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2nd November 2007 was a nice day, I woke up feeling good and heard the presses roll. Several phone calls came in. It transpired that my esteemed friend Ng E-Jay had written a letter to the press and it was published. I took hold of the papers as more phone calls came in.

Interestingly, this was a letter which spoke the hearts of many. Of a wish for an opposition that stood up fearlessly and stood up in a principled manner. I looked through my papers and realised that it was a good start. When I started this blog Party in November 2006, I had then left the Workers’ Party. At roughly the same time, I clashed with a Sammyboy forumer Ng E-Jay over my strongly worded opinion of how internet engagements ought to take place. One year down, this critic has turned brother and more politically aware and since the mid of 2007, I have begun to see the sparkle of a jewel.

The letter of 2nd November 2007 was a wake up call for me. I have not been keeping up with the political scene and this little brother had been doing a good job. A damn good job in fact. It ought to have been a good wake up call for certain people. Was it taken as a wake up call? Apparently not.

It is strange how sometimes, dreams of grandeur can prevent people from looking in the mirror to find their own faults. Instead, everyone else except themselves are blamed. More often than not, a rational critic reflecting flaws to a person or a group ends up getting seriously muddied, ostracized and character assassinated.

 6th November 2007, I woke up today to a number of amusing postings by many sammyboy forumners (some clonic) attacking the Singapore Democratic Party with suggestions that its party’s supporters were involved in the public backlash against the Workers’ Party with even more absurd suggestions that the former intended to discredit the latter.

Think, people, think. If people had put some thought into it before speaking:

1. Low Thia Khiang would not have been so sorely rebutted by Ho Peng Kee for his cycling along east coast debate.

2. Sylvia Lim would not have uttered words at the International Bar Association Conference for which she is so heavily criticised for.

3. Low Thia Khiang would not have given such antagonising interviews to LianHe ZaoBao and the Straits Times on 31st October 2007and 1st November 2007.

4. The up and coming Workers’ Party would not have placed itself in such a conundrum.

5. There would not have been such a public backlash against the Workers’ Party.

Think, people, think. If things were so simple as to point a finger towards others. Would there be more than meets the eye? 🙂 Or are you eagerly repeating history again?

Ti Lik


November 6, 2007 - Posted by | Life

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  1. im new here..i think what the WP needs is a good spin doctor…really.

    Comment by unusualfeline | December 13, 2007 | Reply

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