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Fully Balanced!

Horns gone! Back came my Legacy Audio Signature 2 speakers, back came my IMF Reference Standard Professional Monitor Mk.3.

I hooked up the following 18 year old Sony CDP-X7ES into a 1.5m pair of transparent musiclink plus XLRs into a 18 year old Krell KSL Line Preamp into a 1.5m pair of Thundersnake Signature Silver XLRs into my 18 year old Krell KRS-200 monoblocks into Nordost Flatline Gold speaker cables.

This system, Aged and solid-state but fully balanced in configuration.

The Legacys sang! This time round… no more fiddling with the system for some time to come. As of now, having acceptable sound beats risking all of my sound for something which might not be better.

I have to plan…..hmm


December 20, 2006 - Posted by | audiophilia

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