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The Apple Ipod :)

I must say that i undersestimated this little piece of equipment. The Apple Ipod.

I bought mine a 60Gb version for roughly SGD700 almost 2 years back. Being a crazed audiophile then, i basically thought of this hand held harddisk as a fad which might prove a little useful to me to catalogue my songs.

I was getting old. 8 years as a lawyer has gotten into my life energy, i no longer had the kind of zest to dig through and choose from 700 CDs to listen on a weekend or at times when i could be free to squeeze in 1/2 an hour of listening, this made sure that my CD collection was undisturbed, gathering dust, dirt. clogging up the room.

 When i finally opened the Ipod packaging when the 1-year warranty was almost over, i was thinking to myself “shit. have I repeated the same mistake with my audio equipment here?” As i unwrapped the packaging, I realised that i was staring at 60 thousand dollars of idle audio equipment, and i had spend another 700 bucks on a latest fad only to let it lie idle for almost a year and letting it sit through almost its entire warranty.

 i finally completed loading 700 CDs over a period of 5 months. the 60GB capacity was more than enough twice over. 7552 songs occupied only 29Gb plus of space. I have realised that this little contraption has become my constant companion. In the gym, in the train, in bed even. I have never used a portable stereo to such an extent before, not even my previous 3 walkmans.

Times have changed, i have begun to use my cheapest piece of self-sufficient audio equipment most! More than the usage of all the rest of the equipment combined. It looks like i could do with the letting go of some stuff and creating a healthier balance in my bank account. 🙂 I could look at downsizing to something newer and more exciting which i like. Clear a little space, free up cash all at one go. Is it not great?

This little contraption – a portable harddisk – is nothing less than life-changing 🙂 Kudos to the guys at apple who came up with this.


December 2, 2007 - Posted by | audiophilia, Life

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