positive affirmation! I have this friend of my to thank (Now i won’t name names 🙂 but i will go so far to say that he is a practising lawyer at the local bar).

 In a matter of minutes, my small self was uplifted by several rungs. Low self esteem and lack of pride in blog management was shoved aside by kind words of encouragement. I had to grapple very recently with exhaustion, work and activism. There were always many other more important things to do than to write that silly blog. Such thinking obviously played a big part in paralysing the chiatilik – wordpress. Come to think of it, I am a blogger’s disgrace! even the preceding article on relationship of the individual and his group had to be requested and prompted by a fellow human rights activist even before i bothered to access my dashboard.

Therefore, my dear honourable learned friend, here’s to you. This post and the next are dedicated to you.

HOWEVER, the posts of Leadership and Balllessness have been knocking around in my head now but they have to be shelved for the time being because of an more important and pressing event. Rest assured when the articles come out in the near future they will be very very very much hard hitting. 🙂

It is proper to be criticising as a citizen of this nation and criticising hard if you are a member of the opposition criticising extremely hard if you are serious about being a proper opposition. This is my view and i intend to adhere to it.

The PAPpies are having too good a life as of now. Now I have previously sworn to make life a wee bit more difficult for them. To make the salary that they take weigh a little heavier on their hearts and conscience. To make the rich food which they buy with the people’s blood, sweat and tears a little more difficult to swallow 🙂

I had even cursed them with the hope that they will choke. But so far nothing has happened yet. It looks like the pen that i am wielding needs to shed off the layers of mercy and restraint.

So be it. The swordsman takes the plunge. He moves to the edge of the battlefield. Here i come. It wont be long, in fact it would only be a matter of minutes. SO WATCH THIS PAGE.

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