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Jordan Watts

The Swan behemoths were traded away for a small Naim set up.

I the decided to pull out a pair of my mothballed speakers. Mothballed by the recent moves from my parents home in early 2006. The Jordan Watts – Jupiter Modular Speaker System. These babies are easily 30 years old.

Unpacking them was quite a hassle since they were all wrapped up and stacked up. It took considerable mental strength to decide that, its time to bring them into action.

Furthermore, as i have since discovered that none of my brothers were going to indulge my speaker repositioning exercises any further, I realised that an audiophile has to do his own moving once in a while.

Going through spatial manoeuvres on in close quarters with our equipment allows an audiophile to connect with what a piece of equipment needs to overcome before it can take the position of the mantelpiece of the audiophile’s home.

Some waiting time, patience, arduous movement and an opportunity provided by an equipment vacuum in the main system.

And so, after some huffing and puffing, i managed to ease the Jupiters into a corner and set them up with the Copland CTA501 tube integrated. Being a regular at the gym helped!

The system was then wired up with patch cords on the 8 ohm output, the Jupiters could not take any other form of speaker cable anyway.

The source was a Sony CDP-557Esd CD player switched over at times with a Marantz CD-53 and a Musical Fidelity A3-24 dac.  The sound was a little murky. But it cleared up pretty fast. Fast and punchy. Made the Copland sound a wee little bit like my Naim NAC112 and NAP90 combination.

 As before, the sound takes time to get better. Running them hard on loud thumping music helps. The sound is improving and our electrical meter is running. The Watts are adding up pretty fine.

Once again i am back to a vintage speaker set up.


January 4, 2007 - Posted by | audiophilia

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