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Wires & Cables!

Its Christmas Time!

Every Christmas brings about festive cheer, the holidays, a nice cool breeze and yes rain, and lots of it.

The rain kept me indoors over the last few days. i decided to sort out my cable and wire box. I found a total of 4 soldering irons. How on earth did i end up with 4  soldering irons? I must have been mad? As i recollected, each time it was bought it was thrown into the box. As i got busy i forgot about it and the next time i needed a soldering iron i went out and bought one. This happened 3 times!

I must be getting old!

And in the box was scraps of used wire, recycled capacitors, two reels of unused solder, a total of fifteen stock IEC power cords salvaged from disused kettles and computers over the years, a half completed audiophile power cord project plus enough wire to make 8 power cords?, same number of connectors, countless screws and nuts, several connectors, an old photo, a manual for a McCormack DNA-1 Amplifier (boy was this nostalgic!), a multimeter (digital one), plastic bags and lots of dust!

It took some time to sort out the mess.

Eventually i managed to pack them into one box for the sorting out to be done another day. There is simply too much to be done in 1/2 an hour to clear the junk accumulated over… erm… 3 years? 🙂 i am better off enjoying music!

The swan speakers which i am currently unable (and don’t think i will ever be able) to identify mated well with my 30W Copland CTA-501 power amp and connected with patch cords!

The source was a trusty 13 year old Sony CDP-557ES. The sound was not perfect but it was something i could live with… given the fact that it took me a measely 8 mins in crouching position to set the system up.

This led me to thinking, i have some better wire lying around somewhere…. and that wire stripper…..  And  it may be in the storeroom…..  Sigh! I may well just have to search 🙂

What better way to spend time! 🙂


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Fully Balanced!

Horns gone! Back came my Legacy Audio Signature 2 speakers, back came my IMF Reference Standard Professional Monitor Mk.3.

I hooked up the following 18 year old Sony CDP-X7ES into a 1.5m pair of transparent musiclink plus XLRs into a 18 year old Krell KSL Line Preamp into a 1.5m pair of Thundersnake Signature Silver XLRs into my 18 year old Krell KRS-200 monoblocks into Nordost Flatline Gold speaker cables.

This system, Aged and solid-state but fully balanced in configuration.

The Legacys sang! This time round… no more fiddling with the system for some time to come. As of now, having acceptable sound beats risking all of my sound for something which might not be better.

I have to plan…..hmm

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Horns no more!

There came a time when i decided to trust audio reviewers more than my gut feelings and boy did i regret it!

The Beauhorn Revelation R2.2s were such an example. Weighing in at GBP4000 they should have been quite a stunner but they were not.

The 7 watt flea amp did not materialise at my place so arrangements were made to transport the monsters to my mum’s place for mating with an Onix H34 45watt tube integrated.

It did not work out so other amps and cables were tried. In the process, a 30watt Copland CTA-501 tube integrated was also thrown into the works but to no avail.

Fair enough, i did not use the recommended single ended amplifiers with the Beauhorn but at GBP4000 i expected a much better performance than what i got.

Do horns then join the condemned list of audio NO-NOs?

Mcintosh, full range horns etc.

So, the rumours circulating the audio world are true after all –  Stuff which snobbish old audiophiles swear by are not necessarily suited for we youngsters.

Having wasted 2 weeks on a fruitless pursuit, i only have this to say – Trust your own ears for the music and the systems that you love. Nothing beats your own ears telling you what to do.

This sums it all up. The last 1 to 2 weeks was a madhouse

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