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I am not the Leader of SG Human Rights :)

In a 3 part series on the relationship of a person and his group, of leadership and balllessness, i will first touch on the relationship of a person and his group. In this case, the point for discussion is myself. The articles on Leadership and …. ahem….. Balllessness will soon follow 🙂

Following my impassioned speech for electoral reform on 20th January 2008 at the Forum organised by the SDP for that purpose, the Straits Times report carried a rather flattering title for me as Leader of the group SG Human Rights. This is just another of the few flattering titles and praises which critics have foisted upon me without my knowing. It has also come to my attention that certain internet activists have also promoted me to the title of Leader of SG Human Rights 🙂

I must first and foremost say that I AM NOT the Leader of SG Human Rights. This should placate and appease some politicians who are abit ill at ease as to my current “leadership” of the loose grouping.

Within SG Human Rights, we have 9 competent activists, all leaders in their own right. There is no one person who is the leader of the group.

Very often people like to say what they like to see. People in the human rights arena refer to as “Ravi’s group”.

To people who know me … “Ti Lik’s group”.

However, contrary to what people expect human rights fighters to be, we are in fact very much human 🙂 All of us have fear.

Collectively, we so very much fear that people will brand our group with the flavour and direction of one so-called leader or the other, so much so that we lose our identity as a group of individuals with a collective goal and mission.

Individually, we all fear that we will lose our freedom to be ourselves once we assume the mantle of leadership. This is beside the point but perhaps, the group is not like other groupings where people vie for leadership and scheme and plot to so achieve. All the 9 members of SG Human Rights are self assured people. They do not need the title of “Leader” in order to move the ground.

In any action taken by an individual in his individual capacity the rest of the group shows up to give utmost support. Without the need for rank and file or orders to be given. I have to thank the entire group for turning up to lend support during the 20th January forum. Without them, the forum would have been much less enjoyable.

The individual is not greater than the group. The constituent part must never hold itself out to be larger than the whole. The stone that sits on the base must not think itself greater than the stones that form the top.

 I would think instead of a pyramid or a brickhouse, but a circle of nine monoliths each of qual size and each facing within just like the stonehenge.


January 22, 2008 - Posted by | Life, Politics


  1. you are proud to be the leader and the founder of SGHR and now u denying it? what a shame.

    Comment by nfirdaus | January 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Are you then “elected” theh spokesperson for this group of SG Watch?

    The Straits Times reported you as branding the opposition as “PAP apologist”. True or false?

    Comment by laicf | February 7, 2008 | Reply

  3. Dear Chia Ti Lik and fellow readers,

    I would like to make a SINCERE APOLOGY TO CHIA TI LIK. All the lies was untrue. From now on I would like to stop all the nonsense and will start supporting Ti Lik.


    Comment by nfirdaus | February 26, 2008 | Reply

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