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The Case of Regan Lee – Letter to the Attorney-General’s Chambers

29th October 2007                                          

The Attorney General’s Chambers                    IMMEDIATE

1 Coleman Street                                              BY FAX (6339 0286) ONLY

#10-00 The Adelphi                                        

Singapore 179803

 Attn: The DPP-in-charge 

Dear Sirs

 THE CASE OF REGAN LEE – 7 months imprisonment 

I read with concern the aforesaid case especially the rare circumstances relating to the manner in which the accident occurred and also the conduct of the Accused thereafter.

As a member of the bar and a concerned citizen, I have found the sentence meted out by the presiding Judge to be manifestly inadequate.

Whilst one would expect any member of the bar acting as defence counsel on a frequent basis in the course private practice gravitates one towards a stance of leniency towards accused persons, this should only be so when the circumstances reveal mitigating factors which warrant a lesser sentence which I deeply feel is not the case here.

Regan Lee’s circumstances of the accident was wholly caused by his recklessness in handling a test-drive. It was obvious that a test drive by a prospective driver impliedly means less than usual familiarity of the finer aspects of the driven car. If the driver was less than familiar, should he have pushed the car towards the limit of its performance envelope?

 Regan Lee should not have but he did so and in the process he lost control of the vehicle under normal road conditions, mounted the central road island and crashed into two oncoming vehicles on the opposite side of the road. 

In this case, not only was a life of the passenger salesgirl taken away causing extreme distraught to the family of the deceased, there were four other passengers in another vehicle traveling in the opposite lane who were injured as well.

 Regan Lee was not immediately suspended, and he went on to test drive other cars which he bragged about on the internet forums. While waiting for his case to come to court, Lee put up a posting in a car forum asking for advice on two high-performance cars he was interested in. I understand that he was even involved in another accident before his present charge was proceeded with. 

Regan Lee’s actions by far have been most reprehensible and his subsequent conduct and attitude totally lack remorse. If he were not given a heavier punishment, there would not be a proper deterrent signal to other reckless drivers.

Your illustrious office had often appealed to the High Court when inadequate sentences were meted out in far less nefarious offences. I deeply feel that this is a case that your office should take the case forward to a stiffer sentence to be meted out.

I have realized that I am not alone in my opinion and perhaps on this basis and the reasons I set out hereinabove, the Prosecution could relook the case and sentence and bring the matter up on appeal.

In view of the limited time available for an appeal to be made, I beseech your prompt and decisive action.

Yours faithfully


Chia Ti Lik (Mr.)


P.S. A similar letter was sent to the ST Forum Page this morning.



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