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Reluctant PAP politicians – My Ass :)

The Straits Times article of 12th December 2007 is referred to. This time its Mr. Dhanabalan over here 🙂 

Many a time, you would read of how PAP candidates have to turn down offers to for them to stand for election on the party ticket, be persuaded cajoled and begged into entering the political arena.

Offhand i can remember people who have staked such claims, LKY of Goh Chok Tong, Ng Eng Hen of himself, various other PAP candidates in the last election and days of yore.

So unusual is such a adverse reaction to standing on an almost sure ticket to a Parliamentary Seat and also the amazing riches that come along. 🙂

Also unusual are leaders of this same ruling party bending electoral rules and boundaries to secure victory after victory to stay in a job they all so hate. 🙂

Also unusual is the need to threaten and bribe an electorate into voting them and keeping them in the job they all so resent. 🙂

Also unusually thick-skinned is the brazen self – glorification and self-reward that has brought their salaries to the world’s highest – and even higher as of this coming January.

AND YET they claim that this is a thankless job that is needed to Save Singapore and keep people with agendas from entering politics.

Of course all of us remember the Bargain Hen’s “i can work less hard and make 5 times that amount outside” claim, to which i believe many of us have had very good laughter and entertainment.

We can also remember the oft quoted fist and knuckleduster statements by Lee Kuan Yew on how to treat his political opponents.

I have seen on TV how then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew sobbed on 9th August 1965.

I have heard of how Labour Chief Lim Boon Heng shed a tear for what Goh Chok Tong has done for him on 1st May 2005.

We also remember how present Labour Chief Lim Swee Say shed tears of relief when Holland Bukit Timah GRC was not contested resulting in a walkover victory.

Amidst all these reluctance towards leadership with rewards, i wonder how many more instances were there reluctance in their acts:

1. Suing political opponents? 🙂

2. Detaining political opponents? 🙂

3. Levying GST increases  which cuts the badly bleeded poor? 🙂

4. Rewarding thyself with multimillion dollar salaries – Now the PM will receive SGD3.7million per year and MPs SGD225K or was it SGD275K? 🙂

Dear PAP leaders and friends, i have no issues about how you wish to glorify your political achievements and actions. I have to say that i very much wish to believe you with all my heart as to your reluctance and disavowing of your thirst for less than glorifying acts. However, my belief in your statements is not paramount.

On the day we all face judgment, let us look at our creator in the face and beseech him for his belief in us of all the reluctant acts that we have done.

To the Ruling People’s Action Party, I pray for your salvation and for the Mercy of God to be on you.


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