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Its Christmas Time!

Every Christmas brings about festive cheer, the holidays, a nice cool breeze and yes rain, and lots of it.

The rain kept me indoors over the last few days. i decided to sort out my cable and wire box. I found a total of 4 soldering irons. How on earth did i end up with 4  soldering irons? I must have been mad? As i recollected, each time it was bought it was thrown into the box. As i got busy i forgot about it and the next time i needed a soldering iron i went out and bought one. This happened 3 times!

I must be getting old!

And in the box was scraps of used wire, recycled capacitors, two reels of unused solder, a total of fifteen stock IEC power cords salvaged from disused kettles and computers over the years, a half completed audiophile power cord project plus enough wire to make 8 power cords?, same number of connectors, countless screws and nuts, several connectors, an old photo, a manual for a McCormack DNA-1 Amplifier (boy was this nostalgic!), a multimeter (digital one), plastic bags and lots of dust!

It took some time to sort out the mess.

Eventually i managed to pack them into one box for the sorting out to be done another day. There is simply too much to be done in 1/2 an hour to clear the junk accumulated over… erm… 3 years? 🙂 i am better off enjoying music!

The swan speakers which i am currently unable (and don’t think i will ever be able) to identify mated well with my 30W Copland CTA-501 power amp and connected with patch cords!

The source was a trusty 13 year old Sony CDP-557ES. The sound was not perfect but it was something i could live with… given the fact that it took me a measely 8 mins in crouching position to set the system up.

This led me to thinking, i have some better wire lying around somewhere…. and that wire stripper…..  And  it may be in the storeroom…..  Sigh! I may well just have to search 🙂

What better way to spend time! 🙂


December 22, 2006 - Posted by | audiophilia

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