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Horns no more!

There came a time when i decided to trust audio reviewers more than my gut feelings and boy did i regret it!

The Beauhorn Revelation R2.2s were such an example. Weighing in at GBP4000 they should have been quite a stunner but they were not.

The 7 watt flea amp did not materialise at my place so arrangements were made to transport the monsters to my mum’s place for mating with an Onix H34 45watt tube integrated.

It did not work out so other amps and cables were tried. In the process, a 30watt Copland CTA-501 tube integrated was also thrown into the works but to no avail.

Fair enough, i did not use the recommended single ended amplifiers with the Beauhorn but at GBP4000 i expected a much better performance than what i got.

Do horns then join the condemned list of audio NO-NOs?

Mcintosh, full range horns etc.

So, the rumours circulating the audio world are true after all –  Stuff which snobbish old audiophiles swear by are not necessarily suited for we youngsters.

Having wasted 2 weeks on a fruitless pursuit, i only have this to say – Trust your own ears for the music and the systems that you love. Nothing beats your own ears telling you what to do.

This sums it all up. The last 1 to 2 weeks was a madhouse


December 19, 2006 - Posted by | audiophilia

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  1. As they say, it takes two to tango. Sorry the B2 Revelations didn’t do it for you, perhaps they didn’t like the rest of your kit. But you should try the B2 Rhapsodies, if you get the chance – simpler, more elegant, make recordings sound like live music and much less expensive, at only 2750GBP. And with the Pure Music transconductance amplifier it’s a religeous experience.
    But we agree that “nothing beats your own ears telling you what to do”. As our website declares: “To hell with specifications, let make music!”

    Comment by Eric Thomas | January 8, 2007 | Reply

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